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TinyScreen is a tiny customizable display.  Play games, get notifications from your phone and display useful information.
TinyScreen is a tiny customizable display. Play games, get notifications from your phone and display useful information.
1,502 backers pledged $128,813 to help bring this project to life.

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Kickstarter Over! TinyScreens Available for Purchase

Posted by Ken Burns (Creator)

We've shipped out the last of the Kickstarter order in early May - thank you all for your support!  We've been busy the last month getting some more projects complete and more product built up, and we're happy to announce that all the items from Kickstarter are now available for sale on our website!

We couldn't have done this without you, so as a token of our appreciation, all TinyScreen Kickstarter backers will have 20% off all orders placed this week (ends Friday June 12th at 8PM EDT).  

To use your discount, enter the following into the "Discount Code" box in the shopping cart page and click Apply Coupon (in the center bottom of the page, next to "Proceed to Checkout").

Coupon Code: tinykickstarter

Visit us at: to place an order. 

Didn't receive your order?

We still have about 25 orders that haven't shipped since we don't have the mailing address, we've tried reaching out numerous times to get this from these backers.  If this is you, please email us at with your address info and we'll get these out to you right away.

SmartWatch Update

We're happy to announce that iOS is now supported with the latest Smartwatch sketches - this uses the built in Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) that is supported in newer versions of iOS.  You can find instructions of how to get this to work at Hackster at this link.  

Android - we are aware that there are issues using the Android app for Android 5.0+, it does work for Android 4.3.  This is definitely a priority for us to fix and hope to get this complete soon.  

Enclosure - the 3D printed enclosures for the Smartwatch are also now available for download (here) if you would like to print them yourselves (or order from a service like Shapeways).  We also have these for sale already printed and tested on our site along with a watch band here.  

Video Games Update

A number of backers have been creating some awesome video games for TinyScreen that you should definitely try out. See some of the games here

We've also been working with our good friend and tremendous 3D modeler Jason Bannister of Mechanimal on a tiny arcade cabinet.  This is progressing great, we showed off some previews of this at Maker Faire Bay Area last month, and just created a overview video of this.  We hope to get the files out for this very soon.  

Tiny Arcade Cabinet
Tiny Arcade Cabinet

Thanks again for all your support, we couldn't have done this without you and we look forward to making many more cool Tiny things for your soon!

Ken & the entire TinyCircuits team

TinyScreen Update

Posted by Ken Burns (Creator)

Shipping Update  

We're making progress on shipping, it's going a bit slower now since we're into the higher end reward tiers that have many more items than the lower tiers. 1141 orders have been shipped, and probably around 100 - 200 more will go out by the end of this week.  The 433MHz boards had a bit of a delay but are being built up later this week, so this is holding up the very high end kits, but we do hope to start shipping these by next week.  

For those of you still waiting - thanks for your patience!  When your order ships, we will send you a confirmation email so you'll know when to expect the package. 

Tutorials / Demos

We're still working on greatly expanding the tutorials, demos, and examples - our two main engineers, Tony and Ben (if you've been on the forum or on Codebender, you've seen them) are focusing on this once we get some more units shipped out, so this will definitely be expanded soon.

We've also been getting some great user projects for the TinyScreen, like this Space Invaders game that Kickstarter backer Teario is working on:  

This 3D printed necklace from Geekmom:

And a Pi day calculation from KidArduino!


We'd like to give a shout out to a fellow Akron, Ohio based company that is launching a Kickstarter campaign for something incredibly cool that you should definitely check out.  It's called Magzet, an audio jack that connects to your devices via magnets.  They launched last week on Kickstarter and have been featured in numerous articles, including Fast Company, Billboard and Gizmag.  Check out their Kickstarter campaign to learn more!

Thanks again for the support!

Ken & the TinyCircuits crew

TinyScreen Update

Posted by Ken Burns (Creator)

Shipping Update  

976 of the rewards have shipped out, so we're about 2/3rd's the way through shipping. I want to thank everyone for your patience during this! We really do hope that we're able to get the last orders shipped out by the end of March.  

The remaining orders are mostly ones that have joysticks (video game kit, deluxe kit, robot kit and other higher levels) these took longer than expected to get built up. Also orders that have the 433MHz board have been held up, these are being manufactured early next week so orders with those in them should start shipping out towards the end of next week.  

When your order ships, we will send you a confirmation email so you'll know when to expect the package.  


We've made some great progress on enclosure for the smart watch and the video game kit, and these will officially be released very soon. We're working with the incredible designer from Mechanimal to design and print these, and will have these for sale very soon on Shapeways and on our direct site.  

The enclosure consists of two halves the snap together (no screws needed), and includes four "living hinges" where the buttons on the TinyScreen are, so you can easily push the buttons on the screen to interact with the watch.

We've just made up our first batch of twelve enclosures for the final smart watch body, here are some pictures of the process:  

Twelve tops and bases out of the printer - still with support material
Twelve tops and bases out of the printer - still with support material
11 finished smart watch enclosures (the 12th is on me right now :)
11 finished smart watch enclosures (the 12th is on me right now :)
The two halves to the enclosure, they snap together
The two halves to the enclosure, they snap together
"Living Hinge" buttons - they work incredibly well!
"Living Hinge" buttons - they work incredibly well!
Watch on my hand
Watch on my hand

New Orders  

A lot of people are asking about ordering more TinyScreens and the different TinyShields - these will definitely be available for normal sale on our website and our distributors after all the Kickstarter orders are sent. The Backerkit site is also still live if you would like to place a preorder for any items even if you've already received your order.

