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The world's first integrated headlight & blinker system for bicycles. Utilize Bluetooth 4.0 & GPS to add smart features to any bike.
The world's first integrated headlight & blinker system for bicycles. Utilize Bluetooth 4.0 & GPS to add smart features to any bike.
The world's first integrated headlight & blinker system for bicycles. Utilize Bluetooth 4.0 & GPS to add smart features to any bike.
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Button Redesign, & A New Commercial!

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Hey y'all!  It's Fall! I apologize for the tardiness of this update! Thanks for your patience, we've had a busy last few weeks! 

App UI

We have finalized our interface and controls for the Helios Connect app and although it looks similar to what we’ve shown you before, it boasts a few more features. The top row of buttons is to control the headlamp--low, high and flash. The bottom buttons are for navigation, ambient light control of the rear LEDs, and the visual speedometer function. Here’s a little flow map of the screenshots and button layout.

Change The Song From Your Bars

We love to ride with our music, but we hate fumbling with our phones while on a ride. A double tap on the right-hand button will skip the song forward on your iDevice and a double tap on the left-hand button will return to the previous song. This ought to save a few phones from taking a ride on the concrete slip-n-slide! (Whoa, that rhymed).


We’ve made a slight modification to the stem design of Helios Bars that allow for better cell reception and Bluetooth strength. You’ll notice in the renderings below a small plastic insert on each side of the bars, these are your signal indicator buttons/power button/song skip button/. Not only are these your functional control center for Helios, they are designed to be structural supports for the internal circuitry and will house the charging port as well. It’s really quite amazing how much thought, design, and functionality come out of these two spots on the stem so props to Kenny! The motivation behind packing all of this into these inserts was to reduce the amount of stress concentrations and material removed from the stem to insure that safety isn’t compromised. Here are some renderings to help you visualize what this has done to the exterior of the Helios Bars.


We've received our new GPS modules - which are now functioning worldwide in case you missed that in the last update ;) - and Seena is hard at work fine tuning the firmware to insure that these things function properly on the software side. One thing we were eager to test was exactly how much space we'd have in the stem after all of our electronic goodies slip into it and now that these modules are in, it's one of the first things Kenny did. Unfortunately we didn't get our production model stems yet- I'll get to that next - but Kenny 3D printed one and here's how the stem looks with the PCBs in it. Check out Kenny's latest entries on our status page for a deeper dive into the prototyping brain of Kenneth Gibbs.

Beautiful fitment on the electronics.

Friday The 13th

Two Fridays ago was the infamous “Friday the 13th” and boy did it deliver some bad luck! We were set to have some samples of our stem early this week, and that Friday our stem mold was fractured under the immense machining pressures. Our factory estimates a 10-day delay on delivering samples to us. These things happen, and we have budgeted in extra time for such catastrophes to happen so this shouldn’t affect our overall timeline. For the curious, here is a photo of the failed mold.

Boom went the dynamite!


Interbike 2013 was incredible! Although we didn’t have a booth, it was great seeing all the new biking products and even chatting with some fellow Kickstarter backed bike startups. We’ll be sure to have a booth next year so we look forward to that. My favorite booth was probably Chrome Industries’. They were making shoes and stitching up custom bags right there on the show floor!

Progressive’s Apron Project

We were given the opportunity to be featured in Progressive’s Apron Project, which profiled 5 companies who Progressive feels have showed relentless effort and pride into building their product or idea. Tony spent a day in The City filming the video and had a blast doing so! Check out the video below and share it with your friends!

Phew, that's a lot to digest. Be sure to stay up to date on all your Helios News on our status page, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and check out photos on Instagram.

Tony & The Helios Team

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