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The late David Fetzer left behind many things -- his friends, his family, his music, and a collection of his brilliant screenplays.
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Musical mayhem

Posted by Kenny Riches (Creator)

Hi everyone,

As we're getting closer to hitting the funding goal, I thought I'd share this video (sorry for all the Must Come Down footage, it's just that I have a LOT of it and it's all on the hard drive I work from).  David was hilarious and he was great at comedic timing, seriously, brilliant at comedic timing.  He would also use his music to make people laugh.  Whether it was with his strange mock-operatic singing, or reciting broadway show tunes and 90s Disney cartoon songs (which he memorized them all somehow?), he could make anyone crack up.  He had one song that he would sing to me or to anyone that happened to be around, appropriately titled, The Kenny Song.  He would ad-lib lyrics making fun of me in any way he possibly could, from my ethnicity (being half-Japanese), to my haircut, my glasses, my interests, on down to the color of my shoes.  Pretty much anything that would come to him as he was playing.  He would play so hard that after a few minutes he'd be screaming the lyrics.  It was so funny, he would have me in stitches after just a few seconds -- I loved it!  Once he played it so loud that his hand was bleeding, he had ripped off a fingernail, and lost his voice.  EPIC!  He would always fully commit to a good joke.

When I was writing Must Come Down, I wrote the song into a scene and he sings it to Paul Chamberlain (another long-time friend of mine and David's), who plays Louis.  Here's one of the takes.  He goes fairly easy on Paul, but it's still awesome.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Thanks again for supporting the project.  I think it'll be a great little adventure that I wish David could join us on.  The pre-production for the first short film is coming along nicely.

Thanks again.

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