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A 2nd edition of the award winning, western RPG from Kenzer and Company. Can also be played as a skirmish-level miniatures battle.
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Shipping Update

Posted by Kenzer and Company (Creator)

Howdy gunslingers!

Now that we have all production pieces in, we continue to ship in an orderly fashion. With some experience under our belts, we have a better packing system in place so awards are going out faster. In rough numbers, we had about 625 backers that ordered physical goods (ie not solely PDF orders). We've currently shipped out about 270 (Steve's packing while I'm typing this, so numbers aren't exact). We sent almost half of those this week and we're on a roll now.  All of these are going to US backers at this point since they can be mailed as packed (while international will need to be aggregated and shipped in one big bunch) and thus backers can get their product faster. We should be done with the US orders in about 10 days. After that, we'll attack the International orders. We estimate that international packing will take another couple of weeks until our end is done and it's a waiting game for the pony express.

Apologies again for the delays, but I hope you'll find the end result worth it!


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    1. Landon W Schurtz on

      Nevermind, read the date wrong.

    2. Landon W Schurtz on

      Five weeks and counting since this announcement, still haven't received my product.

    3. David Kenzer Collaborator on

      @jason thanks, good feedback. We'll consider it for sure!

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles E. Brown on

      Ah good - was going to come and post a question on this very subject and the answer comes before I had to.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Allen

      Hi Dave. Just for future projects I think you may have really miscalculated your timing calculation there. If the international orders have to be aggregated, shipped overseas, and then delivered overseas with possibly an intermediary(?) then the fastest way would have been to ship those materials first as they take the longest time in transit, then while they're moving overseas you should have shipped the US products, that way everywhere would be arriving closer to the same time. The way you've done it "backers" won't be getting the products faster, only US backers will, whilst everyone else has to wait much longer. Just so you can be aware of that for future projects. Thanks.

    6. Freddy C. Dixon on

      @andrew I did receive a tracking #when mine shipped

    7. Andrew Franklin on

      Will there be tracking numbers or an email from backerkit for the shipment of our orders?