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TinyDuino - The Tiny Arduino Compatible Platform - with stackable shield support yet smaller than a quarter!
TinyDuino - The Tiny Arduino Compatible Platform - with stackable shield support yet smaller than a quarter!
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TinyScreen Update


Shipping Update

976 of the rewards have shipped out, so we're about 2/3rd's the way through shipping.  I want to thank everyone for your patience during this!  We really do hope that we're able to get the last orders shipped out by the end of March.  

The remaining orders are mostly ones that have joysticks (video game kit, deluxe kit, robot kit and other higher levels) these took longer than expected to get built up.  Also orders that have the 433MHz board have been held up, these are being manufactured early next week so orders with those in them should start shipping out towards the end of next week.

When your order ships, we will send you a confirmation email so you'll know when to expect the package.


We've made some great progress on enclosure for the smart watch and the video game kit, and these will officially be released very soon.  We're working with the incredible designer from Mechanimal to design and print these, and will have these for sale very soon on Shapeways and on our direct site.  

The enclosure consists of two halves the snap together (no screws needed), and includes four "living hinges" where the buttons on the TinyScreen are, so you can easily push the buttons on the screen to interact with the watch.

We've just made up our first batch of twelve enclosures for the final smart watch body, here are some pictures of the process:

Twelve tops and bases out of the printer - still with support material
Twelve tops and bases out of the printer - still with support material
11 finished smart watch enclosures (the 12th is on me right now :)
11 finished smart watch enclosures (the 12th is on me right now :)
The two halves to the enclosure, they snap together
The two halves to the enclosure, they snap together
"Living Hinge" buttons - they work incredibly well!
"Living Hinge" buttons - they work incredibly well!
Watch on my hand
Watch on my hand

New Orders

A lot of people are asking about ordering more TinyScreens and the different TinyShields - these will definitely be available for normal sale on our website and our distributors after all the Kickstarter orders are sent.  The Backerkit site is also still live if you would like to place a preorder for any items even if you've already received your order.

We're still updating our site to list the new products, but these should be up in the next two weeks, although they will not be ordereable until the Kickstarter is complete.

Examples / Demos

We've got all hands working on production right now to get the last units out, but we definitely plan on releasing many more demos, tutorials and projects using the TinyScreen in the next few weeks. We have several tutorials available on our Hackster page, including a tutorial on getting started with your TinyScreen, and one on how to display images and videos on it.  

On our Codebender page we have code demos to get you going, including a Joystick example, a basic Smart Watch app (this will definitely be expanded soon), video playback and example games (Flappy Birds).  

For the Smartwatch example, the TinyDuino sketch on Codebender will work over Bluetooth Low Energy with Android Devices (4.3 and above) to get notifications.  The Android app can be downloaded from github here.  The iOS version is still a few weeks out, although you can get an iOS example from Nordic semiconductor for the nRF8001 BLE chipset if you want to start playing on your own now.

Thanks again for all the support!

Ken & the team at TinyCircuits

Final boards shipping / 1 Year Anniversary


I'm happy to finally announce that the final boards that were part of the Kickstarter are now shipping - these are the WiFi, GPS and Ethernet TInyShields.  Once again I apologize for how long this has taken, there were some major challenges with these boards and we had to go through a few revisions to get them working great (namely the GPS and WiFi antenna tuning).  We've been doing a lot of testing with these, and the GPS and WiFi in particular are a lot of fun :)  We think you'll love to start playing with these. 

We've just shipped about 30 orders today that were waiting on GPS and WiFi boards, tomorrow a number of the Ethernet boards will start shipping.  We have some additional boards to build up later this week, but we anticipate being able to complete all of the outstanding orders that have been waiting on these in the next two weeks.

WiFi Price Refund

As we announced a few updates ago, we changed the WiFi chipset that was originally used from a Redpine module to a TI CC3000, which is much cheaper (and more flexible).  Because of this, the list price for the TinyShield WiFi has dropped to $59.95 from $89.95, so anyone who chose to receive a WiFi board will be receiving a $30 coupon (per board ordered) off future products on our webstore.  These coupons will be emailed out within the next two weeks. 

We're in MAKE Magazine!

And on the cover!  We're happy to be part of the Boards issue of MAKE Magazine, where they compare a number of different boards (like Arduino's, Raspberry Pi's, etc), and there is a small section about shrinking your projects that discusses the TinyDuino and the Digispark from our buddies over at Digistump. 

There is also a small project blurb of a project I made a few months ago to start testing the GPS TinyShield, which was to create a GPS Tracking collar for my cat.  This may (hopefully) be featured in a future edition of MAKE, with detailed instructions on how to make it.  Read more at: Make

TinyDuino GPS Cat Tracker
TinyDuino GPS Cat Tracker

1 Year Kickstarter Anniversary

On Wednesday Oct 16th, it will officially be 1 year since the completion of the TinyDuino Kickstarter campaign.  I can't thank you enough for the support you given me and TinyCircuits, which has now grown to 6 employees thanks to your Kickstarter support. 

It's been quite a year, this time last Oct I was still just working out spare bedroom in my house, and now we have a full 3000 sq ft design and production facility in place here in Akron, Ohio, with eyes on expanding to more space in the next few months. 

There have definitely been hurdles, some design and production delays (I swear I would never have believed we still be shipping boards a year after), but the lessons learned over the last year have put us in a place where I'm sure we'll be able to be successful in the future. 

