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Now you can plug anything into that USB-C port on the gorgeous new Apple MacBook!
Campaign has been terminated due to delays and financial losses.
Campaign has been terminated due to delays and financial losses.
615 backers pledged $80,212 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hsieng Loong on


      I placed an order in 2015 and til today i have not received my product yet. May i know what is happening?

      Thank you

    2. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hi Dan,

      To paraphrase my reply when somebody else posted this same sort of comment back in April of 2015…

      Yes, Jack was one of our founding team members, and brought about 40 years of development and manufacturing skills to our program — and yes, some controversy from 12 to 15 years ago from a web based "war of words" that still lingers out there to be dug up.

      Today, we're proud of the work Jack did for our KickShark clients and are proud to have had him on our team. If you have any issues you'd like to discuss, you may still contact me directly at .

      Mike Collins
      KickShark, Inc.

    3. Dan Koeppel on

      As a postscript, this is the due diligence that should have been done on Mike Collins and Jack Campbell, Kickshark's founders. They have quite a bit of experience...

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Kerry on

      if need be to get you guys out so debt why don't you do another kickstarter program but state you intentions that there is not product just donations to get other people there products and get KickShark out of debt if you do it right you will have alot of supporter to get you back on you feet this is what I call I solution to the problem.

    5. Yoshiki on

      You have only reported something, not shown us any evidence like invoice, certificate of bank account balance, deposits and withdrawals specification between you and factory.
      There is only information by your "word". We trusted your word and completely failed. Show us evidence enough us to trust that you spent all the money to the projects and finally failed. We can't trust only your word any more.
      We may not only American like you, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and so on. If you gave us real information, I think some of us can find another solution between you and the factory.

    6. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hi Yoshiki,

      Again, I'm sorry this whole thing happened this way, and that you are obviously very angry. But, again, we have shared in detail every significant financial element of this project since the beginning. There is a public record of every bit of it right here in these updates going back to spring 2015.

      FYI, to readers. I'll still check in here as I can. But I start a new full-time job on Tuesday. So, I don't know how regularly I'll be able to post replies.


    7. Yoshiki on

      Show the evidence of "$100,000 in debt".

    8. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hi Elles,

      The situation is really bad, as the company has closed, and everybody has lost their job. There’s about $100,000 in debt. I’m still checking and trying to respond to emails and comments from home. But, the whole HydraDock situation just consumed everything here.

      People are asking for refunds, and I have no idea what to say. Counting what was spent before the campaign and afterwards, I know at least $200,000 was lost trying to push past all of the setbacks and get the products right and shipped. There’s literally no money, or anybody around to do anything now.

      I wish I had better news, but that’s the unfortunate reality.

      Sorry to be a downer.


    9. Elles

      I suppose I should go on record. .never received the HydraDock. Would like refund

    10. Shabaz Mohammad

      Lucky, Paul. @United610 I can understand. I am backer number 7 and was left out from the backerkit export CSV. Never received the dock. Sad!

    11. Johannes Erler on

      Where is my refund?

    12. UNITED610 on

      I don't understand why I wasn't one of a backer who received product. I'm backer #6! What a unfairness!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Kerry on

      yeah I received my hydra dock in 2015 Sven
      I have an issue with video on the hydra dock with the macbook pro 2016 model it doesn't seem to do anything mini display port or hdmi on the MacBook 12 inch it works fine with video is this something to do with thunderbolt 3 support ?

    14. Sven Baumert

      Thank you Paul! You received your HydraDock? Now I'm double pissed!

    15. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hi Paul,

      In all fairness, you are one of only about 130 people who got a working HydraDock early this year. About 70 of that 200 unit shipment were defective. And, another 2,000+ people have not received either the HydraDock or Roadie they expected.


