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Knight's Quest game conjures tales of Dragons, Fair Maidens, Brave Knights, in an easy to learn out of the box family fun!
Knight's Quest game conjures tales of Dragons, Fair Maidens, Brave Knights, in an easy to learn out of the box family fun!
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    1. James W. Keller

      Still have not received my pledge rewards. :(

    2. Jolly Blackburn on

      This is the same guy who went on to run six failed kickstarters and not delivering.

    3. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      Got 1 of the 2 copies and no KS exclusives.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pat Robinson on

      Never did arrive. I received a piece of the original art, and then was ignored for 6 months regarding the game, and saw Ken was reading the emails on Facebook. Lesson learned. Same with Spinward Traveller. Probably best to not back D20 projects again.

    5. Jessica Rich on

      I received mine some time last year, but I'm sad I did. It smelled awful, and my exclusive cards were not in the package. If you're looking for Ken, try D20 Entertainment. He's the head of the company, and it looks like he starts a new Kickstarter monthly.

    6. Amir Geva on

      Nothing arrived even a week after end of March. Sent message. Lets see what happens now.

    7. Ken Whitman Games 2-time creator on

      All games have been shipped as of March 19, 2015.

      If you have not received your product by March 31 (including international), please let us know so we can correct the situation.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rick Tanner on

      I just sent you a message using the "contact me" option on KS. Or do you prefer a different way of contacting you?

    9. Ken Whitman Games 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone,

      If you are missing your game or product, PLEASE send me a message! I want to make sure EVERYONE is taken care of.

      Thank You,
      Ken Whitman

    10. Andrew Cousins on

      Ken finally sent me a fund via paypal!

    11. Andrew Cousins on

      .....still nothing, all emails ignored.

    12. Andrew Cousins on

      ......still nothing.

    13. Both Sides of My Table on

      @Andrew not a sign of it. More bloody lies from this incompetent company. All games were shipped back in April so they we find out they LIED as 30 over-seas games were not shipped after all....those 30 games have all been shipped, they claim but 3 weeks on and still no replies to emails, messages or requests for refunds....but there is no point moaning about it because KWG not only couldn't give a shit, they have our money too so are laughing all the way to the bank.

    14. Andrew Cousins on

      Has anyone received their games yet? I'm still waiting.

    15. Both Sides of My Table on

      @Andrew- agreed! Playing the game now (if indeed it is on its way to international backers) will only remind me of this bitter experience!!!

    16. Andrew Cousins on

      I'd still prefer a refund after all this time.

    17. Ken Whitman Games 2-time creator on

      If you have any problems, you can contact me at

    18. Ken Whitman Games 2-time creator on

      We received the second part of our print run today. The last of the games shipped today. That was 30 international orders. That will conclude my business relations with my game supplier/printer.

    19. Andrew Cousins on

      Yeah, it looks like the best thing we can all do at the moment is make sure that any future backers or customers of Ken's or D20's are aware of the the risks of him just 'taking the money and running'. I'll also be reporting his business practices to any game conventions that D20 are likely to attend in the future.

    20. davrion

      He seems to be the same person involved with the Knights of the Dinner Table kickstarter too

      Anyone try that phone number he posted in the updates?

    21. Both Sides of My Table on

      @davrion- It's probably best not worrying about it. I would be surprised if you ever see what is owing to you. At least you got the game which is more than my 10 yr old daughter has. ken is, if we judge by his actions on this project, a coward (refusing to face up to his responsibilities and communicate with backers he has let down) and a blatant con man (offering to take money for a product he has in intention of supplying to members of the public who backed his project in good faith, expecting a return for their investment). Kickstarter don't care (if the response I received from them is anything to go by) that people such as Ken operate on their site in this manner. It is our look out and con merchants also know the legal process is so long and costly, that no one will chase them up for funds they have misappropriated.
      I have lost all faith in the Kickstarter process and (with the exception of two game producers I know and trust) have not backed a game since April...and have no intention of backing future projects on this site. I know that'll hardly dent the gaming industry but my experience here has given me no pleasure at all.

    22. davrion

      I received just the base game, but nothing else. Have emailed through here and also via direct email, no response.

    23. Andrew Cousins on

      @Giles @Scott Is it just the 3 of us that didn't receive anything or are there others?

    24. Scott Johnson on

      @Giles. At this point I don't expect anything. It is clear that Ken has flat out stolen the money of several of us backers and doesn't care. All I can do is file a better business bureau complaint and bad mouth him to every gamer friend that I know so that hopefully he is driven out of business. I will keep watching for any future kickstarters of Ken to warn everyone away from him. All I can do is try to make sure that thieves don't profit more so. Such a disappointment by someone who presents himself as a serious businessman.

    25. Both Sides of My Table on

      @Scott- doubt you'll see either game or money....I left a negative message about not receiving my game on Ken's FB page a couple of days ago and he had the audacity to tick 'like'. So he obviously knows he has backers money and cares not one little bit that he has no game for them. His actions suggest he is a fraud and obviously relishes in the fact he obtains people's money by deception!

    26. Scott Johnson on

      Still nothing. Promise after promise but nothing to show for it. Just give me my money back Ken as you obviously are not going to deliver. What a waste.

    27. Missing avatar

      Roberto Salles on

      Just dropping a note that I received my pledge on 8th and I specially like the coins.

