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XOXO Fest is a celebration of independently produced art and technology. Let's make a book about it! Read more

Portland, OR Publishing
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This project was successfully funded on September 21, 2013.

XOXO Fest is a celebration of independently produced art and technology. Let's make a book about it!

Portland, OR Publishing
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About this project

Our book will be entirely composed of submissions from XOXO attendees. Each backer gets a page in the book to submit a photo, a story, a funny drawing – anything you want, as long as it fits on a 5x7” piece of paper. Like the stepsisters in Cinderella, we’ll try our best to make it fit if it doesn’t. The only important thing is you have to be an XOXO attendee to back this project.

As your submissions roll in, Kickstarter will be designing and printing the book right at the festival, in the Kickstarter Lab in the back of YU. We’ll have computers and printers available for your use. The final book will be a 5x7” wirebound masterpiece we all had a hand in making. 

Here's the admittedly crazy part: The whole book will be funded, designed, printed, and delivered within the three days of the festival! Swing by and watch as the bags under our eyes grow darker and wider as the deadline approaches. You can pick up your book right in the Kickstarter Lab before you leave XOXO on Sunday!

Thanks for reading! We’re excited to see what happens. 


We’re raising $500 to cover the costs of:

1. In-house laser printers
2. Wire binder
3. Paper
4. The use of a local print shop’s pneumatic cutter. You didn’t think we were going to use scissors, did you?
5. Miscellaneous packaging expenses 

If there’s any money left over, it will go toward making the book with nicer materials, and buying a box of band-aids for all the inevitable paper cuts.


Please submit original work that you own. Not just because we don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a copyright law dispute – but because this is XOXO. You’re here because you’re a ‘submits original work’ kind of person. And remember that, if you submit something potentially ‘objectionable’, you’re speaking for the other attendees of XOXO too. Let’s make something that’s entirely 100% new and exciting – something where every page makes us proud.

To whet your appetite, we’ll share snippets of some of the work we receive, as well as photos of how we’re coming along with the layout and printing too.

How to Submit

All submissions will be converted to Black & White. 

Send us your screencaps, iPhone photos, or scribbles to 

– OR – 

Swing by our booth in the back of the YU and create your submission at one of our stations.

Deadline is Saturday September 21 at 7pm!

Risks and challenges

If our project is successful, we are tasked with the insane task of designing, printing, and distributing a book in a mere three days. Portland could have a paper shortage. The local print shops might be on strike. After purchasing a wire binder, we might be pulled over for speeding and the cops might think the wire binder is some kind of dangerous weapon. Anything could happen. But we’re confident we can pull this project off in the amount of time, and we’re prepared to ship out the books to all our backers if for some reason we can’t.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Saturday by 7pm. The earlier the better since we have to lay this thing out by the AM.

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  • Come use the work station at our booth or make it right on your phone. We have a few laptops equipped with internet access and Photoshop for all of your creative needs. Everything should be emailed to We can also help digitize anything physical if you need it!

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  • Sunday before you leave, swing by and grab your copy!

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  • We're going to randomize this thing so every book is a little different.

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  • Yes, we'll include a page or two of backer names along with image attributions on each page unless you specify otherwise. Don't be shy.

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  • 5x7

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  • We have a 1" wire binding machine back in the lab. Come check it out! We also have a sample book at the Lab.

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  • We will be printing the books double-sided with black ink on light green paper right in the back of our lab.

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    For those that missed out on the chance to get a page in the book (or those of you that aren't at XOXO) we'll send you a PDF of all 150 submissions for your viewing pleasure!

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    For XOXO attendees only: Get your own page in our book! Send us a story, a photo, whatever you want. We'll have this collaborative masterpiece ready for you and other XOXOers by the end of the festival.

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