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TinyDuino - The Tiny Arduino Compatible Platform - with stackable shield support yet smaller than a quarter!
TinyDuino - The Tiny Arduino Compatible Platform - with stackable shield support yet smaller than a quarter!
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    1. Ken Burns 3-time creator on March 20, 2014

      Unfortunately not yet, we have a compass and gryo board out, but had some issues with the 9-axis prototype so it has not yet reached production.

    2. Adam "WeirdArms" Wiggins on March 18, 2014

      Still no IMU board available?

    3. Ken Burns 3-time creator on January 20, 2014

      Definitely, it will probably be out next month.

    4. Adam "WeirdArms" Wiggins on January 20, 2014

      Sounds good :) Are you still planning the 9 degree IMU?

    5. Ken Burns 3-time creator on January 18, 2014


      We'll be releasing 5 new boards in about a week, a 3-axis gryo, 3-axis compass, pressure sensor, ambient light sensor, a new terminal block proto board. I'll send out an email update when they go up. Probably about 3 - 4 weeks later we'll have 5 other new boards coming out.



    6. Adam "WeirdArms" Wiggins on January 17, 2014

      How are the new sensor boards coming on?

    7. Ken Burns 3-time creator on November 24, 2013

      Hi flex,

      Sorry again, there are still some holdups with the Ethernet boards, we've shipped some out but are still building some more up. Your order should ship out shortly after Thanksgiving.



    8. Missing avatar

      flexpackman on November 23, 2013

      Ken- I filled out my original order to ship all at one time, the holdup board being the Ethernet one...

      Any status on my order please? Thanks!

    9. Keith Rome on October 18, 2013

      My WiFi/GPS (and a few other boards that were held up) just arrived today and appear to be in good condition. I haven't had a chance to power any of them up yet, but have no reason to think they won't be fine. Thanks Ken!

    10. Ken Burns 3-time creator on October 13, 2013

      Hi Alejandro,

      We've got GPS, WiFi and Ethernet boards built up, we still have some more to build this week but that's all we need to complete the final Kickstarter orders. We've just shipped some starting this weekend, we plan on getting all of the remaining orders out in the next two weeks.

      Thanks for your patience.


    11. Missing avatar

      ALEJANDRO BRUYERE on October 13, 2013

      HI KEN .. still waiting with patience..
      can you give me a date for shipment for
      my original order ?
      Alejandro Bruyere

    12. Ken Burns 3-time creator on October 2, 2013

      Hi Oleg,

      We’re building all of these up now as we speak, so hopefully we’ll start shipping these by next week. I’ll post an update on the Kickstarter site when we have the definite dates.



    13. Missing avatar

      Oleg Khryptul on October 1, 2013

      Hi Ken,
      Any progress on WiFi and GPS boards?

    14. Ken Burns 3-time creator on September 15, 2013

      Hi Steve,

      We've got the final PCBs and are finalizing tuning of the GPS module now, hope to build and start shipping this week.



    15. Ken Burns 3-time creator on September 15, 2013

      Adam - actually we do have protos of this board, should be available in early Oct.

    16. SJD
      on September 15, 2013

      Any updates on dispatch.... still waiting to hear anything.

    17. Adam "WeirdArms" Wiggins on September 14, 2013

      Any progress or timeline on the IMU board?

    18. Ken Burns 3-time creator on August 23, 2013


      Unfortunately a lot of the modules we are using (like the WiFi, BT, etc) make making a round board impossible unless it gets significantly larger. What is the diameter of your rocker? If you put the boards in length wise you may have better luck - we've been able to stack 4 boards and put them in length wise into a standard 1" diameter rocket tube.


    19. Christoper Leveck on August 22, 2013

      Ken, have you ever built a square rocket?? I believe it would be easier for you to remake your boards with parts that are tucked away on the corners, don't you think?

    20. Ken Burns 3-time creator on August 22, 2013

      Hi Scott - Yep you're order has the Ethernet shield selected, as mentioned in the last update we will be building these in the next two weeks, and expect to have these shipping in about 3 weeks from now.

      Chris - Glad you got your rocket / TinyDuino back! Round boards may be coming, you can always cut off the corners of the boards and round them out yourself though. The problem is that a number of the newer boards can't really be made round due to the parts on them.




