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Improve your quality of life, add healthy air, be more productive, and grow plants easily.
Improve your quality of life, add healthy air, be more productive, and grow plants easily.
Improve your quality of life, add healthy air, be more productive, and grow plants easily.
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    1. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator 2 days ago

      We've sent you a message. Thanks for your patience and support!

    2. Missing avatar

      N 4 days ago

      Stil nothing

    3. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator 5 days ago

      @Stefano and @Bernd Baudrexl
      We appreciate your patience!
      We've sent you a message for further assistance. Thanks, and happy weekend!

    4. Missing avatar

      Bernd Baudrexl 6 days ago

      I did not received mine yet

    5. Missing avatar

      Stefano on March 16

      I did not received mine yet

    6. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on March 11

      @Matthias Gutmann
      Appreciate your patience! We're here for you.
      We've sent you a message. Please refer to the message so that we can take proper action.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthias Gutmann on March 9

      I still did not get mine!

    8. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on March 7

      @E. Cook
      Thanks for your patience and support!
      We've replied to your message regarding the status of your EcoQube Air. Rest assured that we're currently working on it!
      Please let us know if you have further questions/concerns. Thanks, and have a good one!

    9. Missing avatar

      E. Cook on March 6

      I still did not get mine!

    10. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on February 11

      @Alan Pritchard
      Appreciate your patience! We're here to assist you. One of our specialists sent you a message for the troubleshooting guidelines. Let us know if you haven't received the e-mail. Thanks!

    11. Alan Pritchard on February 9

      Hi Adi
      after a failed attempt at growing over christmas (unit is in my office at work)
      I cleaned it all up, and re did the sponges and seeds
      I set it off and went off and made a coffee
      i came back and the pump had stopped, i assumed it was normal as i had changed the interval in the settings from seedlings to normal (seedling seemed to drown my plants)
      Since then i have not been able to contact the device, i thought the app was bugged so removed it and cleared cache/data
      now when i refresh the list of devices i cannot see the Ecoqube
      LEDs and Fans are running all the time
      have tried power cycling it to no avail
      please help

    12. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on February 2

      Thanks for reaching out! So sorry to hear that.

      Could you please contact us at so that we can take proper action regarding this.

      We're here for you. Thanks!

    13. Reabroy Viriyahphant on February 1

      I have received my today with big crake on the corner what should I do? After waiting for a long time. It’s make me very upset.

    14. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on January 29

      Sorry for the delayed response. Rest assured that one of our representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible. Appreciate your patience, Antonio.

    15. Missing avatar

      Antonio Deceglie on January 25

      Good morning, I am backer 1708 and I live in Switzerland. I have not received the EcoQube
      Best regards

    16. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on January 24


      Hi! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. One of our representatives will reach out to you in a bit. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Bisby on January 23

      I finally opened the box to install it in my office and found that you did not include an Australian power adaptor. Is there any chance you can supply 2 as i have two units?

    18. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on January 17


      We are so happy to hear that! Thank you for your support! :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason Novits
      on January 14

      Very Happy with the EcoQube Air and look forward to getting another soon. I also ordered a EcoQube Q for at home.
      Very Happy indeed about this Project

    20. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on January 4

      @Matthias Pannek

      Thanks for reaching out! We appreciate your patience.

      Absolutely! We'll be sending you the photo as soon as possible.

    21. Matthias Pannek
      on January 3

      Could someone please send me a photo of the power supply label to Thank you!

    22. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on December 27

      @Brent Lamb

      The number of new mediums that you would need would be similar to the old foam ones, except these just work better :)

      The old sponge/foam mediums are not needed. You can simply replace them with the new ones and surround them with clay pebbles.

      As for mold, that can occur if the environment is too moist. So you may want to try things such as reducing usage of the pump or lowering the setting, turning up the fan setting to air out the humidity, and reducing usage of the light to reduce heat/humidity.

      The new mediums will absorb water MUCH better, so even less pump usage is needed than before. I would recommend trying out the low setting, and if the plant looks like it needs more water, then you can up the setting. But for most cases, I think the low setting should be good.

    23. Brent Lamb
      on December 26

      So I have almost all but given up on my Air, but seeing your new plan mediums made me think to give it another try. How many mediums do I need? do they stick into the black sponge medium base as the original ones and then get covered in the clay pebbles? Also any tips to prevent mold it is what killed my last plants as they were just trying to get growing.

    24. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on December 18

      @Jamie @Matthias

      Please email us at and we'll be able to better help you there :)

    25. Matthias Pannek
      on December 18

      Unfortunately I can't find the power supply anymore. Which output volts and amps are required? Thanks

    26. Jamie Ngo on December 16

      Hi guys,

      I just opened the package, have been away from home for a few months, and noticed that I didn’t receiving the UV light strip or fogger. Can you please send me those two, I’ve backed the option with them.


    27. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on December 9


      We've put out a few updates on this, but if you haven't already, please send us your current shipping address and we'll take care of your Air shipment :)

      We just want to ensure that we're shipping to the right location since it's been quite a while.

    28. JD Tan on December 8

      Hi, I haven’t received anything what is going on??

    29. drmandarin
      on December 7

      Come on ADI, you're clearly still around because you're spamming your previous backers with ads for EcoQube C+. Please reply to emails and support your existing backers.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jaime Ruiz-Morales on December 6

      Hi! also haven´t received anything yet :(

    31. drmandarin
      on December 5

      I'm still awaiting mine too, I haven't yet received a tracking number and nobody is replying to my queries on

    32. Missing avatar

      Uwe Müller on December 5

      Hi, I still havent recieved mine yet. Please give me an update

    33. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on November 30

      @Ryan Woodforth, Thanks for following up. Our support team will contact you today.

