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Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
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Shipping and the next Games

Posted by Kid Loves Tiger Games (Creator)

This is a shorter update but we promise it should answer most of the PMs we received over the last few weeks, so think of this like a Q and A session with us;

Q - When is/has Shipping Started?

A - It would seem most shipping services are back logged or backed up. On the plus side, this is the exact reason we pushed back the launch of our next game. So we can dedicate any space and time or focus to make sure that when we are ready tog o on the next one, some people at the very least have begun receiving Tabula Rasa :) One way we may skirt this in the future is actually doing what WE can here in MN. Where rather than rely on a fulfillment company to ship to the US, we use the contracts we have with FEDEX, because while Smartpost may be slow, we could at least begin getting NA out of the door ourselves, while letting fulfillment partners do the rest of the world!

Q - What is Guardians of Wayword and why the delay?

A - You guys being the best fans, though Alphas and TR we have seen this question. The game is a dice building game with a cooperative/semi-cooperative design. We opted to delay it's originally scheduled Launch of September 12th because of said issues with TR's fulfillment. We had never worked with a shipping company, nor our manufacturer, so this was sort of the first time, and while no delay is acceptable to us, we will always work to improve and remove them, such realities happen and we re-calibrated our timelines fo Guardians because of it. 

Q - When will I get my game?

A - We can give our best estimate currently, that we expect everyone to be getting there games in October, or early November. We give this timeline because we know that shipping is different for all regions so we want to be as general specific as possible. 

Q - What is Tablua Rasa 2 and why no BGG Page for it?

A - The Game is in development and until we have for sure details on it we don't want it to drop in the public space. We are pretty confident Tabula Rasa 2 won't be taken on BGG ;) The game uses the Bag Building mechanism in a new way, and keeps the same high fantasy theme Tabula Rasa has. We hope that is enough for now. 

So we hope this addresses any questions you guys have, more on this when we have more :) Aside from that, we also aren't releasing the game to retailers until we know your region has begun shipping, so rest assured, you fans backing our first big project remain our absolute 1st priority.

Stay strong fellow champions!

If you have any other questions we missed, sound off below! 

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    1. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Public Static Void, it's no trouble :D

    2. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Public Static Void,

      Everyone should have tracking numbers. We will be double checking through Backerkit as they move!

    3. Public Static Void on

      So when it ships will we get tracking numbers? Or will it just get her when it gets here? Just asking because our local post office sucks and they misdeliver things all the time, so not having tracking is very scary for me.