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You've got a time machine, high-powered weapons and a whole lot of history to save. Welcome to TimeWatch!
You've got a time machine, high-powered weapons and a whole lot of history to save. Welcome to TimeWatch!
1,980 backers pledged $105,881 to help bring this project to life.

48 Hours To Go? $70K Campaign Supplement Unlocked! New Add-ons, Massive New Stretch Goals, Chronal Mayhem!

Posted by Kevin W. Kulp (Creator)

Hello, all you brilliant backers. And welcome, new backers -- You've just unlocked the 96-page campaign supplement full of adventures! GO, YOU!

So everyone, grab your copy of the Jurassic Edition, vote for an adversary, and grab on to something solid. It's the last 48 hours, and thanks to you we're shooting upwards. How high -- $85K? $100K? I have no idea, but I'm running around the neighborhood yodeling in joy about how well we're doing. The neighbors are looking at me oddly. Screw 'em. I love you guys way more.

Want More Stuff? Here's How You Can Help.

If you want to hit more stretch goals and get more free content, there's lots you can do to help out:

  • If there's anything you'd like, add it on! You'll find the add-ons clearly labeled and listed near the top of the main page. You can add on by adjusting your amount pledged, but keeping your pledge level the same. We'll sort out what you're getting in a post-Kickstarter survey.
  • Make sure your pledge level is right. We've added a number of pledge levels; take a quick glance, see if you'd like any upgrades, and make sure you're happy with what you're getting! Remember, unlocked PDF rewards come free to everyone over the $25 pledge level Digital Recruit.
  • Tell everyone you know! Well, not EVERYONE, but people start paying attention when they hear about something cool from multiple people at different times. If you can, please spread the word, say what you love about the game, and give a link. The "embed" tools just under the project video can give you handy links and sharing tools if you'd like 'em. You can easily share the video to Facebook, for instance. And talk to your gaming group -- adding on books to a single order saves you money.
  • Change your avatar.  If you want it, we've got it! See below.
  • Pat yourself on the back. Holy cow, you guys, we are so much higher than I ever expected. Thank you for making this game even more awesome.

New Add-On Unlocked!

I've unlocked the add-on for the campaign supplement, and I've added another locked add-on for the $85K stretch goal. Here's the new add-on:

96-page Campaign Supplement. Now unlocked! Everyone at the $25 and higher pledge level will get a PDF copy of this 96-page campaign supplement stretch goal for free. Backers at the $40 FULL AGENT level and higher will be able to add-on a physical copy for +$20 (shipping included in US/UK, +$5 shipping internationally.)

If you'd like the campaign supplement in printed form, head over and add it -- and don't forget to pledge that money towards the sophosaurs or ezeru in the Comments!

So Many New Stretch Goals!

I'm proud of these. Take a look:

LOCKED: $73,000: Campaign style expansion 8: Time-Crime! You're a world-class con-artist and thief... with a time machine. Written by Paul Stefko and inspired by your favorite crime- and con-based TV shows, you'll steal famous artifacts, run really long cons on tyrants, and be the reason that art disappears from the world. Just don't be surprised when TimeWatch tries to stop you...

LOCKED: $75,000: Adversary Spotlight: Ezeru! Curious for more detail about the shapeshifting, giant radioactive mutant cockroaches from the future? Their hideous chittering behind the ticks of the clock say you are. This fills in the gaps of their motives, their methods, and their monstrous brood queen.

LOCKED: $78,000: Mission Hook 7: Matthew Breen's "Time Will Tell!" This mission goes deep within the intricate workings of TimeWatch itself, with an adventure that twists the organization's methods into a deadly plot.

LOCKED: $80,000: Adversary Spotlight: Sophosaurs! Explore the mysterious background of the time-raptors, including their clan structure, hunting habits and nefarious goals in taking down the human race. Can they be allies, or even reasoned with? How do they treat the rare sophosaur TimeWatch agent? Find out!

LOCKED: $85,000: Guide to the Annotated Timeline! This standalone guide will follow a player-facing format similar to that of the award-winning Trail of Cthulhu supplement The Investigators Guide to Occult London, presented as a collection of TimeWatch agents' notes on resources, dangers, excitement and mystery up and down the timeline. Plot hooks and player resources aplenty! 30-40K words, free PDF to all backers of $25 and up, and available as an add-on for $13 (+$5 international shipping).

LOCKED: $87,000: Campaign style expansion 9: The Wild Times! Inspired by backer Nanouk Harper, this campaign expansion details the early days of time travel, back when no one knew a damn thing about the timestream and equipment never worked the way it was supposed to. Join the founding members of TimeWatch as a pioneer of chronal exploration!

LOCKED: $90,000: Campaign style expansion 10: A Rising Hymn! In this campaign expansion we jettison sci-fi entirely. Best described as "It's a Wonderful Life, With Demons," fiends do their best to corrupt humanity into making catastrophic decisions, slowly bringing about literal hell on Earth. You play immortal time-traveling angels who work to save humanity one soul at a time, by showing mortals what was, what is, and what could be if they choose poorly. And believe me, those demons are going to try and stop you...

And of course, the big one:

LOCKED: $100,000: Full Color Rulebook. Turning the black & white art of TimeWatch into full color is expensive, sure, but that's what time machines and compound interest are for. If we hit this (not yet revealed) goal, we'll upgrade TimeWatch to a full color book for free.

Let's see how many we can unlock.

Updated Battle Report: Ezeru Are Winning!

Well, THAT hasn't been happening, but the clock-roaches have surged ahead by $325. Get'cher votes in!

Ezeru lead by $325. Can the sophosaurs rally in time? 48 hours to find out!
Ezeru lead by $325. Can the sophosaurs rally in time? 48 hours to find out!

Here's to a fantastic final 48 hours!

Kevin, and everyone at Pelgrane Press

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    1. Andrew Miller on

      I just raised my pledge by $25 to get a physical copy of the campaign supplement shipped to Canada, so that's another $25 for Team Sophosaur!

    2. Missing avatar

      Philip Minchin on

      Congrats! That's another $25 for the Ezeru...

    3. Chris Brind on

      Bumped up my pledge... really hope we get the full colour rule book!

    4. Kevin W. Kulp Creator on


      96-page softcover, color cover, B&W interior. Fully illustrated. It'll have linked missions in it that can (by definition!) be played in any order, but which relate to the same theme or adversary.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael A. Burstein

      I am thinking of the printed campaign supplement, but I'd like more info. Will it be hardcover or softcover? Color covers? Color or b/w interior?