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Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
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Shipping Update, Damaged or Missing Parts

Posted by Kid Loves Tiger Games (Creator)

What To Do If You Are Missing Parts

To those getting theirs games, as they have been shipping and will be shipping for another week or so (depending on the part of the world), we wanted to let you know what steps to follow. 

What to look for?

Inside your game box, we have had a few questions regarding the pool/discard tokens being "pre-punched". This is entirely normal and what we expected, given their size, so nothing is wrong. The following things are things you absolutely should be contacting us about,

  • Your Box was damaged in shipping.
  • Parts listed in the instruction manual are not present in your game.
  • Parts listed in the instruction manual are present, but are miss-cut, unaligned or damaged in any way irregular. 

Please use your best judgement as well, but you are important to us and we take each case seriously!

What You Can Do

After noticing any of the following items above, please proceed the following manner, send us an email at with the title of Missing/Damaged Parts - Tabula Rasa, with pictures showing the issue(s). You shouldn't need to email us a 2nd time, as we aren't so big any of your emails would fall through the cracks ;) 

What You Can Expect From KLTG

We will be addressing all of these concerns at the end of the year, and using the beginning of January to replace anything damaged. We will be replacing them in order of severity if the volume is higher than expected, replacing items that prevent you from playing or enjoying the game first, and more cosmetic stuff second (again if need be). 

Ideally there won't be many overall, and we will be able to take care of all of them at once, in a timely manner. 

What's Next

Well as was previous stated, we have a current campaign running that is nearly funded and could always use more support,

another Tabula Rasa Game in the works, and more games beyond that!

A sincere thank you to all of you that have been positive and supportive of our campaigns and we cannot wait for everything ahead with you and every other fan!


If you haven't received your tracking or game yet, you aren't forgotten, but every fulfillment company and their grandparent seem to be over loaded given this time of year. We covered this in a previous update, but before the month ends, everyone should have their game, even in Antarctica ;) 

Thanks again and stay strong fellow champions!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lars Hobin

      I live in Finland, so not Antarctica, but similar. Four days until end of month and no tracking code. Should I be worried now or on Friday?

    2. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Decottignies, that is bueno! :/ We posted the update to all backers :(

    3. Decottignies

      Again did not receive a mail about this news ! :(