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A complete super-powers sourcebook for ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying!
A complete super-powers sourcebook for ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying!
370 backers pledged $8,441 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Steve Kenson Creator on

      Icons Assembler is not compatible with iOS or Android at this time, only Java, Windows.exe, and OS X (Mac desktop). You can report bugs or technical issues to for follow up.

    2. David Farcus on

      I downloaded it and tried to install it. My Norton stops it since it says there is a Virus in it. The executable jar doesn't do anything.

    3. Tymm Brown on

      For the assembler, How does one download it to thier IPhone/iPad? I read it is compatiable now but I can't seem to load it.

    4. Declan Feeney

      In 2 days it will be 5 months since the last update on the Character Folio.. Any chance of an update?

    5. Uriah on

      No updates here or on the Character Folio project page since December. Will it ever happen?

    6. Missing avatar

      kridenow on

      What is happening with the Character Folio 2.0 now ?

    7. Missing avatar

      MattHarrop on

      Is there an update on the Character Folio?

    8. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Im very pleased with the book. I would have liked it to be the same size as the ICON core rulebook & Villainomincon though. Its a bit smaller.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Got mine today, Pa, Usa

    10. David Farcus on

      Just got my physical book yesterday. It is awesome! The creators did an excellent job. I will definitely back any else that comes along.

    11. Dan Houser with Fainting Goat Games on

      Okay -- I have been getting questions from backers at my email, and I hope to be able to answer this here for the folks interested. Hero Pack 5 will be the next Hero Pack for people interested in being a part of that. Included in the Hero Pack will be a module called 'The Nemesis Crisis' with art featuring some of the characters from the Hero Pack.

      Details can be found at:…

      Thanks to all the interested backers. This will be easier than responding to all the emails. :D


    12. John Rogers

      Annnnd there it is. weird. Never mind.

    13. John Rogers

      Hey guys, I realized that I blew by the Backers Survey in my email inbox, followed the link to get here -- and no survey, it just keeps dumping me to this main page. Could I get a link, as I haven't gotten a pdf yet?

    14. Dan Houser with Fainting Goat Games on

      I am now just the power example pieces -- smaller bits and bobs -- once I finish up the Limits section. I can't wait for you guys and gals to see this artwork. Though, backers who got their characters in Hero Pack 4 Have seen their interior pics as I go along. So, I hope they like them. :)


    15. Steve Kenson Creator on

      Thanks, Lee, we're looking forward to getting Great Power out to everyone! Dan H. is hard at work getting the art wrapped up as we forge ahead!

    16. Lee Alley on

      Just want say I'm excited for this book and I love my character art of 'Glacier'!

    17. Steve Kenson Creator on

      Not as such, Joe, beyond setting the appropriate skill(s) at a high enough level. There's some discussion of which Fate skills are equivalent of abilities in ICONS, but using it in conjunction with Great Power might require abandoning the Skill Pyramid approach for some concepts.

    18. Joe D on

      Steve, in your using Great Power with Fate Core notes do you address Core not having abilities and what to do for a character you want to have Super ability type stuff like Super Strength?

    19. Steve Kenson Creator on

      Thanks, Jason, your continued support means a lot to me. I'm looking forward to the future of ICONS as well!

    20. Jason Childs

      To be sure...
      Just letting you know that should you feel the need to keep going, there are those amongst us who would be more than happy to support it. We look forward to the future of ICONS.

    21. Steve Kenson Creator on

      I have a number of ICONS ideas, Jason. Some might need to be Kickstarted, most won't, but I want to finish Great Power and get it into the eager hands of backers before I start any other projects!

    22. Jason Childs

      Any other ICONS related Kickstarter ideas bouncing around in your head, Steve? I'm game to keep contributing if you're game to keep bein' creative.

    23. Steve Kenson Creator on

      Not yet, Chris. I'll make sure to add an update when they do to give everyone a heads-up.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Jackson on

      Have the backer surveys gone out yet? I'm not in any actual rush, I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed it.

    25. Dan Houser with Fainting Goat Games on

      Amazon Payments had 'lost' my birthdate info for my tax entry. It had also been using the first card we registered with them (my wife and I) when we bought our first books on Amazon. :/

      So...they have issues sometimes.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Its back out this morning. Strange. Maybe just a glitch at my bank. Sorry about that.

    27. Steve Kenson Creator on

      Chad, Amazon Payments shows your backer payment as "Completed" so you should be all set. I'm not aware of any problems.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Everything good with Amazon payments? I got an email saying the $50 was taken out. I checked my account, and it was $50 less. Now tonight I checked my balance, and it seems to be $50 higher. Im not sure where it came from. It might be totally unrelated. But I dont know from what/where. I was just checking to make sure everything is OK.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Yrs. Just went through. Great!

    30. Gerry Saracco on

      I see Amazon finally took payment. Glad that appears to be resolved

    31. Declan Feeney

      Amazon payments appear to be going through now.

    32. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Have you received the Amazon funds yet? I have not checked my account to see if the $$$ has been transferred yet. Any update? Thanks!

    33. Steve Kenson Creator on

      There appears to be an issue with Amazon Payments. I'm in communication with their customer service and KS to get it cleared up as soon as possible. Apologies for an inconvenience.

    34. Gilberto Leon on

      @Gerry: Yep, I was also curious about it. Glad to know I',m not the only one in that situation.

    35. Gerry Saracco on

      anyone else still waiting for Amazon payments to collect their pledge money? The funds I pledge still haven't been collected for this, which has never happened before. It usually is instantaneous, but for some reason, the funds still haven't been collected. I want to make sure what I pledged gets to Steve & company

    36. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Great! Nearly $8,000. Congrats to everyone.

      I received my Hero pic- I am very happy. I cant wait for the Hero Packs.Thanks Dan!!

      Many thanks to Steve for the great Kickstarter & all your hard work. I hope there are many more Icons products in the future.

    37. Dan Houser with Fainting Goat Games on

      Hey guys and gals!
      If you haven't received your Superhero Level Backer award -- namely your character in the incredible, indomitable ICONS style! :)

      So, lots of them are finished, and I'm looking forward to getting 'em all finished here shortly -- then laying out the Hero Pack. But to finish up, I'm gonna need your character description! :)


    38. Steve Kenson Creator on

      Chad has the right of it, Antoine: ICONS Team-Up is the last product in the hands of Adamant Entertainment, the original publisher of ICONS, and has not been released at this time.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Team up has been delayed and no one is sure when it will see pdf or print.

    40. Antoine Pempie on

      Hi everyone!
      I'm pretty new to ICONS (only three games so far), but I love it.
      Where can I find ICONS Team-Up ? Didn't find the printed version nor the digital one.

    41. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Lets hit $7500 !! For Steve!

    42. Karl Hubbs on

      Just pledged...and the Hero Pack looks great... can't wait

    43. ThePants on

      Will a print copy of the new hero pack be available after the kickstarter? I would up my pledge for this, btw.

    44. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      Any new stretch goals?


    45. Cameron Mount on

      Upped my pledge, so up yours!


    46. Steve Kenson Creator on

      See the very first (backers-only) update, Robert. You'll find the info there.

    47. Missing avatar

      Roberto on

      Quick question: How do I get access to the playtest material? ( I'm on HERO level of backing)

    48. Dan Houser with Fainting Goat Games on

      @chad -- Hero Packs are a quarterly thing I've done in the past -- they usually fill up fast, but this one was insanely fast. :)

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