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Become a partner in a high-quality recording of selected chamber works written by composer Ken Christianson.

Have you ever wanted to say something but couldn't find the words to say it?  Maybe you have the words but the delivery just doesn't convey what you mean?  Imagine living with music in your head you've heard over countless years and not hearing it performed for the world?

With this Kickstarter I'm asking you to help me find a voice to my words.

My name is Ken Christianson, I am a composer and artist living in Los Angeles.  I have been performing and composing for over 25 years.  Music is my passion and a life-long pursuit; it is my way of connecting with others and contributing to this world in a positive way, while at the same time enriching my understanding of the world around me.  

Over the past few years since finishing graduate school I have composed a number of works for small chamber ensembles.  These pieces were inspired by personal experiences, dreams, stories and musical exercises.  Through these pieces I have learned a lot about myself - every note has been dutifully poured over with care and introspection.  I remain dedicated to the beauty of music for music's sake and searching for that ever-elusive "universal" quality that classical music possesses.

Creating this kind of music requires many things.  It requires respect for the craft and its deep tradition of composers and their work.  I look to some of my heros: Schubert, Ravel, Debussy, Kodaly, Prokofiev, Jeffes, Reich, Evans, Franck, Martinu - artists who were committed to the art form and its aesthetic implications, constantly seeking new harmonies and techniques while preserving the old customs.  It requires patience to see musical ideas through and the knowledge that the answers may not be immediate; indeed, often the answers come only after time and practice.

Most importantly, the realization of this music, which, for the most part exists only as black notes on paper, requires your help.  The cost of creating this music and sharing it with the world is substantial, a burden I cannot possibly carry myself.  The approximate breakdown of this project's budget is as follows:

- Musicians (travel and rehearsal time) $3500 
- Studio time w/engineer (Three 12 hour sessions) $3750
- Mix and Master $1000
- Videographer Fees $1000
- Audio CD and DVD Documentary pressing $1500
- Kickstarter Fees (5% if funded) $500

Recording classical music requires attention to quality recording gear and equipment comparatively more than mainstream pop efforts.  There are no modifications to the natural sound of these wonderful instruments.  No doubt, the cost for a similar project, commercially, could easily be ten times my estimate.  The networking, favors and legwork to keep costs down will all be done on my own time.  In addition, the largest, most time-consuming aspect of this project is already finished: the written music.  Some of these pieces have taken many months to write.

I have always enjoyed the process of making art, (certainly music is no exception) sometimes even more so than the finished product.  Luckily, I believe that if one enjoys the process, the success of the project is almost certainly guaranteed. Here, now, I'm asking you to join me in this process and the end product.  You may have musical training, you may not; the goal, ultimately, is the same: making something musical and wonderful together

Help me put a voice to these words, these numerous black dots on lined paper.  Please consider donating to my special project so the world can hear it.  Each pledge reward is unique, and some include not only the music but personal pencil artwork I have created.  By even donating even $10 or $25, you are contributing to something wonderful that you will know you helped create.

Thank you!

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Some of the challeges are obvious. These are things like scheduling and keeping a strict rehearsal timeline, which will require me to play a logistic and managerial role, as well as musical director/composer. Fortunately I have developed a wonderful relationship with many different artists who have been through this process before whom I can depend on and seek advice.

The less predictable hurdles are more aesthetic: finding the right artists to interpret and perform the material, as well as the correct studio and engineer to pull off something so technically demanding will be the most crucial. Auditions and much research will be done before the recording process goes fully underway. Again, my network of wonderful musicians and access to a wealth of local talent gives me the confidence that finding the right people will not be difficult to do.


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    A digital download of the finished recordings.

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    Exclusive digital wallpaper art (created by me), digital download as well as copies of the scores.

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    Wallpaper, signed audio CD and copies of the scores.

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    Wallpaper, signed audio CD containing one small, personalized, signed piece of artwork by me; copies of the scores.

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    Desktop/mobile wallpaper art, audio CD containing one personalized, signed piece of artwork and a signed copy of the hand-written score of one of the album's pieces.

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    Desktop/mobile wallpaper art, audio CD containing one personalized, signed piece of artwork, signed copies of scores and documentary DVD of recording and production sessions.

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    Desktop/mobile wallpaper art, audio CD containing one personalized, signed copies of scores, documentary DVD, and special bonus recording of an instrumental piece composed just for you.

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    For the incredible V.I.P donating individual, I will organize a private recital for you at your home, performing material from the recordings, along with all the lower pledge amount awards. (Limited to location and availability of performers)

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