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Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations. Gather crystals during your travels. Become the Galaxy's next great explorer.
Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations. Gather crystals during your travels. Become the Galaxy's next great explorer.
Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations. Gather crystals during your travels. Become the Galaxy's next great explorer.
1,388 backers pledged $47,509 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. @earljann on March 12


    2. Bluelily on March 9

      Congrats! Just like others said I would be happy to pay a bit extra for the mini 3D scout (maybe as an add-on or an stl file for self-3D-printing). I'm so happy the game is funded. I made myself a print&play version from the different images and it is one of my favourite game to play.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Prentis on March 9

      Congratulations on funding! :-)

      Personally, I wouldn't mind ditching the box upgrade and metallic rocket finish just to get larger tiles (not even cards if the expense is too big). Do please consider that, the destination art really makes the game and with bigger tiles the immersion will be better (whereas the box gets stuck in a shelf and the rockets are cool already - and will be painted by some).
      Looking forward to updates and then the game itself :-)

    4. Michael Boucher
      on March 9

      Congrats! Must be very exciting for you guys!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Radney on March 8

      Awesome!!! Way to go guys.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt Choules on March 8

      Wooooo! Happy this did so well.
      Looking forward to playing this one :)

    7. Petr Vojtěch on March 8

      Congratulations! Looking forward to playing the game.

    8. Brian Lewis
      on March 8


    9. Karl Hedstrom
      on March 8

      Congratulations on funding and more! Can't wait to play the finished game!

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Bowling on March 8

      Congratulations! Very much looking forward to seeing the final product!

    11. Mattias Lundin on March 8

      Congrats! Just like others said I’m happy to pay a bit extra for the plastic inlay and the mini 3D scout. It will be a mess without an insert with all those crystals, small XP cards and such. That to me is more important than everything else on the stretch list.

    12. Richard Stecher
      on March 8

      So any final design decisions on the robot? I saw some sketches, but I still like him the way he looks now. :)

    13. Jose Perez Aranda on March 8

      Congrats on funding!!

    14. Henry Audubon Collaborator on March 8

      Thanks everyone for the great campaign!

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin Jones on March 8

      Congrats on funding!! To bad we weren’t able to get all of the stretch goals this time, but it’s still awesome!! Would it be possible to have this game out just before GenCon?!?

    16. Lee Schmitz - Geek City USA
      on March 8

      Congrats on funding guys! I just realized you guys were based out of Athens, GA. I'll just swing by tomorrow afternoon to pick up my copy. ;)

      Seriously though, congrats, and looking forward to following the progress of the creation of Space Park.

    17. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on March 8

      The end has arrived! Thanks everyone for helping this happen :) Thank you for stretching to help us reach these goals. With where we landed, we'll be looking at what we can make happen to so we can give you the best game we can.

      @rbf1138 Thanks for your feedback as it's helpful to know what you feel. We looked into some promotions options like BGG contests and whatnot that were mentioned, but the costs were a bit high for an uncertain return so we went with trying more organic promotions / giveaways through our social media channels. With each campaign, we're trying new things and learning new things along the way.

    18. Teresa
      on March 8

      Congrats! ; D

    19. L'Ottoman on March 8

      Congratulations ! Too bad we don't reach the 60K SG... This art deserves larger cards.

    20. NingaubleOTSE on March 8

      Congrats, Keymaster. Looking forward to delivery :)

    21. Missing avatar

      rbf1138 on March 8

      It's really not my intent to be a jerk/troll or whatever but I can't help but feel this thing could've smashed 100k with better promotion and involvement by the publishers of this game...

    22. Doug W. on March 8

      Very excited for this game. If the scout mini is available as an add-on, I'd get it. I was also hoping for the insert. If the insert is also offered as an add-on, will get that too.

      (I really thought more folks would be interested in this one. I guess there's too many good looking games on KS these days!)

    23. Teresa
      on March 8

      Yuhu! We reached the SG for the shiny rockets ; )
      37 minutes to go. Hope we can reach the next SG (fingers crossed) and you can offer the mini as an add-on in the PM. Can´t wait for the next update with all the juicy news.
      This game looks amazing and you can see from the images that the production is going to be top notch.

    24. Mario on March 8

      I'd also prefer the upgraded cards and boards over the metallic finish on the rockets.

    25. Missing avatar

      on March 8

      chris - that wouold be cool - larger sized cards are usually welcomed by players but probably a more tangible cost than a coat of paint and more shipping weight

    26. Chris Perz
      on March 8

      Just out of curiosity, would there be an objection to switching the $45,000 and $60,000 stretch goals around? The silver rockets, in my opinion, don't really matter too much, but larger tiles and cards would be a great improvement for the game. Just adding my 2 cents.

