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A rogue-like sci-fi strategy survival game with base building, tactical combat, crew management and emergent storytelling.
A retro sci-fi strategy survival game with base building, tactical combat, crew management and emergent storytelling.
A retro sci-fi strategy survival game with base building, tactical combat, crew management and emergent storytelling.
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Announcing Star Renegades, from the team that brought you Halcyon 6 :)


Hello backers!

We're super excited to let you know about our new game in development, Star Renegades!

Without further ado, please check out this teaser trailer:

 And you can view more information on our Steam page, don't forget to WISHLIST us!

Wishlist here:

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Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks again for all your support!
The Massive Damage Team

The Precursor Legacy DLC is almost here, and it's FREE only for Backers!


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Halcyon 6 for iOS is on the App Store today!!


Hello backers!

Just a quick update note today to let you know the iOS version of Halcyon 6 is out on the App Store!

App Store link:

Please help spread the news, our Twitter announcement is here:

The first big review is already in.. gave us 5 stars!

Thanks to all of you for helping make Halcyon 6 happen! We're eternally grateful that with your help, we were able to bring this project to completion!


Halcyon 6 Team

Prepare for warp speed. ENGAGE! Lightspeed Edition is OUT!



Welcome everyone to the launch of Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition!

First off, a big THANK YOU to our Kickstarter backers for being amazing and providing great feedback on our game. We wouldn’t be here without you and this Lightspeed Edition is the result of your support!


For the detail oriented types, this post outlining the changes to Lightspeed Edition will be right up your alley:

We look forward to everyone's feedback!

If you're the social media inclined and want to boost our launch, here's our announcement tweet, if you could kindly give us a LIKE or RETWEET, we'd love you forever :D

Have fun and don't let the Yabblings rip you off!

Love, The Halcyon 6 Team

p.s. after you've played our game and have a moment, be sure to leave us a review, thank you!

p.p.s. we're ready to ship our next batch of physical goods for our Captain and above level backers. Please check your emails for address finalization!

p.p.p.s. Last but not least, check out The Iron Oath, an awesome looking fantasy tactical RPG that just started their campaign:


Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition announced!


Hello Commanders!

We're please to announce Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition! A community-driven, reworked, rebalanced take on the original game along with new features and content, optimized for faster progression for an action packed adventure on board your favourite starbase. Out on August 10th, this one’s FREE for all our existing players of course. A big thanks to you, our backers and players for making the galaxy a better place ;)

Here's the official trailer:

And here's a summary of what's in Lightspeed Edition:

  • Streamlined Campaign greatly speeds up progression and tightens the campaign to an action and adventure packed 12 hrs depending on your play style and pace
  • Streamlined All Systems for faster progression, including economy, starbase, resources, and officer levelling.
  • New Officer Progression System with 6 subclasses, 3 Prestige classes, new skill tree, and over 20+ new Prestige/Epic powers.
  • New Ship Loadout and Config screen will let you customize loadouts (and save them) for your ships just before entering combat
  • Enhanced Combat includes 25+ new alien faction space combat abilities, more combos for both players and enemies, increased faction weaknesses and resistances, and other balancing tweaks
  • New UI Overhaul designed for greater readability and usability. Many quality of life enhancements to all areas of the game, too many to list here.
  • New Difficulty Mode called Vice Admiral and slightly increased difficulty across the board

What can you do to help?

For those of you on Twitter, please help by LIKING and RETWEETING our announcement here:

And feel free to LIKE and SHARE our trailer:

We'll be announcing one final big sale for H6 on July 20th. Keep an eye out for that and let your friends know!

Thanks again for all your support! More coming in future updates :)

The Halcyon 6 Team