    21. Christoper Leveck on August 21, 2013

      Well, the astro-nuts would not have survived but Akron, we no longer have a problem. Not only did I get back a couple pieces from my rocket but I got the only couple of pieces that were important. I GOT MY TINY DUINO BACK! And guess what? After climbing to what I'm going to say is a staggering height, in tiny-duino terms, my sorta autonomous (I say that because it went where it wanted to go instead of where I aimed it to but then I guess "up" is a subjective term when used in model rocketry....... ok so anyway it went to something like the surface of mars or venus, or whatever is a more likely place for a tiny rocket with tiny duinos made by a guy with a tiny mind..... the moon maybe? More like the surface of a meteor just before it hits the ground..... anyway, enough of this silliness, I have all kinds of things Ive been wanting to lose with my tiny duino, including but not limited to my mind, patience, wedding ring, wifes car keys (for the safety of all women kind and anyone who likes to use sidewalks).
      That's one small rocket for tiny-duino, one giant pain in the long grass for me to find.
      On a serious note, the rocket landed BEHIND my shop in the long weeds instead of where I was looking which was in the shorter but yet long enough to hide snakes spiders a pissed of goose two GIANT spiders prairie dogs and a bunch more spiders.
      ONE question Ken, are you making the ROUND boards yet because this is quite literally like trying to fit a square tiny duino in a round tube, if you catch my drift....
      And does anyone have a sketch for a tiny duino spider killing robot, I could use about whatever is greater than a zillion, yeah the next one up from a zillion of them would probably do it.
      And YES I checked the forum and theres nothing in there about any kind of spider killing robot. Or spiders really for that matter either.
      I don't like spiders. I know I know, but they eat the flys. Spiders eat humans too, flys, not so much.

    22. Scott Goldthwaite on August 20, 2013

      I'm glad to hear you have most of the orders shipped. I guess I'm one of the 78 in the last batch. When do you expect to get the rest shipped out?

    23. Ken Burns 3-time creator on August 16, 2013

      Hi Satadru,

      We'll be publishing an update in the next few days, the WiFi, GPS and Ethernet are about another 2 -3 weeks out from now.



    24. Missing avatar

      satadru on August 14, 2013

      Do you have an ETA on the GPS module? Getting the other modules out to me earlier would be appreciated.



    25. Ken Burns 3-time creator on August 12, 2013

      Hi Satadru,

      Actually yes, the standard Bluetooth and BLE modules have been shipping this last week and this week, I see your order also has a GPS module which is still delayed, but if you want, we can get you out the BLE module immediately (at our cost for shipping).



    26. Missing avatar

      satadru on August 9, 2013

      Any chance the BLE modules are shipping soon?

    27. Ken Burns 3-time creator on July 29, 2013

      Harrison - yes, we definitely send out confirmations every time we ship out any part of the orders. Yours hasn't shipped out yet due to the WiFi board being held up still, we'll be posting another update soon, WiFi should be ready in around two weeks.

      Thanks! - Ken

    28. Harrison Jackson on July 27, 2013

      Hey Ken,

      Will you be emailing out tracking numbers on the stretch boards? I know you've been sending out the accelerometer and motor x4 for a few weeks now. Just super paranoid about stuff missing in my mail haha!


    29. Ken Burns 3-time creator on June 28, 2013

      Hi Juho,

      We've actually just shipped out another hundred or so orders that were being held by the the microSD, accelerometer, and motor x4 since these are now complete. The WiFi that you're waiting on should be shipping in about two weeks, however I'll go ahead and ship out the rest of your order today.



    30. Missing avatar

      juho choi on June 28, 2013

      Hey Ken,

      Can I get my order update ? if it going to be more months, can I get my regular board now and rest later ?


    31. Keith Rome on June 6, 2013

      Heh, launched as in "strapped to a model rocket"? Cool.

    32. Ken Burns 3-time creator on June 4, 2013

      Hmm, we need a beacon shield :) We don't have a buzzer (yet), but you can easily wire one in to your project.

      Yes, the store is open to Kickstarter backers per the last update, just follow the link there and you can get some more stuff.



    33. Christoper Leveck on June 4, 2013

      I got mine, ripped them out of the package soldered on a plug to the protoshield, and launched mine into inner space. Havent seen them since. It landed in a farmers field. Literally like trying to find a Tiny in a hayfield. So I here the new webstore is open? Better give me two of everything. got anything with a buzzer?