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam Prentis on March 8

      Hi, just backed. I've been looking for a well-themed space exploration game and something light and fast as well, so Space Park feels just right. Love the art! It's a terrible pity the 60k SG won't get done - the art deserves larger tiles! (enlarging just the tiles would be fine, the cards don't need to be bigger really)

    28. Brian Lewis
      on March 7

      Super close to the metallic finish! :)

    29. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on March 7

      @Danimal13 Thanks for being a part of it! You're good and haven't missed out. We're sending out a debriefing link in the next day or so.

    30. Missing avatar

      on March 7

      i had helped with launchcrew but never got a google link. did i miss out?

    31. Kipel on March 6

      @Keymaster Games, I emailed you at, can you give it a look? Thanks! <3

    32. Keymaster Games 4-time creator on March 6

      @Richard Depending on where we land the cards will either be 70 x 70 mm or 80 x 80 mm (The 13% bigger goal). XXL is available and we'll look at what we can do to offer 3XL in Backerkit after the campaign as it could add cost.

      @Daniel @Boxle We're so sorry we can't offer different poster sizes as the contract with our illustrator stipulates that we cannot sell the art in any other form besides what's already part of the campaign. Brian Miller the illustrator is hoping to launch prints in his shop down the road so hopefully you'll be able to complete the set through is shop.

      @Justin Thanks for the kind words :)

      @Steph We will not be using Ship Naked on this one. We're looking at quotes from other fulfillments services and include who we land on in an update.

      @Kirk! The postcards for Campy are currently only in the games but we could look into making some down the road.

      @Teresa Thanks for all the support :) and help on comments. We're hoping to make a big push toward Scout at the end here so that each game / everybody can have him. We'll see how everything shakes out and if we miss the goal we'll look into the possibility of having him as an add-on in BackerKit.

      @Rick We'll make sure the rockets look super good and jive with everything—we promise :)

      @HarleyJunkie We don't have any current plans for a German translation but someone would be welcome to translate the rules.

    33. Missing avatar

      Anders Pihl Kofoed on March 6

      C'mon I want that 45k SG !

    34. Missing avatar

      fireyred77 on March 6

      The artwork in this game is just too good.

    35. Teresa
      on March 6

      @Richard Stecher: In case it helps, in the campaign page in the tier for the t-shirt it says that they range from S to XXL (so aparently no 3XL) and the price is the same. : D

    36. Richard Stecher
      on March 6

      I was also still interested in the t-shirt. Have you found out if they come in 2x or 3x? If so is there a price difference?

    37. Richard Stecher
      on March 6

      Have you mentioned what size card sleeves will be required?

    38. Boxle on March 6

      Adding a +1 on the more affordable posters. I want the whole set to frame for my game room walls, but at this rate, I will not have the funds to get the entire set, which makes me super disappointed and disheartened. Is there a way we can get these posters post-campaign if we're not able to front $420 + shipping to have them all right now?

    39. Daniel Borlase on March 6

      Is there any way of the destination posters being more affordable- like the badge poster? I would definitely buy one if it was cheaper. I also agree with the campy creatures art being amazing. Maybe in your store you could sell poster/postcards of the art all the time

    40. Justin Wallace on March 5

      I met these guys at Gen Con last year and bought all of their games. The level of polish is amazing and I hope we get to see Claims of Gold succeed too.

      Campy Creatures is such a beautiful game, and it looks like this one will be no different.

    41. Kipel on March 5

      I hope this gets a boost!!!! Updating my pledge soon!!! I like the idea of some poster of Campy Creatures.

    42. Missing avatar

      Steph Bisson
      on March 5

      Are you guys using ship naked to ship these?

    43. Teresa
      on March 4

      +1@Kirk Beiser: I also love Space Park and Campy Creatures artwork so Campy Creatures postcards would be great as an add-on and would help us reach those cool SGs. ; )

    44. Mattias Lundin on March 4

      I really like the white background as they are. A texture or similar would just be too much. Keep it simple and clean. Less is more.

    45. Kirk Beiser on March 4

      Are there any Campy Creatures postcards available as an add-on or purchase at another site? The art on Space Park and Campy Creatures is some of my favorite on any game and I would love to have both sets.

    46. Mario on March 3

      @Don Riddle - I think a nice look without being too busy or distracting would be a wide shot of the universe with the colors inverted so it's mostly white. Check it out:

    47. Don Riddle
      on March 3

      Any chance of changing the backgrounds on the badge cards?The white seems unfinished and jarring compared to the look of the rest of the game. Just some subtle texture (to maybe suggest cloth) would be nice.

    48. Teresa
      on March 3

      In the City of Gears KS they are offering a 50mm mini (and a tile that works as a mini expansion) as an add-on for 10USD. I´m sure that if you offered the scout 2.0 mini as an add-on for a similar price we would get a boost to smash through the SGs. Is it possible? : D

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