We're still updating our site to list the new products, but these should be up in the next two weeks, although they will not be ordereable until the Kickstarter is complete.  

Examples / Demos  

We've got all hands working on production right now to get the last units out, but we definitely plan on releasing many more demos, tutorials and projects using the TinyScreen in the next few weeks. We have several tutorials available on our Hackster page, including a tutorial on getting started with your TinyScreen, and one on how to display images and videos on it.  

On our Codebender page we have code demos to get you going, including a Joystick example, a basic Smart Watch app (this will definitely be expanded soon), video playback and example games (Flappy Birds).

For the Smartwatch example, the TinyDuino sketch on Codebender will work over Bluetooth Low Energy with Android Devices (4.3 and above) to get notifications. The Android app can be downloaded from github here. The iOS version is still a few weeks out, although you can get an iOS example from Nordic semiconductor for the nRF8001 BLE chipset if you want to start playing on your own now.  

Thanks again for all the support!  

Ken & the team at TinyCircuits

Shipping Update

Posted by Ken Burns (Creator)

Shipping is going well, we've shipped 212 orders so far, and have just received the remaining 2300 OLED displays from our vendor two days ago, so we'll be cranking up building the remainder of the TinyScreens in the next two weeks and hopefully still get everything out by the end of Feb.  So far we've been shipping mostly TinyScreen Basic kits, but we'll have some of the Joysticks and Bluetooth LE boards ready to go next week, so most of the rewards levels will start to be shipped then.  


We're working on getting a number of examples up, and some backers have already received their kits and are working away on them!  We're still updating our main website to add this, so in the meantime we've put a tutorial up on that you can check out for when you first receive your kit to get you going, along with some code examples so you can start hacking on it:


We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Blynk to add support for the TinyDuino. Blynk is a platform that lets you easily create a visual graphic interface on your smartphone to interact with your hardware over the internet. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping buttons, sliders, displays, graphs and other functional widgets on the screen. And in a matter of minutes these widgets can control your TinyDuino and get data from it over the Internet. Blynk Apps are available for Android and iOS.

There is still time to get in on the Blynk Kickstarter before it ends tomorrow, be sure to check it out!



TinyScreen Shipping!

Posted by Ken Burns (Creator)

We're happy to announce that production is moving very smoothly, and we're shipping out the first 50 TinyScreen's to backers today!  Another 100 orders will ship out early next week.  The first orders that will be shipping out will be the TinyScreen Basic Kits and TinyScreens by themselves, and will be for the early bird order levels.

TinyScreen boards packaged and ready to ship
TinyScreen boards packaged and ready to ship

An additional 2000+ OLED displays are due to arrive in from our supplier the first week of February, which will let us build up the remaining TinyScreen boards in mid to late February.  We are still on track to deliver all of the units by the end of Feb!

Production Update

Since we have so many different boards and modules that are being offered, some items are still being built up which is why some kits are not yet shipping initially.  

TinyScreen boards ready for testing
TinyScreen boards ready for testing

Boards in full production: 

  • The new TinyDuino processor board (with Lithium Battery support)
  • The new USB TinyShield
  • TinyScreen (PCBs being assembled, waiting on remaining OLED glass shipment)
  • Joystick TinyShield (attached are some pics of all of the joystick boards being made in our facility in Akron, Ohio)
  • All existing TinyShields that are accessories in some kits (microSD Adapter, accelerometers, sensors, etc).  
Joystick TinyShield PCB Panels
Joystick TinyShield PCB Panels
2000 PSP style joysticks
2000 PSP style joysticks

Board to be produced (Note, All PCBs and parts ordered, production scheduled for early to mid Feb):

  • The new Bluetooth LE TinyShield (part of the Smart Watch Kit and other kits)
  • The 433 MHz Long Range TinyShield
  • Ribbon Cable Expansion board

Software Examples

The TinyScreen Arduino library is up on Codebender along with a few examples, and we'll be putting a number more up in the next week as backers start to receive their orders.  We are also update the Learn section at to include a number of getting started tutorials on using your TinyScreen.


We're working with the incredible designers at Mechanimal to design 3D printable enclosures for the TinyScreen - including for the video game kit and for the Smart Watch kit.  You'll be able to download these files and print (or modify) them yourselves, and we also plan on selling the enclosures on our site (hopefully by March).  The prototype design for the video game enclosure is incredibly cool, with hinge openings to allow access to the boards for recharging, living hinges along the top to allow for button pushes on the joystick board, and openings for the joysticks themselves.  

3D Printed Enclosure, with hinged opening
3D Printed Enclosure, with hinged opening
3D Printed Enclosure for Video Game Kit
3D Printed Enclosure for Video Game Kit

We'll have pictures for the Smartwatch enclosure very soon as well, and can't wait to show these to you!

Thanks again for everyone's support - and we can't wait to see what you do with your TinyScreen!

Ken & the whole TinyCircuits Team