Thank you again for your support and being a member of the TinyCircuits family - if you're ever in Akron, please stop by and check the place out that you helped to build. 


Shipping Update / Open House

We've shipped out the Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy boards and the orders that were being held up by these (although there are about 5 more that will go out in the next couple days).  As of today, there are 78 backers orders that still need to go out, and 31 more that split their order and are waiting on the final stretch goal boards.

We do have extra stock of the Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy boards that will be going up on the webstore in the next week, along with detailed directions and better examples of how to use these boards.

The Final Stretch

As mentioned in the last update, we made some WiFi and GPS board change - we've been working with a set of boards that arrived after this update but they had a few issues.  We fixed these on the prototype boards, but decided to spin a new PCB to incorporate these fixes to make for a nice clean production version of these boards.  These final production ready boards are due to be received by us near the end of next week, then we'll perform the assembly and final test to get these out.  The Ethernet board is also part of this final PCB order.

As of now, we expect that these will be shipping within two weeks after this, and hopefully (fingers crossed), we'll be able to get the final few orders wrapped up at that time.

Thanks again for your patience with this for those of you who are still waiting. 

TinyCircuits Open House

We're very excited to announce that Dale Dougherty, President/CEO of Maker Media, the company that runs Make Magazine, Maker Faire and the Maker Shed, will be visiting the TinyCircuits offices on Wed Aug 21st from 3 to 8PM.  Dale has asked us to invite local makers to participate, so we've put together the first TinyCircuits Open House, which is free and open to the public. 

I realize this is rather late notice (since it starts in about 16 hours from now as I write this), but we just got confirmation from Dale a few days ago - if you're in the Akron / Cleveland area, please feel free to stop on by.  Meet with Dale, the TinyCircuits crew, area Makers / DIY enthusiasts and local tech entrepreneurs, and take a tour of the facilities and see live demos of the products being manufactured by our robotic assembly line.

For more information, check out this following link:

Thanks again!


Stretch Goal Board Update

We've shipped out an additional 100+ Kickstarter orders over the past two weeks - these were orders that were being held up by the Accelerometer TinyShield, Motor x4 TinyShields and the microSD Adapter TinyShields.  As of today, there are 128 Kickstarter backers orders that still need to go out that are being held up by the other stretch goal boards (like the WiFi, GPS, etc).

Most of these boards are being built up later this week (the GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy) and we plan to start shipping these out in the next two weeks.  The Ethernet board is still a little more delayed, and will be a week or two after those.

WiFi and GPS Board Changes

We've had to make two board changes, one for the GPS and one for the WiFi.  


Originally the GPS TinyShield had a Wi2Wi GPS module on it, however this has proven to be a major issue getting enough of them as they are going through a design change.  So we've redesigned the board to use a Telix JF2 GPS module, which is still based of the same SiRFstar IV chipset and has pretty much identical specs and price.


For the WiFi, it's a slightly bigger change.  We've decided to switch away from the Redpine WiFi module for a few reasons.  One is the price of this module - which is very high, resulting in our WiFi module being very expensive.  The next reason is that the size is still pretty large, with the additional components on it that are needed with this module, the size for this TinyShield became larger than we thought most backers would like.  A final reason is the lack of FCC certifications due to the need to put down our own antenna.

So we've changed to the TI CC3000 WiFi module.  This is the same module that is used on the very popular Spark Core project that just wrapped up on Kickstarter last month.  This module has several benefits, including great functionality, includes modular FCC / CE approvals, and is much, much more cost effective.

Because of this, we plan to lower the price of the WiFi TinyShield to $59.95 for the near future, and hope to get volumes high enough to lower it under $50.  

Because of this price reduction, anyone that paid for the WiFi TinyShield during the Kickstarter (where we listed it at $89.95) will receive a $35 coupon for a future purchase at the TinyCircuits webstore.  These coupons will go out when we send out the WIFi TinyShields to you.  Or if you'd prefer, we can refund you the extra $30 via PayPal, just send me an email at to request this instead of the coupon.  


We're happy to announce that the accelerometer TinyShields, Motor x4 TinyShields, and the microSD Adapter TinyShields are now available for regular purchase on our webstore at  So if you missed out getting these as part of your Kickstarter order, you now have the chance to get some.

Tutorials / Instructions

We're putting effort into creating much more indepth instructions and tutorials on our website.  Four new tutorials went up over the weekend on using the TinyLily motor board, the Accelerometer TInyShield, the microSD Adapter TinyShield and the Motor x4 TinyShield.  You can find these under the Learn section of our website at:

We'll be expanding this quite a bit over the next month to add more examples, with pictures and videos.  Please let us know any suggestions on how to make this better, and please contribute your projects and ideas at the TinyCircuits forum.

New Product Announcements 

After all of the Kicsktarter orders are out (hopefully by mid July), we'll be making some major new product announcements at the Detroit Maker Faire.  A number of these are things you've requested (9-axis IMU, many more proto board options - stacking proto boards anyone?), along with some other ones that are a bit unexpected  In total, we plan on announcing over 10 new boards that will be available for the TinyDuino and TinyLily families.  

If you're planning on going to Maker Faire in Detroit (July 27-28th), please be sure to stop by and check out the TinyCircuits booth and say hi.  



Private Webstore Launch

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