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Ordinary: Season 2's video poster

The hilarious series about a young Catholic priest returns, with new stories and new characters, all at good ol' Saint Agatha! Read more

Lancaster, PA Television
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The hilarious series about a young Catholic priest returns, with new stories and new characters, all at good ol' Saint Agatha!

Lancaster, PA Television
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About this project

Ordinary is a sitcom set in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the fictional parish of Saint Agatha. It follows the story of Father Anderson and his vocation to the priesthood. Fresh-faced and newly-ordained, Father David Anderson is excited about his new assignment at the parish of Saint Agatha, but it's not all moonlight and rosaries. Father Anderson finds himself facing more challenges and surprises than he could have anticipated, especially when his rascal little brother Josh shows up at his new home,. From handling erratic staff to wrestling restless catechumens, he'll need to summon all the patience he can to get through his ordinary day.

In 2012, we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for this show, successfully raising $3,565 in days, producing a season of 4 half-hour episodes!

If you have not yet seen it, click here to watch Season One!

For our second season, we've gathered an amazing team of filmmakers and artists native to the area, including Barnaby Holmes (The Motion Picture), Justin Reiff (Free Will Media), Shane Yoder, Rich Abraham, Hayden Ali, Nick Curran and others, with backgrounds in cinematography, animation, editing, and music. Timothy Quigley is also returning as writer and showrunner.

Most of the cast from Season One is returning, including:

  • Timothy Quigley (Father David Anderson)
  • Christopher Quigley (Josh Anderson)
  • Laura Bakin (Frances Callahan)
  • Michele Quigley (Ruthie Stoltzfus)
  • Carla Saylor (Martha Baker)
  • Dominic Spadea (Monsignor Cletus Wagman)
  • Liam Watkins (Ben Dunn)
  • Jacob Watkins (Phil Dunn)
  • Brendan Lyons(Brendan Smith)
  • Katie Lyons (Katie Smith)
  • Christian Legaspi (Phil Smith)
  • Caleb Bressler (Jacob Fleming)
  • Mary Frances Blum (Jill Johnson)

Among our new cast of characters, we have:

Jedidiah Franklin: Hoping he can step out of the shadow of his father, Master Cesar Debus comes into the second season hoping he can make a positive difference in the RCIA.

Master Cesar Debus (played by Jedidiah Franklin)
Master Cesar Debus (played by Jedidiah Franklin)

Wayne Shearer: Fully owning his name, John Wayne presides over parish council, knowing he's the real sheriff of Saint Agatha Parish.

John Wayne (played by Wayne Shearer)
John Wayne (played by Wayne Shearer)

Bradley "Bing" Ingersoll: A former combat marine, Miles Hamilton runs a tight ship keeping the ushers in line. But can he handle the youth?

Miles Hamilton (played by Bradley "Bing" Ingersoll)
Miles Hamilton (played by Bradley "Bing" Ingersoll)

Emma Warburton, replacing Amanda Matkovic as Brigit Dunn.

Mr and Mrs Dunn (played by Jacob Watkins and Emma Warburton)
Mr and Mrs Dunn (played by Jacob Watkins and Emma Warburton)

We also have a number of guest stars which we'll be announcing in the coming weeks. So keep watching for our updates!

There are still a few characters that have not yet been cast. If you are interested in auditioning, follow the link to our Facebook page below and get updated when those auditions begin.

Our second season of Ordinary picks up 5 months after the events of Season 1, as our characters approach Lent. The rectory has burned down, the parish funds are drying up, attendance has dwindled and a new bishop is just days away from being installed. If Saint Agatha doesn't work a miracle soon, the parish will be shut down for good. Can Father David step up as leader in their time of need? And can the people of the parish band together as one family to save Saint Agatha?

Behold! Season 2 Episode List and Synopses:

  • Thanks for the Mammaries: There's a party for the grand opening of the new rectory, but Father Anderson is delayed when he has to run to the emergency room.
  • Give it Up: It's Ash Wednesday and everyone is giving up something for Lent, except Josh. Frances attempts to teach Ben the proper technique for making ash crosses.
  • Twelve Angry Men and Women: Parish Council convenes and things get heated as they debate the allowance of altar girls. Father Anderson and John Wayne square off.
  • The Fightin' Irish: It's Saint Patrick's Day, but Father David is busy trying to squelch a nasty rumor. Meanwhile, Frances and Cesar have a crisis of faith when they discover they've been drinking the wrong Irish whiskey all along.
  • The Mediatrix: When a neighboring church encroaches on parish territory, it's up to the youth group to save the day in an epic battle of "Capture the Flag".
  • The Dark Knight of the Soul: A visiting adjunct professor sows chaos in the parish, and only one caped crusader can stop him.
  • Apologies: When two famous feuding apologists are accidentally booked for the same parish mission, it's up to Father Anderson to try to keep the peace.
  • Home: Easter has come, but Father Anderson is once again called to the emergency room. The bishop makes a fateful decision about Saint Agatha parish.

