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Be a part of helping Singer/Songwriter Kevin Wood bring his 3rd Album "Out Among The Wolves" from the studio to you!
128 backers pledged $10,950 to help bring this project to life.

"Out Among The Wolves" is HERE!

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Happy Birthday To Me!  The Best Birthday Present EVER!!!

Hey Everybody! Out Among The Wolves arrived in the mail on Thursday, and it looks and sounds terrific! I spent the good part of this last weekend boxing up all of your CD's and Posters, and they will all be in the mail tomorrow. If you haven't checked your email yet, I sent out all the Digital Download rewards on Friday. Listen to the CD and enjoy!  It's yours! Each and every one of you helped make this album a reality. I'm so proud of this 3rd CD, and I hope you take just as much pride in knowing you helped create it!

I look forward to hearing from you! Please send me your feedback on the album. Let me know you got the CD in the mail so I can rest assured that each and every one of you got your reward.  

Thanks again for all of your help. Happy Birthday to me! This is the best way I can imagine spending my birthday today - thanking each and every one of you by getting you your own copy of "Out Among The Wolves."

Happy Listening!


Kevin Wood

Kevin's first single and video from "Out Among The Wolves" is HERE!

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Out Among The Wolves comes in DECEMBER!

Hey Everybody!  Here we go!  One week to go before I get the CD's sent to me from the manufacturer.   Then I box them all up and send them all to you!  I can't wait to share this Album with you!  It looks and sounds FANTASTIC!  

New Video and Single "Garden of Eden"

Here's my first single and video from "Out Among The Wolves".  Garden of Eden was filmed on November 1st and 2nd in San Diego, CA by Matteo Bertoli.  I'm extremely excited because I released it just yesterday, and we are approaching 500+ views!  If you'd like to help, please share Garden of Eden on your Facebook page, Twitter page, Blog...anything you can do to spread the word!  The more views the better these days with social media.  If you do so, just notify me via email, here at Kickstarter or tag me in the post on FB/Twitter and I'll personally send you a FREE Download of the single!  

Now, have fun and WATCH Garden of Eden now!  Comment below on YouTube and let me know your thoughts!  

Those getting digital copies of the CD should also expect them in the next few weeks!  December is our month!  Out Among The Wolves is on it's way!

Thanks again for all your support!  None of this would have been possible without each and every one of you!  


Kevin Wood

Happy Halloween 2013!


I wanted to send you all a quick update on "Out Among The Wolves"...

The recording process is finished, and we are now in the final stages of mastering the songs so that they sound even better in every stereo around the world...and on every radio too!  The CD artwork is also in it's final editing stages and when these two very important stages are complete, we send them both off to be duplicated and printed so we can all have "Out Among the Wolves" in our hands!  Aren't you excited?  This has been a 2 1/2 year process for me, and you all joined me just over a year ago to help me finish it up!  A few bumps along the way made this process a bit slower than any of us expected, but patience is a virtue, and the best things come to those who wait!  I am incredibly proud of this project, and I'm so pumped to get to share it with all of you!  

Some important things to take note of:

I want to make sure that each and every one of you get the rewards that I promised through my Kickstarter Campaign.  

Please email me here on Kickstarter if any of the following apply:

  • Your physical address has changed
  • Your email address has changed
  • For those of you who get more than one CD, let me know if you'd like me to address CD's any differently than you had mentioned before
  • If you haven't yet, PLEASE fill out the survey sent to you through Kickstarter so that I can have all the information necessary to get these rewards to you!

Thanks again for all of you support!  Have an ghoulish and fun-filled Halloween!

Talk to you soon...

Kevin Wood

One Year Anniversary...and Recording is Finished!

It's hard to believe that one year ago today I launched my Kickstarter Campaign.  128 backers and 47 days later, we had met our goal of $10,000 and the dream of making "Out Among the Wolves" had it's running start!  

Many updates later, I'm pleased to tell you that yesterday was my final vocal recording session with Alicia in San Diego.  A few more weeks and we should be well on our way to mastering the album.  After that I'll be sending the master off to be printed!  You will all be getting your CD's, digital downloads, posters and other rewards soon.  I can't wait to share this incredible album with you.  

The first look at the album's vibe and artwork is available NOW at my new website!  Make sure to check out the upcoming dates, listen to some music, and look at the new photos and videos.  

Check out the new and improved now!

If you haven't already, sign up for the email list on my website so you can get up-to-date information on my latest gigs.  I just performed in Juneau, Alaska, and Portland, Oregon.  Soon to be back in Orange County (this Saturday).  I hope to see some of your beautiful faces while I play and sing.  

Don't forget to "Like" my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter!

Good things are coming to us Hopeless Romantics.  

I'll be sending updates as each new phase comes along in this process of finishing up our baby!

Thank you, again for all of your support.  None of this would have been possible without you.  


Kevin Wood

Hopeless Romantics must wait a bit longer for CD #3

Dear loyal supporters here on Kickstarter, 

More delays have come up in the completion of "Out Among The Wolves" that none of us could have expected.  In Update #11, Alicia, my engineer and producer, had sent us all a heart-wrenching letter about the challenging news of her loving partner, Danielle.  She had been diagnosed with Stage III Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer.  Many trips back and forth to Los Angeles from San Diego, differing hospitals and doctor visits later, Danielle seems to have kicked cancer's booty, and we were well on track to get back to recording and finishing up this album.  

With good news comes some more unfortunate news...

10 days ago, Alicia called me up and I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was devastated.  Her entire recording studio had been flooded by her careless neighbor. I asked Alicia to give me the details, and she wrote this letter to us all: 

Letter from Alicia:

When tragedy seemed to be fading out of sight, it hit my home again, this time to my recording studio, Durga Sound, which had been flooded due to the negligence of our next door neighbor.

Last Thursday, June 20th, as Danielle and I were leaving our home to drive up to LA for her first post-treatment visit at City of Hope, we noticed our driveway was soaked. We traced the flow of the water to find that is was coming from inside our studio. When we opened the door, water came gushing forward, while a good inch & a half remained inside.

We immediately thought that the contractors working on the remodel at our neighbor's home, had hit a water main that flooded our building. When we went next door to speak to them, we discovered that they weren't working on any water lines, and that instead our neighbor left his hose running inside his koi pond.... and then left town.

Since our neighbor's lot is above ours, all the excess water had been filling up our soil, and eventually penetrated the structure for days now.

All hardwood flooring and dry wall had been ruined, requiring the entire structure be gutted and rebuilt. We are currently finishing up insurance inspections and should begin rebuilding early this week (Tuesday projected start date). The rebuild will take approximately two weeks. The very same weekend the building is finished, I'll be resuming work with Kevin, finishing up four more tracks for the album.

My sincerest apologies to all of you. We most certainly did not see this curve ball coming on top of everything else. I thank you for your loyal support and patience in this matter.

With infinite gratitude,

With this unexpected event, we will all have to wait longer to have this album finished and to be able to have it in our hands.  

Never fear, though.  The work that has been done on this album is sounding fantastic.  I am so proud of "Out Among The Wolves," and I assure you that this CD will be well worth the wait.

In the meantime, please check out my new SoundCloud page, which has both my previous albums and some new original and cover tunes available to listen to.  And if you haven't yet, please check out my Facebook Artist page and "Like" it!  We're almost at 600 Likes!

Thanks again for your patience.  Your support means the world to me.  


Kevin Wood

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