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There’s no shortage of awesome medieval worlds, sci-fi and war games. We're using the same technology to build real cities.

Welcome to the Silicon Prairie city of Dubuque, Iowa, where we're Kickstarting a cool new project, Main Street MMO!  

Watch the intro video above, or skip straight to the trailer video to learn more:

We're combining the fun and interactivity of game worlds and MMO's with real city environments that can also serve as a community resource to promote local businesses, upcoming events, city initiatives, architectural visualization and a lot more.    

By harnessing the power and realism of realtime 3D game technology (Unity3D) our goal is to celebrate and promote cities by building fully customizable, ever-changing 3D simulations of real cities, designed to serve as community resources.   

We're starting with real city models, then venturing into the "anything is possible" realm of game development, where fun, imaginative and engaging layers of 3D content can be added to or layered into the real city model to augment it and make it a truly fun and engaging place to explore.    

Over the past year, we've been  working directly with local businesses and organizations to learn more about the kind of features they find most useful in a technology like this.  With their input, we've started building a proof of concept, showcasing their Main Street and Historic Millwork Districts, where we're promoting local businesses, showcasing city initiatives (Sustainable Dubuque), historical information, news about upcoming events, architectural visualization, and so much more.  

You can see some of the groundwork we've done here:

The models we develop are shared freely with the community through Google 3D warehouse and Google Earth, but we then bring those models to life as immersive, multi-user 3D experiences that are easily accessible (and free!) from a browser or tablet and fully customizable.

We need your help!

We’re starting small, but we’re growing through sponsorship and support from local communities to add new features, build new parts of the city and to expand this idea to other communities.  We have a long wish-list of features, including the addition of multi-user MMO functionality, game mechanics, tablet deployment, interactive overview maps, and a lot more.  We also have a dream team of developers in place to help us build it, but without your sponsorship or a KickStart, we can only get so far.   

With your help, we can build a much more robust toolkit of features that can be used to make Main Street MMO a success!

In future updates, we will get into more detail about the many unique use cases for Main Street MMO, and will also be rolling out some really exciting projects we've been working on for local businesses that will be added to our premiere Main Street MMO.  

Thanks, and stay tuned!  We *really* appreciate your support!


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    Your name will be listed on our Founders page, and you will be credited in the opening intro screen of Main Street MMO.

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    Your name will be engraved (virtually) into a cornerstone of a new building in our premiere Main Street MMO. Your name will ALSO be listed on our Founder’s page and in the opening screen of Main Street MMO.

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    We will name one of our npc pedestrian avatars after you! The name will be prominently displayed above the avatar’s head, and added to each new Main Street MMO we launch. Your name will ALSO be listed on our Founders page and in the opening screen of Main Street MMO.

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    You will be invited to an exclusive virtual pre-launch party in our premiere Main Street MMO, and we will send you a miniature real life replica of the gold shovels we will use at our virtual ground-breaking ceremony. You will also get ALL of the lower tier awards!

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    We will launch YOUR city as a realtime 3D MMO! We will personally visit your city, and get the project started by modeling several city blocks, along with a website portal for your city's 3D world. Your name or company logo will be displayed prominently as the Founding Sponsor of your city. From there, we will continue to grow your city's MMO through community support in the form of partnerships and sponsorship.

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