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The myth of Narcissus, an ancient yet highly relevant cautionary tale, is reinvented as a genre defying film starring Nico Archambault.


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On the set of Stagnant Pool
On the set of Stagnant Pool

After premiering my collaborations (POLET, LE CYCLE) with creative agency TRUSST exclusively on DAZED DIGITAL in 2009, I have continued to explore the body, identity and sexuality in a series of personal experimental shorts. Stagnant Pool explores a series of new themes explained below.

I have also gone on to creating commercial work for international brands such as ALDO, L'OREAL, SSENSE, DIESEL, BIOTERM & SID LEE.

My work has been screened in various festivals including in Paris, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Brussels, Toronto and Montreal.

Nico Archambault stars as Narcissus
Nico Archambault stars as Narcissus

The film's star, dancer and choreographer Nico Archambault was the first performer to win So You Think You Can Dance Canada and has gone on to dance for Janet Jackson amongst others, star in several feature length movies and produce his own television show on Radio Canada.


It was during my time in university, studying Communications, that I became interested in behavioral shifts resulting from new technologies.

While writing a paper about the impact of social media on human interaction, I stumbled upon a book by Twenge and Campbell, where they cite statistics showing that diagnosis for Narcissistic Personality Disorder has tripled within the last decade. They associated this increase to the rise of social media whose interface/structure imposes a focus on ones self.


C’est pendant mes études universitaires en Communications que j’ai commencé à m’intéresser aux changements de comportement des gens résultant des nouvelles technologies.

En rédigeant un travail sur l’impact des médias sociaux sur les interactions humaines quotidiennes, je suis tombé sur un livre de Twenge et Campbell où l’on mentionnait que le Trouble de la personnalité narcissique avait triplé dans la dernière décennie. Les auteurs associaient cette augmentation à l’émergence des médias sociaux, dont la structure et l’interface sont très centrées sur l’image personnelle.

Reading up on the symptoms of NPD, it occurred to me that the myth of Narcissus would be interesting adapting into a dance film.

Reinterpreting a familiar tale was a great exercise for exploring linear storytelling through my signature aesthetic, something I had never done before. 

Rather than purely making a film about dance in a location other than the stage, I wanted to take full advantage of the medium and have the dance come in at the climax of a storyline. The overall tone of the film will be very theatrical and moody. It takes an even more surreal turn after Narcissus falls under the spell of his own reflection.

A lot of the choreography references the psychological profile of a person with NPD. Certain elements of the original fable were modified to make parallels to today's current trends in social media. 


Le fait de réinterpréter une histoire familière a été une opportunité pour moi d’explorer une forme narrative plus linéaire tout en conservant mon esthétique personnelle, chose que je n’avais jamais faite auparavant.

Au lieu de simplement faire un film sur la danse dans un contexte autre que la scène, j’ai voulu prendre pleinement avantage du médium et insérer la danse au point culminant du scénario. L’ambiance du film sera très théâtrale et riche en émotions. L’histoire prend un tournant encore plus surréaliste lorsque Narcisse tombe sous le sort de son propre reflet.

Une partie importante de la chorégraphie fait référence au profil psychologique d’une personne souffrant du TPN. De plus, certains éléments du mythe de Narcisse ont été modifiés afin de faire des parallèles avec les tendances actuelles dans les médias sociaux.


The film was shot in the alien landscapes of Quarry Island within the Mingan Archipelago near Havre St. Pierre in Quebec and features Archambault starring alongside four dancers and choreography by Street Parade.

Costumes were designed by Montreal-based designer Duy and Travis Taddeo.


Le film fût tourné dans le paysage étrange de l’Île de Quarry de l’archipel Mingan, près de Havre-Saint-Pierre. Il met en vedette Nico Archambault accompagné de quatre danseurs, chorégraphiés par Street Parade.

Les costumes ont été confectionnés par les designers montréalais Duy et Travis Taddeo.


I was lucky to get a grant from the CALQ for 7000$.  An extra 6000$ were required to shoot the film on location. We estimate to complete the film with a final 7500$.

Due to the harsh weather conditions on the last day of shooting, an important scene must be re-shot. Luckily, the shot can be recreated in studio. The money raised here will go towards the one day re-shoot, the completion of sound design and score and some special effects required in the script
J’ai eu la chance de recevoir une bourse de 7000$ du CALQ pour ce projet. Il a fallu 6000$ de plus pour aller tourner à l’Île de Quarry, et j’estime qu’il faudra 7500$ supplémentaires pour compléter le film.

À cause de conditions météorologiques difficiles lors de la dernière journée de tournage, une scène importante n’a pu être tournée. L’argent amassé sera investi dans la complétion de cette dernière scène en studio, les touches finales sur la trame sonore et l’ajout de quelques effets spéciaux nécessaires.

The low water temperature on location were deemed to dangerous to shoot in so we had to cut them out of the script. With more money we could schedule another day of reshoot at an indoor pool!
La basse temperature de l'eau amenait un trop grand risque d'hypotermie pour les scènes sous l'eau donc la scène a été cancellée. En amassant 10 000$, nous pourrions la filmer dans une piscine intérieure!


It is our intention and goal to have it  premiere at Cannes.
--Notre intention est de sortir le film en première à Cannes.


We estimate the final cut to be around 12 minutes long.
La version finale du film durera approximativement 12 minutes.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The challenge for the film is to make the final scene work. We are confident our crew will accomplish the same lighting in studio. The theatrical nature of the film will allow for it to flow as it is part of a dreamlike sequence. Of all scenes, this one is the easiest to rewrite and adapt as we go. It is also the strongest part of the choreography.


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