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You've got a time machine, high-powered weapons and a whole lot of history to save. Welcome to TimeWatch!
You've got a time machine, high-powered weapons and a whole lot of history to save. Welcome to TimeWatch!
1,980 backers pledged $105,881 to help bring this project to life.

The End of Time

Posted by Kevin W. Kulp (Creator)

We sent out all backer rewards for the TimeWatch Kickstarter early this month (more on this at the bottom of the post), and today posted the final stretch goal, the GUMSHOE SRD with added TimeWatch RPG rules, enabling anyone to incorporate Kevin's innovations into new GUMSHOE games.

You can download the the Creative Commons and OGL versions here.

Time to Contemplate

This Kickstarter was originally intended to provide a modest perfect bound monochome; your pledges made it a huge full colour hardback with supplements galore. It took us far longer to fulfil than I intended, for which I can only apologise. You have been very patient and understanding. I hope the additional free book, the Valkyrie Gambit took the edge off the delay.

We've learned lessons, which we have taken on board for our current Kickstarter - the Yellow King RPG - which is in its final hours and has more than 2000 backers. You can back it here. Like the Dracula Dossier Kickstarter we intend to deliver it on time. Kevin Kulp will be creating a TimeWatch-based stretch goal

ENnie Awards

The TimeWatch RPG and the Book of Changing Years, along with other Pelgrane Press publications have been nominated ENnie awards. The voting booth is here.

TimeWatch Rewards

We've shipped all rewards for which we have an address, with the exception of three whose cards we were not able to charge on Backerkit. There are also handful of people who haven't filled in their survey; we've contacted both groups

Tomorrow, I will resend an email to all those people who have not snagged their downloadable rewards.It will be sent via mailchimp.

The backer who purchased a velociraptor as a Backerkit add-on, we've not heard from your since it was delivered - do let us know how you are getting on.

Thank you, all of you, for making this game a reality, and making it better than we ever thought it could be. It would not have been possible without you!



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    1. The Roach

      UI just realiuzed I satill have a few thoinmgs open: so far, I only hvave PDFs of the rule book, char creation tools in XLS, and a self-filling char sheet. IIRC, there's quite a few PDFs still missing, resource kit among others. What can I do/who do I contact about this? I was pledger at 25 $.

    2. Matt on

      Thanks to Kevin and all the support from The Nest. Best of luck with the nominations.

      To imagine in a parallel universe we achieved the stretch goal to build the time machine thus enabling the creation of TimeWatch itself!