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This ghoulish game of bluffing and deduction just got a whole lot campier.
This ghoulish game of bluffing and deduction just got a whole lot campier.
3,327 backers pledged $103,181 to help bring this project to life.

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Fulfillment Begins!

Posted by Keymaster Games (Creator)

Hello Mortals

Fulfillment on Campy Creatures starts this week! In fact, we received a note from Quartermaster Logistics, our US fulfillment partner, that they are beginning fulfillment today and we're excited to hear from the comments that backers are already receiving their tracking numbers! Here's what we can expect in the coming weeks:

Shipping Plan - Current Estimates

  • US - Quartermaster - fulfillment starts today, June 25th - 2-3 weeks to complete
  • Europe - Meeple Logistics -  fulfillment starts the week of July 1st - 2-3 weeks to complete
  • Canada - Snakes & Lattes - fulfillment starts the week of July 1st - 2-3 week to complete
  • Asia - VFI - fulfillment starts the week of July 1st - 4-5 weeks to complete
  • Australia - Atherworks - fulfillment starts the week of July 8th - 2-3 week to complete

Where's My Stuff?

You should receive a notification from the fulfillment center in your region when your package gets sent out. It is possible the your package will arrive before you receive a shipping notification with a tracking number. If you have not received either your shipping notification or a package by July 14th, please reach out via Kickstarter Messages, and we will check on your order and forward your tracking number on to you.

If you are receiving your order from VFI, and you do not see a tracking number or receive your package by July 29th, please contact us via Kickstarter Messages and we will check on your order and forward your tracking number on to you.

Join the Facebook Group

We love the Campy Conversation that happens in our comments throughout the campaign, so we want to give everyone a space they can continue the conversation, post pictures, and stay in touch. Join our Facebook group to continue the fun!

Campy Creatures Facebook Group

- The Keymaster Team


Fulfillment Update

Posted by Keymaster Games (Creator)

Hello Mortals

Campy Creatures arrived at our fulfillment center, Quartermaster Logistics (QML), just over a week ago. Per our instructions, they set up the shipping plan contingent on Control arriving in the warehouse to fulfill alongside some of the orders as well. However, Control hit some delays in China because of flooding at the warehouse. Don’t worry, Control isn’t taking a long boat ride! We’ve airfreighted over the copies that our backers ordered. They’re just arriving a little behind when we originally planned. We’re grateful for QML’s help flexing with this slight delay. Here is the updated fulfillment plan:

  • Orders should start fulfilling the week of the 24th
  • Playing Cards will still be fulfilled later in August

We're sorry for the slight delay. We'll post another update when we get confirmation from QML that they've started fulfillment.


We have tracking numbers for all the ordered prints and have seen them start arriving. We always love seeing pictures of prints, so if you share, make sure to tag us! If you haven’t seen your print arrive within the coming week, please let us know so we can check on the shipping status.

  • The Keymaster Team


Creeping in on Fulfillment

Posted by Keymaster Games (Creator)

Hello Mortals

Campy Progress

Thanks to @MorphR, we’ve tracked the ships carrying Campy product all the way to their ports and we know all the ships have landed at their respective destinations. As the games make their way through customs, we can’t quite track their movement the same way, but we know the following:

  • The ships have to be unloaded
  • The product has to go through customs
  • The games then have to get to their fulfillment centers
  • The fulfillment centers have to provide a shipping plan
  • Then they line them up and roll them out to you!

Roughly, the time between shipping docking at port and fulfillment beginning is 3-4 weeks. This does not include unforeseen circumstances, like games getting held up for inspection at customs. We’ll be sure to let you know if that happens though.

As we stated in the previous update, backer addresses have been locked down, so that fulfillment centers can be better prepared to ship out the goods once they arrive.


Control production is wrapping up at Panda as we speak and Backer copies will be airfreighted out to fulfillment centers to fulfill with orders. We’ve built in their travel time to align with the that fulfillment plan stated above.

Giclee Prints and Apparel

For those that ordered the Giclee prints, the prints have been ordered and should start shipping out this week!

Here’s a look at some of the apparel items if you missed them on social media! We’re really excited with how these items have turned out and think you will be too. That eyeball hat is spooky for sure!

Playing Cards

Playing Cards have been submitted to USPCC so their manufacture should begin shortly, however, the product has to pass hands over to the awesome Mama’s Sauce for packaging, so these cards are slated to fulfill in August. We’re so excited for how these decks are going turn out and very sorry for the delay on our part getting them done. 

Anyone who has ordered cards along with other products will NOT have the rest of their order delayed. The cards will be shipped out separately at our expense once they are done.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Kickstarter Messenger or email if you have any questions related to your order.

  • The Keymaster Team


Campy Creatures Steering Towards its Destinations

Posted by Keymaster Games (Creator)


We know it's been a little while since our last update. We have exciting news! Campy Creatures hopped on a boat last week and is making its way to fulfillment centers around the world. And we all love to learn about ship names so here they are:


EU copies - MSC Katrina

AUS and Asia copies are in the hands of Awetherworks and VFI. They are waiting on add-on items before they begin fulfillment. 

Address Locking

We will lock addresses on May 15th. This will give us enough time to get backer data to the different fulfillment centers to ensure we transition smoothly into fulfillment. Fulfillment will likely begin the week of June 10th, so when locking your address consider where you will live in the month of June. If you are in transition, we suggest inputting an address of a friend or relative.

If you've lost your survey link, you can look it up here:

Giclee Prints

For anyone that ordered prints, they are being produced separately in the US and will most likely fulfill in May, ahead of the games, so get those frames ready!

Playing Cards

As we've mentioned in prior updates, playing cards have been a bit challenging. We've got line of sight to getting these done, but it is likely that we will be fulfilling playing cards separately.

That's all for now! Expect another update mid-May when we lock address.

- The Keymaster Team


Production Update from the Mad Scientists at Panda

Posted by Matt Aiken (Collaborator)


Now that Chinese New Year is wrapping up, we wanted to provide an update on production status and share some tentative dates regarding freight/fulfillment. Production paused for a short time to celebrate the Year of the Pig, but the Panda team is back at work on Campy Creatures and Control. Mass Production should finish by the end of March and should be on a boat ~ 2 weeks after that. It's about 4-6 weeks once on the boat to fulfillment (+/- 2 weeks - depending on geography) which puts fulfillment starting middle of June, hopefully sooner. Along those lines, we are pleased to announce that we have locked in fulfillment with Quartermaster Logistics. We learned a lot from our last campaign with them and are confident they can help us get Campy Creatures into your hands quickly and securely.


In a previous update, we showed off some sample materials for the Control 2nd Edition tuck box. The box showed signs of wear on the seams and we have been looking at ways to ensure this wouldn't happen. Ultimately, we decided to change the Control box back to a 2 piece box. It will be roughly the same size as the tuck box and will promote the longevity of the product. 


Additionally, we has been working to get the Campy Playing cards up to our standards. While we were really pleased with how the glow-in-the-dark card backs looked when we received the pre-production copy, the ink hasn't held up well with use. As such, we have removed the glow-in-the-dark ink from the card backs. This decision has allowed us to move manufacturing to USPCC. USPCC is well known for the quality of their playing cards, in fact, they manufactured a few decks that inspired us to design our own. 

PARKS: the Board Game - Ending TODAY!

If you haven’t seen, our latest Kickstarter project, PARKS is live right now! You can visit the Kickstarter HERE. It ends at 21:00 EST (-5 GMT/UTC) today - Tuesday February 19th. We'd love for you to join us.

Thank you always for your support!

  • The Keymaster Team