    34. Fabrizio Codello on May 31, 2013

      First part of the order arrived! Italy here, it took a bit less than 3 weeks.
      As said the TinyDuino is... tiny! =)

    35. spongefile
      on May 25, 2013

      Order arrived in Finland! Thank you! Even smaller than I expected. Hard to wrap your head around. Will be fun to see projects others come up with...

    36. Keith Rome on May 23, 2013

      Just received my TinyDuino/Lily and extras (minus the stretch boards). It is amazing how small these are - very impressive! Especially the Lily (starting to regret only buying a few of the LEDs)!

      I'm hoping to make some time to get started with them over the holiday weekend, and I'm looking forward to the stretch boards now.

    37. Ken Burns 3-time creator on May 19, 2013

      Jukka - Glad to hear! They are definitely tiny :)

    38. Ken Burns 3-time creator on May 19, 2013


      No, you haven't missed it - we've gotten all of the orders without stretch goals shipped, and all the ones with stretch goals that asked for a split of the order. Yours shipped out this weekend. I'll be posting an update to the Kickstarter page in the next day or so about the current status of the other boards.



    39. Harrison Jackson on May 16, 2013

      Hey Ken, last we spoke you said it was going to be a few days. Just worried that I might have missed them in the mail or something since it has been a couple of weeks. Is there anyway to get the tracking info?


    40. Missing avatar

      Jukka Alakontiola on May 15, 2013

      Hi Ken & greetings from Finland.

      My starter makers kit finally arrived today, =).

      I have not yet tested anything from the kit and don't yet have a project in mind what use them for, but I have to say that everything in the kit is absolutely beautiful and even smaller than I had thought. So, thanks & good luck going further with your business! At least I'm looking forward to see more exciting add-on boards

      Best Regards,

    41. Ken Burns 3-time creator on May 5, 2013

      Hi Fabrizio - In looking at your order, you have also added the Accelerometer Stretch Goal board, this is whats holding up your order. If you want, send me a PM requesting to split up your order and we'll get the initial order out immediately.



    42. Fabrizio Codello on May 4, 2013

      @Ken I think I only have the stuff I pledged for the "TINYDUINO BASIC KIT (EARLY ADOPTERS)" section. So yes, if you could ship this as soon as you can would be great, thanks!

    43. Ken Burns 3-time creator on May 1, 2013

      Kevyn - Thanks! The delays have been unfortunate, and the logistics are a bit crazy, but it's gotten much better over the last few months. We've assembled a great team here now of myself and four others, and we've gotten over a number of the major production hurdles. One other major issue is that I've been working a day job in addition to all the TinyCircuits stuff, but the good news is that I'll be leaving that and focusing all my time directly on TinyCircuits in a matter of weeks. This will let us focus on building the webstore, and introducing a number of new cool TinyShields and products over the summer.

      Thanks again for your support!


    44. Ken Burns 3-time creator on May 1, 2013

      Irawan - I'll be posting an update in a few days, probably towards the end of the weekend. The first four stretch goals boards (accelerometer, microSD, motor x4 and GPS), should start shipping out about a week after that, and then the others a week or two after that.



    45. Kevyn Watkins on April 30, 2013

      I also got my kist in Australia. 1 TinyDuino Starter Kit and one TinyLily Mini Starter Kit sans stretch goal boards.

      Now just waiting on my Wifi, 4x motor and Grav's boards. I will be looking to get a GPS board later on too.

      I know there's a lot of negativity about the delays, but I expected such when the funding exceeded 30k. At 11 times more funding, the logistics become a nightmare.

      These boards are indeed tiny, and I'm impressed with the manufacturing quality of such a thin board.

      Keep up the good work Ken!

    46. Adam "WeirdArms" Wiggins on April 29, 2013

      Hey Ken, my kit arrived today in Sydney, and looks like everything is there so all good :) Now to get it up and running :)

    47. Missing avatar

      on April 28, 2013

      Any news about the shipping of stretch goal board ?

      Thank you.

    48. Ken Burns 3-time creator on April 26, 2013

      Satadru - Will do, we'll split the order and get the stuff we can out right away.



    49. Ken Burns 3-time creator on April 26, 2013

      Hi Frabrizio - I can get this out immediately if you want to split the order, and get you the stretch goal board in a seperate shipment.



    50. Ken Burns 3-time creator on April 26, 2013

      Hi Harrison - it should be in the next few days. Thanks - Ken

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