    16. Missing avatar

      Paul Kerry on

      I got my hydradock last year in 2015 I don't know why people are so angry they fullfiled what they promised

    17. Missing avatar

      Guido Matzer on

      Yet another Crowdfunding f*ckup! 67 project updates and the final result is: complete failure. And, BTW, by the time this product would have shipped it was already outdated. Thank you for two great Xmas gifts in a row and for wasting my time and money.I will never, ever put my money into crowdfunding projects again.

    18. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Andrew and Vincent. As explained, this project put us $100K in debt, cost us all our jobs, and put our company out of business. We're sincerely sorry it went that way, but can do nothing now to change it.


    19. Vincent Degroote on


    20. Sven Baumert

      so, at last it's only wasted money and wasted time?
      what a nice xmast gift!
      now i'm really pissed!

    21. Missing avatar

      Tony Sung on

      Very disappointed in all of this. One bad excuse after another. Goes to show how really difficult it is in the hardware business when you are not familiar with all the nuances of the supply chain, including language, culture and quality assurance methodology.

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Kerry on

      Can the hdmi port on the hydradock output 2560x1440 resolution like the mini display port can?

    23. Kenton Bruno on

      @kickshark I still haven't heard from anyone.

    24. KickShark 10-time creator on

      @Paul Kerry. We designed the HydraDock with a 100W rated backplane between the USB C input and main output (to the computer). So, it pulls whatever is needed by whatever is plugged into the HydraDock, and passes the rest to the MBP. Charging will be a bit slower than with the adapter plugged straight into the MBP, but it will indeed charge and handle the wattage of either 13 or 15 inch MBP.

      KickShark Team

    25. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Kenton: Sorry about that. I have pulled up your contact info, and will email you when I can determine what's going on with the cables. I haven't been into the office in a couple of months, but will return Thursday morning and deal with it for you. :-)

      KickShark Team

    26. Kenton Bruno on

      I never received a working USB C to lightning cable...

    27. Missing avatar

      Paul Kerry on

      can any one tell me if the Hydradock charges the new macbook pros 15 inch? can I plug the 85w power adapter into this hydradock?


    28. Missing avatar

      Rafik DJENAOUI on

      This project was supposed to be delivered in June 2015! It's has been a year and half now and we are still hearing the same stuff. You have 615 backers that you need to fulfill immediately! It's honestly disappointing!

      We trusted you... A year and half!!! where are we going with this!

    29. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hello all.

      We are still here, still seeking and taking meetings to arrange forward financing, and still optimistic we will make this happen.

      The only real issue is the amount we need to raise, as investor after investor has made it clear that they will only put money into a venture capable of fast future growth. That means we need to raise much more money than is actually needed to just fix the current issues and build and ship enough products to fill existing preorders. We have to raise enough money to do that, plus enough to build large additional production runs and pay for operations as we take HydraDock into the marketplace, and add our next products into the mix.

      The only way we can get the money to fix open issues and ship existing preorders is to get enough money to fund the whole business plan here. So, that's what we are doing: Making the needed effort to raise $600K in growth capital. And yes, we have most of that pledged (about 70% of it), and are close to putting together this funding round.

      Stay tuned. We will post any important information here as it occurs.

      As always... Thanks to everyone sitting out there waiting for your products. We are doing everything possible to make it happen!

      KickShark Team

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Kerry on

      Hi with the new macbook Pros supporting thunderbolt 3 via USB C will the hydra dock support thunderbolt 3?

    31. Shabaz Mohammad

      Backerkit: Shipping Processing

      Any surprising update coming up, @creators?

    32. Jonathan Chan on


      Frankly, it's quite ridiculous.

      I backed this project in April 2015 and still not received the product yet -- and I've moved on and gotten the latest version of the Macbook - so you went from product development to still non-production when the SECOND GENERATION of MacBooks are already out! And all of us are left hanging due to your management's incompetency in dealing with China-related issues which just goes to show the naivety and amateurish nature of your start-up.