    28. Both Sides of My Table on

      I wonder why Kickstarter expects backers to be courteous when the likes of Ken Whitman Games can display such a lack of common courtesy (no game, no refund, no answers) without redress?!. And now Ken is laughing all the way to the bank as, despite my complaints to Kickstarter, they wash their hands of the whole affair. They are awfully sorry and all that, but they take their cut and tough shit to me!
      I think, Ken, that as you have gained money by deception from me (and others) and you are in breach of KS codes of practice I will have little choice but to begin legal proceedings against you. This is beyond an utter disgrace and I have no qualms in letting any potential backers of KWG projects to steer well clear of any future ventures.

    29. Andrew Cousins on

      Another month has passed, nothing, no refund.... all emails unanswered. Are you having a good laugh about all the people you have ripped-off Ken?

    30. Both Sides of My Table on

      After 21 days of waiting since the revised "all items shipped" update, only now are they going to look for some tracking info....I've had enough of this faffing about...I just want my money back now! The campaign has been such a poor experience for me that I couldn't bring myself to even play the game (if it exists at all)

    31. Scott Johnson on

      I also now demand a full refund. However since Ken has ignored his responsibilities regarding this KS I can only assume he will continue to ignore myself and all other backers he has screwed over and stolen money from. While it isn't a great sum of money maybe it is time to look into legal action and file a complaint with the BBB and see if that motivates Ken. If he hasn't destroyed his reputation himself I will gladly help do my part as I am tired of his flat out lies.

    32. Both Sides of My Table on

      I will second that (@ Andrew Cousins) KWG have failed to fulfil their agreement to provide a product as advertised on Kickstarter and I think I have waited for long enough. KWG have an obligation to comply with the Kickstarter codes of practice and, having failed to do so, are in breach of that agreement. With the lack of game & complete lack of communication as to its continued delay, I request an immediate FULL refund.

    33. Andrew Cousins on

      Nothing, the 2 weeks has come and gone. Come on Ken how about a refund!!!!

    34. Both Sides of My Table on

      It has taken 'up to two weeks', (as indicated in KWG's last post) for it to get to me,...and...well no surprise...a complete absence of game...where the bloody hell is it?

    35. Scott Johnson on

      So yet again we are teased with info regarding shipping and yet nothing actually happens. This project has been a waste and I can only hope that Ken has permanently destroyed his professional reputation over this. Too bad there isn't some sort of rating system on Kickstarter so that we could blacklist Ken on any future attempts to milk anyone else out of their money. I am extremely disappointed that I am in any way associated with this project and I feel for everyone else that has been screwed by Ken.

    36. Scott Johnson on

      Games have supposedly shipped. Great. What about the non-game rewards?

    37. Ken Whitman Games 2-time creator on

      As of yesterday, All games have been officially shipped. It will take up to two weeks to get to some of you.

    38. Andrew Cousins on

      I haven't even recieved an email.

    39. Both Sides of My Table on

      Yet again we are fed just a tiny morcel of information then nothing. My email said less than the update details why I still have no game, no details about getting the explanation as to why $20 postage can't get a small box from the States to the UK in under 2 months...absolutely bloody rediculous. I also notice there is no mention of any form of compensation for international backers who have had to wait for such an inexcusable length of time. The only quest I can foresee is locating my game.

    40. Amir Geva on

      I got an email 3 days ago promising that international shipping will resume.
      No tracking number yet. I really hope this isn't stalling.

      Assuming that the games are there to be shipped, shipping to a couple of dozen international backers shouldn't take more than a couple of hours in the post office.

      I was hopeful after the update, but since a few days have passed without any activity, until I get a tracking number, I'm assuming the worst.

    41. Andrew Cousins on

      nope, I've heard nothing yet.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rick Tanner on

      I did not receive a followup email on or by the 25th, so I contacted Ken via email per his last update. Was anyone else contacted in the past couple of days?

    43. Andrew Cousins on

      Please, can I just have a refund, I've been waiting over 6 months now.

    44. Scott Johnson on

      What about us backers who have yet to receive our rewards? While I feel bad for the international backers who may have had rewards returned I am here in the states and have had nothing despite emails months ago verifying my address and assuring me I would get my reward. Empty promises have been given in the past, where is my reward?

    45. Ken Whitman Games 2-time creator on

      Hey boys and girls, sorry for the long time in-between post. Much is going on at the company as we put together a series of new games and products just for you guy!

      First off, art... We are working with Peter Bradley to finish up the artwork needed for those who purchased the watercolors.

      Secondly, there are a few international orders that did not get shipped, or shipped back to us. You should be receiving an email from Ernie Holt in the next 24hrs, so we can get this issue resolved.

      Thirdly, I am creating a HOW to play video guide for all of you asking about strange little rules and how cards work. I will post it here and on my website when I an done.

      You will also receive a special link to my thoughts on how to get get at the game -- (Strategy Guide). Interestingly, its easier to go out with a hand full of cards than with one or two. :-)

      If you do not receive a personal email from us by June 25th, please email me at or call me at 270-801-6080.

      Thank You,
      Ken Whitman

    46. Both Sides of My Table on

      Frustrated to think I've p*ssed $40 down the toilet with this "project". No game, no answers, no replies & no fun!

    47. Missing avatar

      Rick Tanner on

      Very frustrating the lack of updates from this project and repeated failed delivery dates.

      Ken's work with Sovereign Stone Pathfinder Edition Kickstarter is another red flag. Details start here:…

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