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I'm raising money to make my DREAM of recording my first EP a REALITY! With your help, I can finally LIVE MY DREAMS!

I'm going into the studio TODAY to start working on my very first EP! I've saved enough money to work on one song, but my goal is to have 3-5 songs, which will make up an EP and will be used to sell and to shop to labels. The songs are being built from the ground up and I will be helping to co-produce and write the songs. I've found an awesome studio and amazingly talented producers...the only thing I'm missing are the funds to make this happen in the way I've envisioned it. This is my first trip into the studio to record original music and I want to do it RIGHT...will you help a sista out? ; )


  • Unfortunately, you can no longer make donations through Kickstarter. However, I've set up a PO Box for people still looking to donate.
    PO Box 823
    Bronx, NY 10469
    If you'd like to use your donation as a tax write off, please write a brief note stating that along with your donation and I'll happily mail you a receipt!


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