      It's exceedingly tough to deal with China-based manufacturers because they will rob you blind unless you know how to handle them. And it ain't thru writing courteous letters and occasional follow-ups. The thing is - they don't believe they are scamming you in their perception/view of the deal. It's just that they don't consider you guys smart enough to deal with them. That's the reality.

      For me, I've now backed 30+ projects alone on Kickstarter, and now, unless the backer is actually the manufacturer from China, or a company based in China, the risks are not worth it - as evidenced by this botched project.

      I'm still hopeful that you will deliver - and please prove me and all the other patient backers that we are not displaced in our faith that you will honor our pledges.

    33. Jonathan Chan on

      Hmmm - I've more than 1 Macbook so I'm ordering one and will see how this differs from the one you claim isn't ready yet. Look - if you're not based in Shenzhen, then you're going to be ripped off. It's that plain and simple, especially since they're using the exact replica of your drives to market it and claiming it's exactly the same.

      Everyone should read this article:

    34. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hi CB.

      Nobody's ripping anybody. We're working with a solid tier one supplier, with whom our group has done a dozen other projects through the years. There has just been a string of maybe a half dozen truly bizarre "Murphy's Law" moments in this project that have made it really frustrating for all involved. None of us have ever been on a project where so many such odd, low probability things have gone wrong. It's made our factory relationship tense. But, as we get recapitalized here and move forward, we expect all of that to be in the past, and have a great forward relationship with them.

      KickShark Team

    35. CB Luigart on

      Clear your Chinese 'partners' are ripping you. May also want to file a complaint with the State Dept esp if you have it patented. This is often a typical rip by our trade partners.

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jiang on

      Guys any good news?

    37. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hi Jonathan. We are not selling the products anywhere at all, and have never been in contact with this Taobao site. Our guess is a China trading company has lifted our images from our site, and put up this fake listing as a way to get prospects for other products. We have seen the tactic used before. We've emailed Taobao with a complaint, but expect no result.

      KickShark Team

    38. Jonathan Chan on

      Hi there - I cannot believe that you say you cannot deliver us the Hydradock when you are SELLING the same docks on Taobao for ¥1650 (~USD253)!!!!! Are you scamming us? For those of you that don't believe, it's a shame that I can't screenshot them selling it on Taobao, but you can always message me at…

      复制这条信息,打开�手机淘宝�即可看到【美国KickShark/HydraDock Macbook 12寸USBC多任务接口扩展器】¥AASNaOiV¥…

    39. Yoshiki on

      >Hang in there. We hope to be posting some good news later this week. Thank you for your >patience and we'll be in touch soon!
      >KickShark Team

      So, When will your "later this week" come???

    40. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hi Andrew,

      You are backer 333. Thanks!

      Kickshark Team

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jiang on

      What is my backer number so far? :)

    42. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      Hang in there. We hope to be posting some good news later this week. Thank you for your patience and we'll be in touch soon!

      KickShark Team

    43. Sven Baumert

      Thanks for you're honest infos. Don't give up! Take a deep breath, relax, concentrate your energy and make our dream reality ... as soon as possible ;)

    44. Missing avatar

      Miranker on

      You are clearly a bunch of principled well intentioned folks. You are also clearly out of your depth, technically and doing business in China.

    45. Vonn Miller on

      Sounds like you guys got played. They are just going to steal your designs and IP.
      Keep an eye out for a knock-off on amazon within days.
      You should have found a local manufacturer for the initial rewards and a foreign contractor for additional orders. Local manufacturers admit when they screw up. Praying for you.

    46. KickShark 10-time creator on

      Hi Vincent,

      We are far from done with this project, and have certainly not given up — at all. We have just hit a point where we cannot honestly continue taking preorders against an uncertain delivery timeframe.

      As we have tried to communicate all along, not only do we have no money for refunds or such, we have gone into debt, and are now actually trying to go deeper into debt to make this all happen.

      You anger is understandable. And we're sorry this has happened. All we know to do is work as hard as possible to fix it and ship products as soon as possible.

      KickShark Team

    47. Vincent Degroote on


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