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Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations. Gather crystals during your travels. Become the Galaxy's next great explorer.
Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations. Gather crystals during your travels. Become the Galaxy's next great explorer.
Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations. Gather crystals during your travels. Become the Galaxy's next great explorer.
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    1. Tim Broughton 2 days ago

      Game looks beautiful - very excited to see it in person. Any chance you will take another swing at Claims of Gold? Super bummed that one didn't get funded.

    2. Teresa
      4 days ago

      Looking forward to the next update please since 1 month has gone by since the previous one. ; ) Can´t wait for this beautiful game. : D

    3. Missing avatar

      Marcel Douwstra on June 12

      @EG they are publishing this one (not through KS though):

    4. EG
      on June 7

      Will the next card game be kickstarting anytime soon?

      Obviously not Control v2.0 but a new game heheh

    5. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on June 4

      @Richard Sorry for the technical speak :) A .STL is a file type that can be used for 3D prints, so we could send the 3D file out to all backers and then they could print it themselves or have it printed somewhere.

    6. Richard Stecher
      on June 4

      Question: What is STL mean? Thanks!

    7. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on May 29

      @rbf1138 We will :) You can just walk right up and check it out. Hope to see you there!

      @NingaubleOTSE We're planning on sharing some soon as things get locked down for release :)

      @earljann Yes, we're looking into having a 3D version of Scout made and then give the backers the STL

    8. Missing avatar

      rbf1138 on May 28

      You’ll be demoing this at Origins? Can I just walk up and try it or do I need to sign up or anything special?

    9. NingaubleOTSE
      on May 26

      Just saw a pre-order for Caper from Keymaster up on miniaturemarket. Looking forward to more info.

    10. @earljann on May 16

      awesome work... hmmmm, would it be possible for us backers to get a printable copy of scout 3D miniature? So we can print him ourselves? It would be sad for scout to be of cardboard while the rockets are 3D minis. :D

    11. Justin "Vex" Brissette
      on May 16

      Damn this looks so great. I wish I pledged for a second copy of the game.

    12. Missing avatar

      max on May 16

      Beautiful stuff guys, looking forward to this!😄

    13. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on May 14

      @Richard Update inbound tomorrow, we were waiting on some samples pics of the rockets. Sneak Peek of 'em here :)…

    14. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on May 9

      @Richard Recently got the pre-production copy in the mail! Working on a video to show it off :)

    15. Richard Stecher
      on May 8

      anything new to report? been a month since last update.

    16. Carolyn Paplham on April 22

      Sounds good on the large prints! I was worried they wouldn't be available at all, so I'm very glad to hear that they will be :)

    17. Missing avatar

      on April 20

      Ya that's stl file would've great, not needed for those that do t want it but those that do can print it

    18. Missing avatar

      max on April 18

      NNNOOOOOOO cant buy the posters on the backerkit?

    19. Richard Stecher
      on April 17

      I like the way scout and the controller came out I like the greenish and purple tokens came out, but I guess the pink gems are what your tweaking. they look more like a red in the pix.

      I challenge you to take a pix and post it of the play boards under a black light!

    20. EG
      on April 17

      @creator isn't control on Amazon? So those who wanna get it could get it there..

    21. David Funderburk on April 17

      I was thinking Caper would be available soon enough to show up on the pledge manager, but I guess that was wishful thinking.

    22. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on April 16

      @Teresa Thanks so much :)

      @David Campy is currently our only other game in stock. Control is sold out, but we're working on a reprint in the near future but not quick enough to add it to the campaign.

      On the large poster note: We received news from our artist's agent that the best place to find posters for the future will be on Brian's shop. We tried to make it happen through BackerKit, but they opted to pass on that avenue. They will let us know once the shop is up, so we'll send out an update once that happens but they didn't give us an exact timeline.

    23. Teresa
      on April 16

      So happy to hear about an updated version of Control and some more small cards games coming! Yay! : D

    24. David Funderburk on April 16

      Any chance some of your other games (other than Campy Creatures; I have it already) could be added to the pledge manager?

    25. EG
      on April 16

      @creator nice!!

    26. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on April 16

      @EG Thanks for your love of Control! We've got an updated version of it coming soon :) And hopefully some more small card games :)

      @kickstarter0610 @Sanjay @Teresa @Carolyn Look out for a update today on details on why the big destination posters are not included, but the gist of it is the artist has future plans for the posters and asked us not to include them there (as you will hopefully be able to get him from his shop soon). We can reach back out to him and let him know backers are asking for them and see if it's a possibility for BackerKit though.

