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Master the magical realms in this Euro-style game for 1 to
6 players, featuring worker placement and card drafting. Read the reviews!
Master the magical realms in this Euro-style game for 1 to 6 players, featuring worker placement and card drafting. Read the reviews!
334 backers pledged $29,724 to help bring this project to life.

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The Temp Agency Strategy Board Game

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With the Upon a Fable core board game and the two expansions in the hands of all backers worldwide and selling well in retail stores globally, it’s time we turned our attention to our newest board game.

Worker Placement: The Temp Agency Strategy Board Game relaunches on Kickstarter today. We retooled and improved it from an earlier attempt - just like we did when we relaunched the very successful Upon a Fable campaign - and if you like what you see in Fable, we encourage you to check it out. Worker Placement is a ‘gateway Euro’ that has been widely praised by many reviewers, and features the card drafting mechanic from Upon a Fable with an interesting auction twist!

If you have the time, please help us spread the news. Thank you so much for your continued interest and support!

Warehouse Arrival!


Great news for backers in the Americas! The Upon a Fable Kickstarter has landed in port and cleared customs, and will be arriving in our East-coast US warehouse tomorrow -- Tues Nov 26th! With the American Thanksgiving holiday it's not possible to have all copies shipped out this week but over the next week your pledge will be processed and on its way to you!

This is your LAST CHANCE for any address changes, which MUST be emailed directly to Please do not contact Kickin' It Games through this Kickstarter page!

Additionally, we are extending to backers in the Americas one final opportunity to add extra copies of Upon a Fable onto any pledge level of Player or higher ($44+). Each additional copy cost $39 USD and can be paid only via Paypal. Due to distribution logistics, Upon a Fable won't be shipping to retail stores until January 2014 so wouldn't an extra copy (or two) of Upon a Fable make an excellent and rare holiday gift? Contact within the next 24 hours if you'd like to take advantage of this final offer.

Thanks for helping us making our fairy tale dream come true!

Unboxing Video for Upon a Fable


When we received our Upon a Fable production copies last week directly from the factory, we documented the box opening on YouTube so all Kickstarter backers and curious future customers can see what’s inside all three boxes: the core game, the New Kingdoms 7-8 player expansion pack, and the Tree of Wonders wooden meeples/Wonders/components pack. We also show off two promotional exclusives: the player order tarot cards and the 6-card promo pack. Check it out on YouTube:

Thanks to backers in the Americas for your continued patience as you wait for the ocean freight to arrive, which is still several weeks away. Backers in the EU will receive your pledges in the next week or two.

Stages of Shipping


Backers from around the world pledged for Upon a Fable, making the shipping of our game an ... interesting ... venture. After looking at the best and most cost effective ways to serve your needs, we have decided that shipping will be done in several phases:

Phase 1: Asia-Pacific Backers from Asia-Pacific countries (Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, etc.) have been already shipped their pledges directly from our Chinese factory before the bulk of the ocean freight was shipped to our US warehouse. Some backers have already received their copies, while most other should receive theirs by the end of this week.

Phase 2: EU We are shipping EU backers their pledges from our distribution centre in the UK. This way, we can help our EU customers avoid the annoying VAT and increase speed of delivery as well. We expect our distributor will receive the bulk shipment this week, and the pledges will ship from there throughout the EU in the next couple of weeks.

Phase 3: Americas We are sorry the wait for the Americas will be the longest, but ocean freight from China to our East-coast warehouse takes a long time. Provided there are no unforeseen customs problems, we expect Upon a Fable to be in our US warehouse and ready to ship to backers in the US/Canada/Brazil before the end of November. We will provide further updates when we have it. Until then, "no news" = "still in transit".

Thank you for your patience (especially backers in the Americas) while we work hard to get your pledges to you as soon as we can. Be sure to send any address changes to to ensure we are shipping to your correct location.

Have a great week!

Some Pre-Shipping Photos and a Sneak Peek

With all 15,000 pounds (!!!) of Upon a Fable games and accessories soon to ship from our factory in China, we thought we'd post a small selection of final photos taken before the boxes are sealed for the voyage. That's a lot of wooden bits! Check out the lovely stretch goal tokens that we threw in as a thank you for our backers too (golden starting player crown and silver moon deep sleep tokens). The waiting is driving us CRAZY, but the end is near!

While you're patiently waiting for your copy of Upon a Fable to arrive, check out a sneak peek of our follow-up project: the upcoming Euro-style light strategy board game called "Worker Placement". You run a temporary employment agency and compete against other players to place your workers in the best jobs to earn the most cash and reputation.

We'll be showcasing the game in it's own Kickstarter campaign in November and hope you'll join us once again bringing it to market with your pledges. Stay tuned on our social media pages for more details in the coming weeks!

Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Thank you once again for all the tremendous support. We wouldn't be here without you!
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