$153 pledged of $50,000 goal
$153 pledged of $50,000 goal


                                   A MOB IS BORN

After reading the story of 15 year old Felicia Garcia, Khamicom Entertainment was motivated to create a new team of heroes. Not invincible characters with superhuman ability from another world, but a group of multiracial fictional teens that are just like everyday teens, teens that face bullying and function in a society where they see their peers bullied regularly, teens that experience the pain of bullying with no one to stand up for them, teens with feelings like Felicia.

                    Read the story of Felicia Garcia HERE.

The group cleverly labels themselves as the MOB, a label packed with a double meaning in that there is more strength for victims of bullying when they have support but also because this group of heroes uses MIND OVER BULLIES to stand up for themselves and other bullying victims. 

                       ABOUT THE SERIES

The series takes place in a typical city in America. Like most high schools the teens attend a school where there are social groups within the school; the jocks, the preps, the pretty girls, the mean girls, the pretty boys, the rich crew, the average everyday kids, the thugs and then there are the outcasts.

The kids that are just outside of average everyday kids are usually the outcasts, some truly are nerds, and others just don’t fit a mainstream group because they just don’t and so they get picked on. Some have test answers extorted, others have money taken, and some are taunted by gossip and rumors while some suffer physical violence.

Cyber bullying, exploitation and sheer mean are the norm for anyone not part of one of the main groups (which leaves a lot of kids in all age groups open to bullying of some sort).

In a moment of reflection...Margo makes a major discovery.....she sees her tormentor and notices a moment of vulnerability as her onetime friend is now the subject of verbal taunts. 

 Margo's eyes are opened to the fact that like her current persecutor.... most bullies are just as vulnerable as the people they taunt......their weaknesses just need to be exploited and magnified on a large stage to humble them and teach them a lesson.

                            CHARACTER BIOS

Future character:

                               WKBT Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston 

You may remember the story of television news anchor Jennifer Livingston. She was the subject of unkind remarks from a viewer via letter and responded with dignity and strength.

                           See the 2012 news story HERE:

Her encounter with bullying inspired a character that will begin to appear later in the MOB comic series.

(Victoria Valentine) -35 News Anchor

Victoria is a popular national news anchor that begins to follow the MOB as their exploits gain attention off campus in their local area. 

Her interest in the group stems from her own experiences with bullying as a child. Her curiosity about the group turns to fascination. Her coverage of the MOB brings attention from other bullying victims around the country. Interested bullying victims from around the world begin to write and call the news station hourly asking Victoria to put them in touch with the MOB team. 

When the authorities take a negative view of the MOB Victoria always comes to their defense in the media.

                 THE TEAM'S M.O.

No one knows who the teens really are because they wear black and white masquerade ball type masks, black jeans and black hoodies when they do their work.

They sometimes confront bullies face to face to put a scare into them but they are not about fighting. They feel like the clothing makes them appear tough and mysterious......although they are far from intimidating as individuals, when they are clothed in their dark street clothing which only reveals their masks in the shadow of their hoodies, they often strike a moment of terror and panic though they are sure to stray away from any melees.

They take on problems at their school and then their rep soon grows to other schools,  neighborhoods, states, countries etc. Eventually as they get more and more news coverage the police grow curious about who this group of “vigilantes” is.

When they are masked and in their black attire, bullies hate them, girls love them, nerds idolize them and they have sort of a rock star persona. Little does anyone know that these are just average kids and some would be considered  outcast  among the student society at school.

They use brains, their knowledge, skills, wit and sarcasm to shut bullies down without physical confrontations and with the least threat of physical harm to any member of the team.

Most bullies pick on others to hide some weakness or flaw of their own. The series makes that the focus of the storylines so that victims know that they are not the ones with the problem. (Our hope is to encourage young people to use their minds to overcome bullying with well thought out solutions and find other friends that will support them).

                          OUR PROJECT STRETCH GOALS 

THE APP: Our app will host the comic book series and will also feature the original MOB cartoon series for FREE.

* We will also make the comic book and animated series available to the public for FREE through the MOB website.    

WEB SERIES: We are excited about the prospect of creating an animated web series featuring the characters and storyline from the MOB comic series.

We hope that with the public's support we can bring the series to the web and to our app.

We will also be pitching our web series to The Cartoon Network should we reach our stretch goal.

THE FUTURE: We are already looking for ways to expand beyond the comic book, animated cartoon, app and website. Depending on how the public responds to the project we hope to expand the MOB as far as we can take it.

                 COOL "MOB" PERKS

Among the cool perks available to backers are the MOB logo t-shirt in blue, black and grey.


And the black rubber team band with embossed MOB logo

Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE: The MOB campaign poster (24X36) 

               WHERE THE FUNDS WILL GO

The comic book will be introduced during our initial fundraising campaign through FREE digital release (Itunes, Android App Store etc.). Our goal is to raise $50,000 to produce comics each month for 12 months (and should we reach our stretch goals of $75,000 and $100,00 we will begin to produce our online cartoon series for the web and our app)

*As mentioned, we will be pitching the animated web series to The Cartoon Network should we reach our stretch goal (which will allow us to create the pilot episode to present). 

Funding will be used to cover the costs for:

  • Artwork
  • Story Writing
  • Layout

  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Server Maintenance
  • App production
  • Website production
  • Online store

Should we reach our stretch goals (we will begin producing 3 minute episodes for our online animated series):

  • Video Production
  • Script Writing
  • Artwork
  • Animation
  • Voice actors

           "It's all a state of MIND.......MIND OVER BULLIES that is!" 

Follow us online 

http://imobb.blogspot.com (The official internet Mind Over Bullies blog - iMOBb)



                           STAY TUNED FOR FUTURE UPDATES !

Risks and challenges

We are pretty far along at this point. Unless one of our artists gets sick or worse we don't foresee any major problems.

We have made some amazing contacts with people eager to work with this project so if anything happens with any of our artists we have plenty of people to call on to help us keep the project going.

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