      @Sanjay Which other add-ons were you hoping there would be?

      @Justin The Goal to ship is early August.

      @Teresa Yes, they will be packed together, but for fulfillment there's a pick-pack fee and additional weight for each item added so the $1 was added to cover that if added on.

    27. EG
      on April 16

      @creator @all Sorry guys but is there gonna be a follow up or a similar purely card game like Control.. easy to play and teach? And desperately waiting for Space Park to be a reality soon!

    28. kickstarter0610
      on April 16

      Wondering for how long will the PM be open, hoping for an update on whether or not the Destination Posters will be available to Add-On, until then. The Badges Poster is listed for availability, though, so also wondering how any posters will be shipped, thanks.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sanjay Sharma
      on April 15

      Posters and many other items were mentioned as potential add-ons so hoping there is an update to the pledge manager.

    30. Justin Johnson on April 15

      @creator, when is this scheduled to ship? I am moving at the end of June and didn’t want to fill out the survey yet. I couldn’t find the expected shipping date on the campaign page


    31. Teresa
      on April 15

      Just got the backerkit survey and was disappointed to see that 1 USD had to be added for shipping of the add-on (postcards). It´s not a relevant amount but I was surprised. Won´t they ship together with the game?

    32. Carolyn Paplham on April 15

      Just got the backerkit survey and was disappointed to see that the destination posters aren't available as an add-on (I thought I saw it mentioned somewhere that they would be?) - I didn't have the spare funds for one when the campaign was running, and was really looking forward to adding one on now :(

    33. Missing avatar

      on April 15

      Survey completed.

    34. Henry Audubon Collaborator on April 13

      @bluelily Yep, you can have a bunch of badge in your hand. There's no limit!

    35. Bluelily on April 13

      @Henri, thanks, does this mean you can have more than one badge in your hand ? That's an interesting rule. 🤩

    36. Henry Audubon Collaborator on April 13

      @Bluelily Good question! In that case you would have to visit Starlight Station and take a second badge.

    37. Bluelily on April 13

      Hi, quick rull question : if a rocket is on fusion fall, another on starlight station and the last one on outpost 13 and you have a badge and no crystal in your hand. What can you do ? Can you take a second badge ?

    38. Resting-Jeppesen on April 13

      Would love if Caper became an add on in the pledge manager.

    39. Richard Stecher
      on April 12

      I just saw latest update for pledge manager ty

    40. Richard Stecher
      on April 12

      Wonder how this game would look like if played under Black Lights?

    41. Richard Stecher
      on April 12

      is or was there a pledge manager for this, as of yet? If so, will we still be able to add on? And if so, did you ever find out if 2x and 3x were?

    42. Richard Stecher
      on April 12

      Ty! :)

    43. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on April 11

      @Richard Thanks for checking in and we're so sorry for not getting the update out sooner. An update will be coming out tomorrow detailing finalized designs (updated card layout / iconography on the board) and first samples from the factory. Everything is going on schedule and designs were sent to the factory a couple weeks ago so we wanted to wait to share the samples, but we're sorry for not communicating that well. Thanks for your patience :)

    44. Richard Stecher
      on April 11

      over a month since last update an over 2 weeks since last comment, that you had a new update coming

    45. Richard Stecher
      on April 7

      @Mission Control: It's been over a week and you said you had some new updates for us?

    46. Duo Maxwell
      on April 6

      @Keymaster Games: Hi. Have the Pledge Manager email been sent already? Looking to buy more than one copy for a friend of mine. Thanks in advance.

    47. Missing avatar

      Darren Suppes on March 28

      Is the 3D model for the upgraded Scout already completed? Since that stretch goal seems a bit far off still (even through BackerKit additions), would it be possible to release it so backers could 3D print their own? Maybe others would be willing to throw a few extra bucks in through BackerKit to get a ready to go .STL file, and could help reach some of the other goals, like the insert tray.

    48. Richard Stecher
      on March 27

      Excellent! TY! Beep! Beep! Over and out!

    49. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on March 26

      @Richard We got lots we can't wait to share :) Almost all files are with the manufacturer and last one or two should be finalized in the next day or so. There's been some design updates to the board and cards that we feel really aids gameplay and overall experience that we can't wait to share. And Scout is fully colored :) We'll share all the things with pics in an update this week.

    50. Richard Stecher
      on March 26

      Anything new to report, now that the moon dust has cleared?

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