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pledged of $40,000pledged of $40,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, September 7 2015 12:27 AM UTC +00:00


FYI. This product is being relaunched as the MagicJib with a whole new kickstarter campaign, new reward pricing, and a ton more excitement and demos!

For now, you can visit the new product web page at, and we'll post the new campaign URL link here if we have it before this campaign ends.

Standard jibs, cranes, dollies, sliders, tracks, etc. for big cameras just don't make sense with smaller micro four-thirds and other mirrorless cameras, smartphones, or a GoPro. We are tackling this challenge and re-engineering motion products specifically for cameras two pounds or less.

This product opens a whole new world of run-and-gun motion control to users of these smaller video systems — vertical, diagonal, and horizontal motion like you've never gotten before — shots not even possible with existing methods.

Amazing Motion!

This product allows stable, fluid motion up and down like a traditional jib — plus diagonal or horizontal motion shots — without tracks or a dolly or a slider. One simple product to open up the whole world of multi-axis motion video. And, this product works beautifully with any of these cameras:

  • Micro Four-Thirds (Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak) 
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema or Micro Cinema 
  • Sony Alpha or NX 
  • Fujifilm X 
  • Olympus PEN or OM-D 
  • Samsung NX 
  • Nikon System 1 
  • Panasonic Lumix 
  • GoPro (and competitors) 
  • iPhone (or other smartphones) 
  • Any other camera 2-pounds or less

Yes. Horizontal.

The vital piece of information we need to communicate here is that this product does horizontal tracking shots — like are normally done with tracks and a dolly, or with a slider device. But without tracks and dolly or a slider. Just this product. Handheld. No other gear.

The patent pending twist lock camera platform rotates between 0 and 90 degrees (vertical/landscape to horizontal/portrait orientation) with a quick twist of its release knob. Simple. Quick. And a radical, mind-blowing, astonishing change in the way you can apply motion in your handheld video camera work.

Smaller Videography

While a whole culture of shooters and agencies are still clinging to their old Canon and Nikon DSLR video rigs, a whole new culture is emerging that uses radically smaller, lighter, and more user friendly cameras or camera phones — with brands like Blackmagic, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, Fujifilm, GoPro, and Apple.

Small Is Gorgeous

The difference between a 3 to 6 pound DSLR rig compared to a 1 to 2 pound micro four-thirds or other mirrorless rig is just as profound as was the difference between DSLRs and the shoulder carried HD video cams they replaced. For a mere human carrying this stuff around, that few pounds of weight is a massive change — especially for handheld work.

Hold a 4 pound weight out at arm’s length. Now, replace it with a 1.5 pound weight at arm’s length. That’s the difference between shooting with a Canon 5D and medium zoom or shooting with a Pocket Cinema and medium zoom. Now… replace that Pocket Cinema with an iPhone and feel the difference.

Whatever small camera you are using for your video, your goal is gorgeous, top of the line results. And, great motion shots are a big part of great videography.

This product is the only motion video accessory designed specifically for this newest generation of light, advanced video cameras.

The Biomechanics Of Videography

Dropping from 5 pounds of gear to under 2 pounds is indeed a big, big deal when it comes to product design. It’s where we’ve had our engineering focused for over a year with experimentation and development — exploring all of the subtleties of carrying, handling, and moving 1 to 2 pound cameras — studying the body’s interaction with that weight range — the biomechanics of it all.

What we learned can be best stated as, “You don’t meet the needs of smaller cameras by just scaling down the gear used for larger cameras.”

Small cameras at these light weights and small sizes beg for uniquely engineered gear and accessories.

The Product

This product is an all new type of handheld jib crane specifically engineered for 2 pound and under cameras. At these weights you do not need a tripod, an extended rear beam, or a counterweight. Your own body becomes the counterweight and tripod. Your body mass stabilizes and smooths the motion of the camera.

This product cleverly leverages the user biomechanics of small, lightweight video cameras to deliver an all-new style of motion control for videographers. Instead of having one product for vertical motion, another for diagonal motion, and one or more others for horizontal motion shots, This product delivers this full spectrum of motion capability. One simple, lightweight product. A whole suite of new motion capabilities for small camera shooters.

Using this product is as simple as gripping the handle and holding it steady in your right hand, gripping the side handle with your left hand, and using that side handle to smoothly arc the camera platform up and down, angle to angle, or side to side, as needed. The polished stainless steel and Teflon® insert bearing structures make the motion velvety, buttery smooth, and durable enough for a lifetime.

Product Construction

Beyond being clever, this product is a 100% professional grade product engineered with the durability and precision needed for heavy duty production usage. All structural parts are high pressure die cast from 6061 Aluminum, with an industrial grade black anodized protective coating then applied. All bearing surfaces are precision surface ground for flatness and parallelism. Assembly hardware is 316 stainless steel. Bearing inserts are industrial Teflon®. 

This product is 31-inches long when its tubes are fully extended, and 24-inches long when collapsed. Length is set by loosening the two twist collar clutches, extending the tubes, and tightening the twist clutches. The parallelogram design tilts over 120-degrees of arc. And, by simply rotating and locking the camera platform, you can instantly shift from vertical jibbing to diagonal or horizontal tracking shots.

