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Update #23

Lapel Pins Shipping...


Those who have pre-ordered just the Brimstone Lapel Pins, and have responded to the survey requesting your current mailing address, your package is on the way to the post office.

There are about 6 people who did not respond to the survey, and I will be contacting you directly by e-mail to try to get your information. Check your SPAM folders for the survey e-mail in case it is there.
The paperback editions will not be ready. I will be contacting the 9 backers at that level to offer an upgrade to the hardback, downgrade to a lapel pin with a partial refund, or entirely refund their money. The paperback edition will possibly be released later this year or early next year.

Once the books have arrived, I will first ship out the HARDBACK + BRIMSTONE (WORLD) rewards. 

All other rewards will be signed before delivery can take place. I will be travelling to meet with Magus Gilmore as soon as possible with the books to accomplish this.
You will receive a survey requesting your current mailing information roughly a week before I'm ready to ship your order.

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Update #22 - For backers only



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Update #21

Walpurgisnacht Revelations!

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On this Walpurgisnacht I am pleased to reveal that a couple advanced copies of Las Escrituras Satánicas have arrived from the printer! I have just returned from a visit to the Black House and they have met with the approval of the Magus himself, and now I can reveal them to you, the backers and interested parties.

This week the remainder of the books will be loaded onto a cargo ship in Singapore and begin the journey to Underworld Amusements headquarters in Baltimore, MD. Estimated time of arrival is 6-8 weeks.

Once they have arrived, all Kickstarter "rewards" will be shipped that don't need to be autographed. Anything that needs autographs/numbering from Peter H. Gilmore will be taken back to La Casa Negra soon after they've arrived and will ship after I've returned to Baltimore.

After that point any pre-orders done by alternate means after Kickstarter has finished will be shipped, and then direct orders will be fulfilled as normal, with books at Underworld Amusements distribution center in Philadelphia, PA.

I am looking for distributors in Mexico and South America who will be able to fill orders, so that customers can save on shipping. As you may or may not know, American postal services just made a significant increase in international shipping.


En esta noche de Walpurgis me complazco en revelar que un par de copias de avance de “Las Escrituras Satánicas” han arribado desde la casa impresora! He retornado de una visita a “La Casa Negra” (The Black House) y estos cuentan con la aprobación del mismísimo Mago Peter H. Gilmore, por lo que ahora puedo revelarlos ante ustedes. 

Esta semana el resto de los libros serán embarcados en una nave de carga en Singapur y comenzarán el viaje hacia los cuarteles generales de Underworld Amusements en Baltimore, Maryland. El tiempo estimado de llegada es de 6 a 8 semanas. 

 Una vez que estos hayan llegado, todas las “recompensas” del Kickstarter , que no necesitan ser autografiadas, serán enviadas. Todo lo que necesite ser autografiado/numerado por Peter H. Gilmore será llevado a la Casa Negra (the Black House) apenas haya llegado y serán enviados inmediatamente después. 

 Luego de ese punto cualquier pre-orden realizada por medios alternativos, luego que el Kickstarter haya terminado, será enviado. Luego de eso, cualquier nueva orden será llevada a cabo por vía normal, con libros en el centro de distribución de Underworld Amusements en Philadelphia, PA.

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Update #20

Proofs arrived...

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The proofs arrived from the printer. I'll pour over them looking for any final problems and submit any changes to the files and then manufacturing will begin.

I've attached some photos of what I received below. 
The first photo is the printed front and back boards and the silver foil stamping for the cloth spine.
The book itself is printed in unbound signatures, and everything else is separate  You can see the print marked "silver foil" is one of the two proofs for the dust jacket. The second paper is "black foil" for the brimstone that Timothy Patrick Butler designed that has become a sort of icon for the book itself.

Once they've been approved and any corrections made, manufacturing will begin. At that point I should have a really good idea of when the actual books will arrive and I can begin shipping Kickstarter pre-orders. PayPal has a 30 day maximum for pre-order sales according to their terms of service, so once we're inside that window, I'll set up copies for pre-sale.

   Kevin I. Slaughter

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Update #19 - For backers only



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    BRIMSTONE Sigil Lapel Pin. (WORLD) Designed by Timothy Patrick Butler as a unique icon representing The Satanic Scriptures. Available for the first time in any physical form, an all metal lapel pin finished in a metallic black. Shipping included to anywhere in the world.

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    DELUXE SLIP-CASED EDITION (WORLD) + Brimstone Lapel Pin EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter campaign. We will only produce a small number above what is ordered and they will NOT be made available for sale elsewhere at retail. Postage paid anywhere.

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    DELUXE SLIP CASE + HARDBACK + BRIMSTONE (WORLD) All three editions of the book plus a brimstone lapel pin, postage paid anywhere in the world.

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    ENGLISH + SPANISH HARDBACK! (WORLD) A dust-jacketed hardback Scapegoat Publishing 1st Edition of "The Satanic Scriptures" will be paired with a dust-jacketed hardback Underworld Amusements "Las Escrituras Satánicas." The pairs will be numbered 1-9 and will only be available here. First come, first served.

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    8qty HARDBACKS (TBD). Cost of shipping additional. We will calculate shipping based on destination, to be paid in addition to reward minimum.

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    20qty HARBACKS (TBD). Cost of shipping additional. We will calculate shipping based on destination.

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    ENGLISH + SPANISH SLIP-CASE! (WORLD) For the first time in 5 years, we will be making 9 Scapegoat Publishing Slip-Cased copies of "The Satanic Scriptures" available. They will be paired with 9 Slip-Cased copies of Underworld Amusements "Las Escrituras Satánicas". The pairs will be exclusively numbered 1-9, signed and personalized by Peter H. Gilmore.

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