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A feature documentary examining our complex relationship with health and weight, framed with the theory of Ancestral Health.
A feature documentary examining our complex relationship with health and weight, framed with the theory of Ancestral Health.
475 backers pledged $31,142 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andrew Louis Marnik on

      How are we getting our money back?!?!?

    2. Ben Morgan on

      Has anyone heard anything new about this? Has anyone reported it as a violation to kickstarter?

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      Michael Maruffi on

      "Through your generous contributions, we are able to move from pre-production to production, but the roughly $28,400 we received after Kickstarter and Amazon took their cuts needs to be carefully controlled - in film production that much money can be spent shockingly fast, and we have to make the most of it." - Nov 12, 2012

      "With the funding you generously supplied, we were able to conduct eight interviews, and even went to Oxford University to film an academic debate with Gary Taubes and The president of the International Association for the Study of Obesity." - Nov 9, 2014

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      Michael Maruffi on

      I don't even want to see the movie anymore. We all paid to fly her to England for a vacation and to record some interviews. Money out the window.

      Time to move on.

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      Amanda MacPhee on

      I commented under the previous update (which was well over a year ago now) and got this response from Kennon the day after my comment:

      " Creator Kennon Hulett on May 8, 2015


      I definitely understand your frustrations and concerns, but let me assure you, we do still intend to finish the movie and, long before that, get backer surveys and rewards out. It has been a long process, but will be completed, though it will take longer than we originally thought."

      It has now been over 7 months since that comment and still not a single survey sent out (which was promised "in a few weeks" back in Nov 2014) nor a single backer reward (promised "within a few months" in the last update) sent.

      If you make promises with time frames included and then fail to not only meet them, but also to provide ANY updates after 13 months, then it becomes quite clear that you do not care about your backers or your project.

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      Corbin Johnson on

      Any updates? I'm really quite sad and regretful about how much I backed this project for given how I have gotten nothing for it.

    7. Daniel Firestone on

      Well it's been a year since Kennon's last update which was fittingly titled "A long overdue update, and the journey ahead..."

      Hey, Kennon, next time you go looking for angel funding to kick off a pet project don't come to Kickstarter. The people here are actually expecting a product in a reasonable amount of time, not an under funded, high risk project. There's no potential for us of 100x time return on our investment, it's all downside for us.

      You could, of course, provide "previews" of the film by releasing the interviews you allegedly did to a YouTube channel. This would give your stakeholders/investors something, but I suggested that last year and you provided no response to that suggestion.

      **We can't wait for your next update!**

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      Randi Stead on

      I mentioned in a comment back in August that I filed a complaint with the NY Attorney General. I didn't expect to hear back from them. I am sure you were all pleased to finally see an update from Kennon Hulett on November 9. I thought about it for a while, and I decided to not share that I had actually received a letter from the Attorney General that very day informing me that they intended to pursue this case. I wanted to give Kennon the benefit of the doubt.

      However, upon receiving a second letter from the AG today informing me that Kennon is unresponsive even to them, I am convinced that the update Kennon provided was in response to the Attorney General's inquiries, and not out of any sense of propriety or commitment to her backers.

      I hope we all put our faith in more honest people in the future.

      If you would like to read the letters from the Attorney General, I have posted them here with my personal information redacted: Click the images to zoom in and read the full text.

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      Michael Maruffi on

      Happy to see an update, but how much of the $31,142 that was raised was used to fly you out to Oxford? I'm sure that trip was all business too, right?

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      Paul Cunningham on

      Finally an update! Might be too little too late for some backers, but I hope this project can move forward now. Look forward to getting some footage to watch.

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      Randi Stead on

      I also reached out to other folks supposedly involved in the project and received the following responses.

      Robb Wolf
      Aug 14 (8 days ago)
      to Chris, me
      No clue. Last email from Kennon was January of 2012 I believe.

      Mary Kouyoumdjian
      Aug 14 (8 days ago)
      to me
      Hi Randi,

      I wish I could be of help, but while I'm listed on the Kickstarter project, I haven't done any work on the project or been in touch with Kennon since before the Kickstarter was launched. I hope everything works out for you though! Good luck!

      Best wishes,

      (Mary was the composer listed on the project page)

      I have filed an official complaint with the NY State Attorney General. Both Kennon and the Kickstarter offices are there in NY. I will keep everyone updated on the status as things develop. I am considering legal options as well.

    12. Daniel Firestone on

      Yeah there's a risk that people won't follow through. There's no getting your money back on Kickstarter. I actually e-mailed Jimmy Moore about it months ago since she went on his show and that's how I found out about this kickstarter.

      Hey Kennon!! Just release the interviews you did do to Youtube as "previews" for your upcoming (yet never going to happen) documentary. You wasted those important people's time and basically threw our money in a trash can if the footage just sits on a hard drive in your closet.

      Here's my e-mail exchange with Jimmy:

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Daniel Firestone wrote:

      Hi Jimmy,

      Kennon Hulett from show 595 that was promoting her Kickstarter for her documentary "In Defense of Fat". The Kickstarter has been dark for a full year now and she has ignored backer questions. She's dropping the ball which is too bad as she had compelling subject matter and did some important interviews.

