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Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
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Shipping Update and Notes

Posted by Kid Loves Tiger Games (Creator)

Well folks, shipping news abound!

We have confirmation that everyone should have their games done and fulfilled around the world by November 16th at the latest. 

We want you to give it until the 23rd (because shippers are crazy) before you start to email us with issues on said packages. We are not sure if tracking goes out when the label is created, when it ships, as we have heard some get a tracking when the label was made, some get a game without a label being emailed, so please, be patient with us in that part of the process.

Shipping should be a breeze, but in the events you have any issues with damaged or missing parts, we encourage you to email us at with the title Shipping-Missing Parts/Damaged Games - Ben. Copy paste that as your title and he will get you sorted ASAP!

What we learned

So while we have this time, one of the great parts about Kickstarter is the ability to share and help each other grow as a community. So we thought we would write down our thoughts Post Campaign and what we feel we can improve on moving forward.


While the first 2 games we began on were ambitious, we pooled all of our resources into the game themselves. The next one is a tad different. We instead began attending things like Origins Game Fair and multiple Local Conventions, as seen on our instagram and facebook page!

Kickstarter Prep

Kickstarter is ever evolving. And as it evolves, so must we. We learned that the page itself needs to look better if we want to grow our base. You all represent the best type of people. You didn't judge us on our inexperience, our lack of flash or reviews. But we know many do, and so with our next campaign and all future Campaigns, (Tabula Rasa 2 included) we will be making great looking pages, full of animation, gifs and graphics to help sell the game to potential backers. Imagine how good Tabula Rasa could have done with its bright artwork with something like this;

We also have reviews from amazing people as well as previews. People like Lance Myxter and Dan King but also Brody Sheard and Isaac Villa. 

During Kickstarter

We have reflected a long time about how we RUN the Kickstarters. And our main focus should be interaction. Things you can do with and for the campaign, and things we can do with and for you during it. One of those is Live-streaming. We want live plays, multiple cameras and we have the setup to do that now in a clear and concise way. 

Social Goals we have to be creative with, things that don't kill our goal, but don't feel tacked on or not exciting in some way. You all helped us reach that conclusion and we cannot thank you enough for helping us grow as a business and being there day 1.

After Kickstarter

One thing that prevented us from maintaining our original thoughts of weekly updates, was content. Writing 3 Updates a month saying, nothing big to update seemed bonkers to us. Now, we have more content planned for games, as well as things to expand post Kickstarter for Backers to remain hyped!


Here is the big learner for us and it helped a lot with Alphas. Most of this team had never made anything in their lives manufacturing wise. So when you saw what appeared to be a finished product, what we really had was a product that required a lot of post editing for manufacturing. Having learned those lessons and established the report we have with the manufacturer, we see this being much easier moving forward!


Overall, we cannot express enough appreciation for all of you for taking this ride with us. On top of that, this last year has been amazing and we cannot wait for what comes next!

Stay strong fellow champions!

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    1. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      Public Static Void, we absolutely understand how frustrating not getting an update can be and we appreciate the heads up *insert yelling kickstarter into the heavens*.

    2. Public Static Void on

      Heh, not complaining, just an FYI! :)

    3. Chris Peach Collaborator on

      @Public Static Void, That is possible. But the information is here and relevant regardless! We love you all :D

    4. Public Static Void on

      Strangely I also did not get an email for this update, nor does it show up in my activity list. Weeeeeiiiirrrrddddd. Was just looking around today and noticed this. Maybe Kickstarter had some kind of glitch?

    5. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      Decottignies, that's weird! Though Ben has, in the past, also not received the proper emails. If you read the previous updates, we have 1 company taking care of all non-US Shipping.

      We completely understand. We know it was getting out in the world. On the plus side, we have been ensured that 100% of the copies will be out well before the campaign ends so if you want to check it out then you absolutely can :D

    6. Decottignies

      Hello , just for information , i have check for news here = i didnt receive mail for this update.

      What is the chosen shipping company for EU please ?

      Guardians of Wayword look interesting but i will wait the delivery of "Tabula Rasa" before another pledge !