As you can clearly see, this season is going to be a whole lot of fun!

In 2012, we set our goal to $3,000 and amazingly surpassed that goal in just 6 days. Season 2 is bigger though. Literally twice as big, with 8 episodes already scripted. So it's double or nothing!

Aside from the expenditures for the pledge rewards, all money raised will go directly into the production of the show, primarily to the building of our rectory set, and then to costumes and props.

We're very excited to work with Kickstarter again to connect with our fans and local community, and we are all about making the community involvement an experience. That's why our rewards are super cool! Check them out!

  • $5: PARISHIONER PACKAGE - Your name and photograph in the official Saint Agatha Parish Directory, and free access to the first season of Ordinary online!
  • $10: A personal video message from the character of your choice from Ordinary, thanking you for your support of Saint Agatha Parish!
  • $15: A signed Thank You card from the cast and crew of Ordinary!
  • $20: Ordinary on DVD!
  • $25: Free access to the entire second season upon its release!
  • $40: Access to our private production livestream where you can join the cast and crew on set while we shoot Season 2!
  • $60: An exclusive poster commemorating the first season of Ordinary!
  • $80: An exclusive 2015-2016 calendar featuring the cast of both seasons of Ordinary!
  • $100: PARISH ADVOCATE - Your own copy of the Saint Agatha Parish Directory, 3 DVDs and a special listing in the credits!
  • $150: USHER - Two advance VIP tickets to the 2015 premiere event in Lancaster!
  • $200: PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL - 10 DVDs of Season One!
  • $250: LECTOR - One of Timothy Quigley's original shooting scripts and notes from an episode of the first season of Ordinary. Only four available (obviously)! Choice of episode is first come, first serve, so act fast!
  • $250: FIRST COLLECTION - A random signed prop used on the show!
  • $250: SECOND COLLECTION - A pack of all 8 scripts of Season 2 signed by cast and crew!
  • $400: PASTORAL ASSISTANT - An invitation to be on set as production assistant for an entire day of filming!
  • $500: SOCIAL MINISTER - Join the cast and crew for a night out on the town in Lancaster! We'll pay for everything! (Except travel. You'll need to get here.)
  • $750: VOCATIONS COMMITTEE - Access to the Ordinary hotline: a cell phone carried by a random cast or crew member throughout the entire production! Call whenever you want and as long as we're not busy saving the world, we'll talk to you!
  • $1000: YOUTH MINISTER - Timothy Quigley will come to your parish or church group anywhere in the USA to perform his one hour stand-up comedy show, "Collar I.D."
  • $1000: ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - Associate Producer credit for the entirety of Season 2, along with 5 VIP tickets to the premiere event in Lancaster!
  • $2000: EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER - Walk-on role in the action-packed 5th episode, "The Mediatrix". You'll even have a line and "die" on screen! As long as you can get to Lancaster, we'll get you on the show! Only 4 roles available!
  • $3000: MISSIONS COORDINATOR - Timothy Quigley will come to wherever you are in the world to pray a rosary with you. Only 1 of these available.
  • $4,000: HERSHEY PARK - Bring your entire family and get on the party bus with the cast and crew for a merry day at the Sweetest Place on Earth! Get dizzy on Skyrush, get drenched on Tidal Force, see a show, and eat plenty of chocolate! Get a photo with the cast and your favorite chocolatey mascot! Whatever you want to to do! Only one of these available.
  • $5,000: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Full access and involvement in all aspects of production, 10 VIP tickets to the premiere event, along with promotion of your company or brand and a credit for the entire second season as Executive Producer. Includes all of the above rewards, with limited ones made as available as possible to you. Because you're pretty awesome.

If you have a cool idea for a reward you would like to see, send us a message and we'll try to make it happen!

 We are passionate about the production we have, the characters we play and the stories we tell. We believe we have tapped into something revolutionary and we are looking for comrades in our revolution. Join us!

We work hard, but we gotta admit, we have a lot of fun doing it.
We work hard, but we gotta admit, we have a lot of fun doing it.

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Risks and challenges

Nothing ever goes according to plan in filmmaking, and just knowing that is half the battle. With our talented crew behind the camera, a team that has extensive experience making great projects with little time, no money and complications galore, there is no challenge too daunting for us.

With none of our cast or crew being paid to be involved in this show, production can be slowed down when they have to go to their real jobs. Work schedules can interfere with shooting schedules. We plan to schedule shooting days far enough in advance to avoid these conflicts and be as quick and efficient as possible while on set.

If we only barely meet our funding goal, there is a chance it will take extra time to fulfill a number of rewards, as some of these items are available for the low cost we have them at only at bulk quantities. Without raising enough money, we would either have to buy these items at a loss or wait to save up the money ourselves, make the bulk order, and hope to sell the merchandise afterwards. Either option would be expensive and delay the production of Season 2.

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