      Perhaps you can coax her to at least release the interviews on Youtube if she's not going to follow through on the actual documentary.


      From: Jimmy Moore
      To: Daniel Firestone
      Sent: Friday, March 7, 2014 7:58 AM
      Subject: RE: 595: Kennon Hulett’s Documentary In Defense Of Fat - She hasn't updated in a year; she took the money and blew it?
      I haven't heard what is happening with her project. I think the iron is still hot on this one with all the positive coverage for fat that has been happening lately. I'll reach out to her about what is going on and see where she stands in making this a reality. Thanks for writing, Daniel.


      I never heard anything from Jimmy after that.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lisa Johnson on

      I contacted Kickstarter but they pretty much just said I need to be understanding, I believe that I am. I would greatly appreciate an update from Kennon. They said they could contact the her for me, not sure how that would help.... I want my money back. :\

    14. Missing avatar

      Randi Stead on

      Hi all,

      If your payment was made via Amazon Payments, you can log into your Payments account, look up the transaction (mine posted August 2012) and contact Kennon directly through her gmail. Unfortunately Amazon Buyer Protection only applies to physical goods within 30 days of purchase, so I don't think we can get their support here, but if anyone wants to contact Kennon directly, that's the way to do it.

    15. Ona Green on

      Thank you for the posted comment, Randi Stead. I listened to the audio link and I am very disappointed. Since the last update we have heard from Kennon Hulett was on 02/20/2013, and no posted comments from her since 08/02/2012 (two years), I have sent the following email REPORTING THIS PROJECT TO KICKSTARTER. Hopefully, we will all find out that this exCITing movie is still in the makes and production is just taking some time. I would appreciate a response from Kennon Hulett on the progress of this kickstarter project, "In Defense of Fat: The Documentary".


      Have 475 backers of the kickstarter project, "In Defense of Fat: The Documentary" by Creator Kennon Hulett been scammed?

      LAST POSTED COMMENT FROM KENNON HULETT 08/02/2012: Creator Kennon Hulett on August 2, 2012
      Thanks, Tom! Those guys are definitely on our radar, once the kickstarter ends, we'll be looking into more interview subjects going forward.

      LAST UPDATE 02/20/2013: Update #7 - For backers only Feb 20 2013
      Production Moving Forward!

      Twelve posted comments from backers from August 3, 2012 to July 2, 2014 with no replies from Creator Kennon Hulett.

      A posted link from another backer of Creator Kennon Hulett on a radio show that is promoting something other than her Kickstarter project, "In Defense of Fat: The Documentary" with 475 backers and $31,142 pledged.
      Kennon Hulett: Pond5 Integrates 4K Footage
      Show Date: April 7, 2014
      Guest: Kennon Hulett
      Title: Customer Development Manager
      Company: Pond5

      Larry Jordan sits down with Kennon Hulett, Customer Development Manager of Pond5, and talks about stock footage (including 2 million video files) available from the Pond5 website. Kennon also discusses Pond5’s accomplishment of having two million video clips on the website, new search functions, and integrating 4k footage to the site.

      Is Creator Kennon Hulett of Kickstarter project, "In Defense of Fat: The Documentary" continuing to film this documentary and still intending to release this film or have all 475 backers of her project been scammed?

      Thank you for looking into this matter, Kickstarter.

      Ona Green


      I will update the group of any emails I receive from Kickstarter on Creator Kennon Hulett's project, "In Defense of Fat: The Documentary".

      Let's all keep our hopes up that this film is still in production! :-)

    16. Phil Creswell on

      So uh... can I have my money back?

    17. Tiffany Precissi on

      Well this is disappointing.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ranu Kähkönen on

      I'm pretty disappointed at her. Is there no legal course of action here?

    19. Missing avatar

      Randi Stead on

      Kennon has not responded to my message. She is obviously alive and well, as evidenced by her interview on this website posted April 7 2014 -

      She is just ignoring her backers and doing who knows what with our money.

    20. Missing avatar

      Elizellen on

      It's now been 6 months since my last comment and so far nothing seems to have happened!!
      What's gong on?

    21. Daniel Firestone on

      Hi Kennon, I just wanted to say it's complete bullsh*t that you haven't posted an update in over a year. You've had 6 months to respond to my question posted here and we've seen no response from you. We didn't give you 31k so you could play film maker for the weekend. If you leave your stakeholders in the dark it doesn't say much for your credibility. When your first kickstarter failed we shouldn't have known better.

    22. Ona Green on

      Hi Kennon. Just wondering if you were considering or were able to get an interview with Gary Taubes for "In Defense of Fat: The Documentary". And wanting to know how the production is going. Very excited for you! :-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Elizellen on

      Another backer wondering what's the situation with this project!

      It's been a while since any updates!!

    24. Jami Good on

      How is this project going, friends?? Thank you!!

    25. Daniel Firestone on

      Any updates on how the production is coming? New interviews? AHS13 just wrapped up, were you out there for it?

