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A 2nd edition of the award winning, western RPG from Kenzer and Company. Can also be played as a skirmish-level miniatures battle.
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Shipping and Decks Update

Posted by David Kenzer (Collaborator)

Howdy gunslingers and hell raisers,

Just a quick update to let you know how things are going.  Steve has sent out about 25% of backers orders already, so that's progressing well. I've seen a few posts from happy backers, so at least you know the quality is there. We went all-in and spared no expense on the book itself so hopefully you'll find it worth the wait.

Those backers that ordered faro decks have been set aside for a bit since the decks are still at the printer, but that's about to change.  Decks are printed and getting packed and we should get them early next week, maybe even Monday.

International orders will be aggregated and shipped all at once at the end, so unfortunately, if you have an international order you'll have to wait a bit longer than the rest.

We'll send another update in a couple of weeks.

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    1. Landon W Schurtz on

      Just shy of a month since we were told "two weeks."

    2. Andrew Franklin on

      Got my final bookmarked PDF. Looks great.

      Now just waiting for my physical books and decks and other add-ons.

    3. Joseph Prozinski

      The final bookmarked PDF is available in Backerkit now.

    4. Andrew Franklin on

      Steve posted in the comments section. He picked up the decks on Friday.

      Steve is working on the final PDF and shipping out boxes now that the decks can be added to all the boxes.

    5. Landon W Schurtz on

      Literally almost a month since the last update. Jesus f***ing Christ.

    6. Landon W Schurtz on

      Two weeks to the day and not a further peep. No, "hey, the faro decks are in!" Nothing. I certainly haven't seen my shipment.

    7. Joseph Prozinski

      Yeah, they haven't released the final bookmarked file at this time. July 3rd was the last mention of it.

    8. Julian Breen on

      @George Fields
      Sorry, I actually meant the final *bookmarked* PDF.

    9. George Fields on


      Thanks! Somehow I was overlooking View Confirmation button.

    10. Joseph Prozinski

      @Gearge Fields
      They were part of the Campaign Ready pledge and the Deal 'em Up! pledge. You could also get them as add-ons if I remember correctly. Too see, log into your backerkit and click on View Confirmation. If you got them as part of your pledge, they'll show up as part of your pledge under Pledge Items. If you got them as an add-on they'll show up under Add-ons.

    11. George Fields on

      @Julian Breen,
      The final PDF has been available on BackerKit for several weeks.

    12. George Fields on

      How can I tell if I ordered a Faro Deck?
      I can't find anything about it in my pledge.

    13. Matthew Seagle

      This is good news. Do you have any info on any of the other PDFs like the prospecting mini game?

    14. Julian Breen on

      When is the final PDF coming?