    34. Ryan woodforth
      on November 27

      Hi, I still havent recieved mine yet, was hoping for an update?

    35. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on November 24

      @Tina, support has sent you a message.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tina on November 21

      I was really loving my EcoQube Air until it suddenly stopped working yesterday. I've been using it since I received it less than a year ago, and have had few problems. As others have said, the app is quite frustrating at times, and really isn't as flexible as I would have hoped. But I was still able to grow some lively basil plants that I had to trim weekly in order to keep them from outgrowing the cube. Everyone in my office loved coming by to see how the plants were doing, and I enjoyed the little bit of nature and all the extra light in my rather dull cubicle. As the weather turned cooler, I decided that I would make the EcoQube the winter home for my young bonsai. I began to use the fogger, which I had previously ignored, as the basil seemed to be thriving well enough without it. As Steve said, the fogger seems pretty underwhelming, and I noticed that I would have to run the fans for the mist to even rise into the plant area at all. No big deal though, my main concern was to provide a warm, well lit area for my bonsai to shelter in. Unfortunately, the pot that my bonsai is in is just a bit too wide to fit down into the watering tray, so I still have to take the pot out to water it a couple times a week. Then, of course, there's the need to "reprogram" the EcoQube once I'm done watering and am ready to close it all up again. A mild inconvenience, really no big deal.

      Anyway, yesterday, after I took the bonsai out and watered it, I put the EcoQube back together and it failed to turn on. I disassembled it completely, disconnected everything on the inside, re connected it, and tried again. No luck. Then I tried just plugging in the power source. No luck with that either. I made sure the rubber gasket wasn't blocking the connector. I tried plugging it in to multiple outlets, and the best I ever got was a momentary flash of light.

      Having run out of ideas, I decided to try to contact you all. I noticed that the EcoQube Air site no longer exists, however, and now I'm a bit concerned. Is there any support structure left for this product? I hope to be able to continue using it!

    37. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on November 19

      @Steve, we respect your comment. Support will be in touch with you to assist you with the issues or you product.

    38. Steve on November 17

      I've gotta say, I would not recommend this product if someone were to ask :(

      I waited and waited and waited for this to be shipped - that was the first negative to this experience. But that aside, after having this for a while now, I've realized that the app is very, very poorly built.

      Not only is your ecoqube essentially useless without the app (as others have also pointed out), the control from the app is extremely limited. For example, there are only 3 settings to how often you want the pump to run, which is entirely inadequate for many situations. I don't know why there is not the ability to schedule the pump to run at various, specific points in the day, at various, specific amounts. This seems to have essentially eliminated much of the automation that this device was meant to provide as I have to open the app and force the pump to run when I want it to. Which is essentially the same as watering a plant the traditional way, I just don't have to pick up a watering jug.

      Oh and the fogger is essentially useless as far as I have seen.

      Once I first got my ecoqube, I could not get any of the seeds to grow beyond about an inch tall, which I'm now positive was because I was using the predetermined pump settings in the app (not forcing the pump to run specifically when I need it, like I'm doing now). I switched to some plants that had been started in soil - carefully removed them from the soil and cleaned them off to put into the ecoqube. This first set of plants did ok for about a week but then all died. Again, likely due to the presets for pump frequency in the app being inappropriate. Once I started daily babysitting them, they've been growing very well. In fact, a little TOO well!

      It's a nice looking box for sure, but it's completely self defeating that I have to manage this thing daily by loading up the app and force the pump on/off when I need it. I think the hardware itself is probably pretty good, but the app is just really, really poorly built. If the app is fixed to include better scheduling features, I think that could heavily change my opinion of this product. I don't see any reason why this would not be possible. But until then, I can't recommend.

    39. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on November 12

      @Olivier BASILE , can you email us at

    40. Olivier BASILE on November 12

      Guys this is the 3rd time I ask... PLEASE fix the Android App'. Are you aware that without the ap' Cube Air is useless ? I have to unplug it yo turn it off.

      It Can be fixed in few minutes !

    41. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on November 11

      @ Simon Müller - support sent you an email.
      @ Claudio Torroni - thanks for responding in the email. We will continue there.
      @ Naga Natio - We will resolve your issue and support has sent an email to you.

    42. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on November 11

      @Ricky Chen, Support has sent you an email and message. Let us know if you have any question and we will be glad to assist you further.

    43. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on November 11

      Hey guys, @Moshe Levin and @Ryan Bouley, your issues are now taken care of. Let me know if you need further assistance. You can continue with our email thread at

    44. Naga Natio on November 11

      i was promised a replacement unit after i have complained of non functional and shippign damage and was promised to be replaces in couple of weeks time. The last conversation via email is on the May 30th 2017. i send a reminder email on 6th November 2017, and till now still no response from Team ADI yet

    45. Missing avatar

      Claudio Torroni on November 7

      The app always crashes whenever I try to manage the scheduler. can you solve the problem?

    46. Simon Müller on November 2

      untill now still waiting for my EcoQube. please contact me.

    47. Ricky Chen on November 2

      Have the ecoqube Air's been shipped out yet? I see that the estimated shipping date was Jan 2017 but I still haven't received mine

    48. Ryan Bouley on November 1

      I emailed you guys about an issue with my Ecoqube, waiting on response.

    49. Moshe Levin
      on October 31

      Team ADI,
      Please REFER/RESPONSE ASAP to my Messge sent to you TODAY, Regarding my ORDER (ID:2190)
      Moshe Levin

    50. Aqua Design Innovations 5-time creator on October 30


      Thanks for letting us know!

      Please send us an email at and we'd be more than happy to help you get things setup and working :)

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