    26. Phillip Carr on

      Is there a new expected date for release?

    27. az_sardog on

      Congrats on hitting the first goal! When your San Francisco trip gets funded maybe you can work in an interview with Robb Wolf up in Chico...

    28. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Tom! Those guys are definitely on our radar, once the kickstarter ends, we'll be looking into more interview subjects going forward.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      I pledged what i could :)

      If you get the opportunity you should interview Chris Kresser, Stephan Guyenet and Mathieu Lalonde. Lalonde is a Harvard PhD and would be a great addition to the film, Chris Kresser is a health practitioner based in San Francisco i believe, Stephan Guyenet is neurobiologist who investigated body fat regulation

    30. Ona Green on

      Good luck Kennon!
      Just updated the facebook threads on Latest In Paleo, Low Carb Cruise 2012, Paleo Terrific (diet support group) and Paleo Approved with the following:

      ‎"IN DEFENSE OF FAT: THE DOCUMENTARY" will only be funded if at least $30,000 is pledged by Friday Aug 3, 4:00pm EDT.

      49 Hours to go
      $25,190 pledged
      $30,000 GOAL ~ This is a great LowCarb/Paleo film with AWESOME speakers. Including Dr Andreas Eenfeldt, Sarah Fragoso, Dr Robert Lustig, Denise Minger, Brent Pottenger, Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf and more.

    31. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Ona, thank you! Woohoo!

    32. Ona Green on

      I remembered another Facebook group that would like hearing about your documentary. Jimmy Moore had posted it to another of his Facebook groups: Low Carb Cruise.

      I've updated his post about your interview with a comment and direct link to this page. I'll keep an eye on it and bump the original post to the top of the list every so often with a status of how many hours to go and total pledged.

      Good luck, Kennon! We're all routing for you! -Ona

    33. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much, Ona! We really appreciate your support.

    34. Ona Green on

      Hi Kennon,
      I posted the link to this page on several Facebook group's pages: Latest In Paleo, Paleo Approved, and Paleo Terrific! (diet support group). Hope it helps! :)

    35. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Hi Susan

      If you look at the bottom of the email you received a few minutes ago, there's a "Unsubscribe from this project's updates with one click" option down at the bottom. Just click that, and you'll be unsubscribed from all of the updates we're sending to the old kickstarter project. That will keep you from receiving the "back the new project" updates, which we're only sending through the old campaign.

      Thanks so much for your support!


    36. Susan Dorman on

      I continue to receive emails asking for me to become a backer, but I signed up on June 15th and received my confirmation. How do I rectify this?

    37. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Hi Michael

      Thank you for your suggestions. We've reached out to several people from the WAPF, and are hoping to get a chance to include their perspective in the film.

    38. Michael Farinha on

      And forgot to mention that the WAPF community is very active and if you can create a buzz around all the WAPF friendly real food blogs you might be able to push this project over the line.

    39. Michael Farinha on

      I've contributed and hope the film gets made but in the event that it doesn't meet it's goal perhaps it would be a good idea to include some of the WAPF people and their followings. It seems that this documentary is more focused on the paleo/primal/low-carb group and not so much the real food WAPF group. Maybe including some info on the discoveries of Weston A Price on the importance of fat soulble vitamins that are included in things like eggs, butter, and liver. And also the work that WAPF is currently doing to help empower small famers through the farm to consumer defence fund and Perhaps you can get interviews with Sally M Fallon, Mary Enig, Chris Masterjohn, Sarah Pope, etc.

      Just some thoughts.

    40. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Scott!

    41. Scott Milford on

      Wow, this is a great project and I am happy to pitch in on it. It's about time fat gets some respect and there's no greater respect than backing up the claims with good, old fashioned science and research. :-) I'll definitely be sharing this with my readers. Just as a note, I learned about this from Amy Dungan. She had a post about it on Facebook, which led me to her blog post about it. Good stuff, my friends.

    42. Christopher Clai on

      I commend you on your efforts with this! Our own company also defends the good kinds of dietary fat, as they are necessary for hormones and healthy skin. Not to mention, the fat in our bodies also play a role in our overall health, so those aiming for no fat are only aiming for health problems just like those who are obese. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing this get released!

    43. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Hi Yeh, That's an excellent point. We've added a $100 reward where you can choose any one of the signed books plus get your choice of special-edition DVD or Blu-Ray

    44. Missing avatar

      Dracil on

      It would be nice if there was a book+blu-ray option that wasn't $1000 (I'm excited about Denise Minger's book and also want the movie itself).

    45. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the suggestion! We will see if that's feasible to add.

    46. Kennon Hulett 2-time creator on

      Hi Nancy! We may be shooting in the Northwest, if you want, go ahead and send your resume to and we'll take a look once we get closer to production. Thanks for your support!

    47. Deva Mirel on

      I really think you should add a t-shirt or something to your rewards :)

    48. Nancy Frye on

      If you were based in Seattle I'd be volunteering to crew! Also: have you thought about interviewing Nora Gedgaudas as well? She'd be a great addition to your lineup.