Held at arm's length with the tubes extended, this product can smoothly deliver over 7-feet of motion arc!

The handle grip has a standard 1/4"-20 threaded socket on the top surface for use with monitors (or our own shoulder stock that is a stretch goal item), and another 1/4"-20 threaded socket on the bottom for mounting to any tripod — should a situation require a tripod. Your camera mounts to a stainless steel tripod screw on the camera platform that has a finger-friendly bale to make tightening and loosening easier.

We made this product to last a lifetime — and we provide a lifetime limited warranty to back up that claim. Should your product ever fail to deliver its original performance due to any defect in materials or workmanship, simply return it for repair or replacement. Forever.


Your reward for helping us reach our project goal is a shiny new product with a clip-on nylon shoulder strap — plus any of the following stretch goal add-ons that are unlocked as funding increases during the campaign.

Stretch Goals

Stretch goals are not just teasers to get more funding. They are additional features that only become possible to produce when we have more money to work with. Everybody knows that mass production makes products less expensive. And, as you order more of a thing from a factory, they reduce their unit price a bit. 1,000 of a thing might cost $5 each. But, 5,000 of a thing might be only $4 each.

That creates an extra dollar per product profit at 5,000 units not available at 1,000 units — or, an option to do something else with that extra $1.

Like offering stretch goals. 

As our campaign funding grows, we are not taking the extra factory savings as profit. We are using it to give everybody extra stuff with their reward!

So, help spread the word about this product to small camera users everywhere, and earn yourself extra stuff with your reward!

School Donation Program

KickShark wants to support modern videography programs in high schools, trade schools, and universities around the world, so is offering what is essentially a free product to anyone wishing to donate the product to a qualifying school. For a $50 pledge (plus a shipping adder for non-US destinations), we will send a product to the qualifying school you designate in the post campaign survey.

  • Only actual, legitimate schools
  • We will contact the school for verification
  • Reward shipped directly to school administrator
  • Reward NOT shipped to the backer

The $50 approximately offsets our handling, admin, and school verification effort to make it possible for us to provide this unique gift to videography programs and departments around the world.

KickShark Terms & Conditions

KickShark, Inc. is a Tennessee social enterprise company engaged in developing and marketing amazing new products, often including online crowdfunding campaigns such as this one. By pledging to our campaign you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, which are:

1. The Project Goal. Our Project Goal here is to fund the mass production of the HandJib and the stretch goal accessories activated as funding thresholds are achieved during a two-stage process starting on Kickstarter and continuing on BackerKit.

2. Backers are not purchasing physical goods. This campaign and pledges to this campaign are toward funding and completing the Project Goal promoted here, not toward the purchase of physical goods.

3. Funding is for the overall project. All funding applies to the overall set of tasks and costs for completing development, mass production, and fulfillment of all of the rewards to which we will be committed at the conclusion of the campaign — including both KickStarter and BackerKit.

4. We do not have physical products for sale. Products indicated as Thank You Rewards can and will only exist at some future date after all of the steps needed to successfully conclude our Project Goal have been completed.

5. Good faith effort is implicit. We commit to applying 100% of the resources we have at hand, both our own and those donated from this campaign, to fulfilling our Project Goal. We will be open and honest and forthright in communicating our efforts and progress both during and after this campaign. We will be responsive and helpful when contacted by backers. And, when the products are successfully mass produced, we will diligently ship out the rewards — our Thank You Gifts for our backers.

Risks and challenges

KickShark is a social enterprise in Nashville, Tennessee developing and manufacturing a growing portfolio of in-house and client product designs. We do this for a living, and have a global network of people and resources committed to each project.

Taking an idea for a new product through the steps that lead to successful mass production is an intricate, involved process that includes any number of risks. Part of our work is knowing and quantifying the risks, and mitigating them through best practices.

This is a mechanical product with none of the software, firmware, board design, or component supply issues typically adding risk to electronics projects. It is a matter of completing the design, testing and validating the product, and handing the 3D CAD and other engineering assets over to a qualified factory for mass production.

We have been engaged with a qualified factory for several months. Tooling for the die cast aluminum parts of the product will take about 3 to 4 weeks to produce, and will be started the day after we exceed our $40,000 minimum funding goal. Thus, we will have products to ship as rewards by the end of October or first week of November.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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    SCHOOL SPECIAL. Your reward for donating $50 includes a HandJib and clip-on shoulder strap — plus items added by meeting stretch funding goals. ONLY FOR VERIFIED, LEGITIMATE HIGH SCHOOLS, TRADE SCHOOLS, OR UNIVERSITIES. Limit one per school. Anybody may pay the pledge amount. However, a qualifying recipient school must be designated in the post campaign survey, KickShark will contact the school administrator for verification. And, the HandJib will be shipped directly to the school in care of the administrator — not to the backer. Free shipping to US destinations. International shipping is extra. Pledge is an acceptance of KickShark Terms & Conditions. This is a wonderful opportunity to donate a HandJib to your school's videography program, group, or club!

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