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CAREER COURIER: Feature Length Documentary's video poster

Career Courier is a feature length documentary on life as a bicycle courier. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 25, 2010.

Career Courier is a feature length documentary on life as a bicycle courier.

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Filming a feature length documentary on being a bicycle courier. It will revolve around Kevin Bolger, a.k.a. Squid, from NYC and James Adamson from Portland, Oregon. Being a bicycle messenger is a job, not a career. The pay is low, it's dangerous, and offers little if any room for job advancement. I hope to show why after almost 20 years, Kevin and James are still working as full time bicycle couriers.

I will be going to NYC to spend a week where Kevin works. Then I will spend a week with James in Portland and the messenger community there. I will also attend and document NACCC. (North American Cycle Courier Championships)

Being a messenger is about relationships. You literally travel the entire city everyday and develop relationships within your community that aren't typically in the routine of traditional jobs. And of course the most important relationship a courier has is with his/her bike. Being a messenger isn't just riding and delivering packages. After the work day is over there are messenger races, parties, zines, social rides and more. It is as much of a lifestyle as a job.

"If you want to be a messenger, I would paraphrase a friend: It's a dead-end job for losers. You're gonna get hurt. You'll get hit by cars. The glamour is bullshit. It's a way to knock yourself out and use your body up. Of course, that's true. But it's also true that it's a lot of fun."
-Markus Cook

I own all equipment needed, camera's, computer, software and will be donating my time. The money I am trying to raise will go directly to cost of traveling to the three cities, NYC, Portland and Atlanta. Anything over my goal will allow me additional time in each location for more interviews.


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