Funded! This project was successfully funded on December 24, 2011.

Update #7



Seena and I are amazed at the response and support from everyone of you.

We are hand assembling and shipping every package to you as soon as we can so bear with us in the next few weeks until we confirm the actual shipping date.

Also, we are sending out surveys this weekend so keep an eye out for them! 

We hope you can continue to follow us on facebook and twitter for project updates and future projects we launch.

A GIANT thank you and happy holidays from Seena and Kenny at Soundslug!


    1. Profile_pic.small

      Creator Kenny gibbs on December 27, 2011

      Thanks a bunch for the insight Craig, we will keep everyone updated here as well! Have a great new years to both you and Frank!
      -Kenny & Seena

    2. Craigsmallheadshot.small

      Creator Craig Dunn on December 24, 2011

      Thanks guys! Look forward to seeing the results of your project. Please keep sending updates through THIS Kickstarter project regarding any news about this project and others. For those of us who back many projects, it is far easier to track everything from one site rather than having to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, site-specific blogs, etc. If anything, just copy and paste the same updates from elsewhere into the Kickstarter update mechanism please! :-)

      Thanks again and glad we could help make your funding campaign a success. Have a great weekend.

    3. Missing_small

      Creator Frank Devine on December 24, 2011

      Merry Christmas to all. Great job by Seena and Kenny and by Kickstarter.

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    Were going through college, we've been there, Every dollar counts and if it is all you can give, We will send a personal shout-out straight to your facebook or twitter account.

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    A SoundSlug Custom T-shirt. Everyone needs some high quality apparel, Spread the word about SoundSlug! Comes in black or white.

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    The SLUG, including the soundslug software suite, Everything you need to start recording! The Slug comes with a high quality bendable keychain. Includes a lifetime warranty! The SLUG will retail for $30.

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    The SLUG, Soundslug software suite, and the our high-quality, extreme-bass ear buds, the SLUGBUDS. The ear buds feature a tangle free, flat chord, and a built in microphone for calls on your iPhone. Both include lifetime warranties! Together will retail for $80.

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    This is the ultimate package, you get the SLUG, Soundslug software suite, The SLUGBUDS, and the SLUG GOLD CARD, a credit card sized 2gb flash drive to store your recorded audio and anything else! All includes a lifetime warranty. Together retail for $100.

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    This is a pledge for a special edition colored and numbered SLUG, including the Soundslug software suite. This package also comes with the SOUND SLUG BLACK CARD, an exclusive 16gb credit card sized flash drive.

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    5 backers Limited (45 left of 50)

    Comes with 4 SLUGS, software for each, 4 SLUG BUDS,4 SLUG GOLD CARDS, and 4 SoundSlug T-shirts. Together retails for $460!

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