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Make your own medium format camera and learn about pinhole photography in style! Read more

London, UK Photography
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This project was successfully funded on May 18, 2013.

Make your own medium format camera and learn about pinhole photography in style!

London, UK Photography
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About this project

If you have reached this project after funding has completed but are still interested in getting your hands on a Videre please visit us here - Thank-you.


As featured on...

It's Nice That - "It produces very high quality, two-fingers-up to Instagram, pinhole photographs"

Fast Co. Design - "It’s Angood’s perfectionism for artifice that elevates the Videre beyond mere gimmick to a nostalgic reboot, a celebration of vintage cameras, papercraft, and medium format film photography in one. It’s not designed to make photography simple; it’s designed to make photography fun."

I've come to Kickstarter to help me raise the funds I need to turn my medium format pinhole 'Videre' camera into a do-it-yourself, flat pack kit.

This project started over two years ago when I created my first pinhole camera. I’d always wanted a 'real' medium format camera, but I knew I’d never be able to afford one. So I dealt with it the only way I knew how and made one!

I also designed a 35mm version of this camera which was downloadable from my website in PDF format, so everyone who was interested in the project could make their own version of the camera at home. 

This project turned out to be a fantastic community project and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who were as passionate about pinhole photography as me.

I realised that this community needed a unique design it could call it's own, so I set to work on the Videre - a brand new, medium format pinhole camera specifically designed with this community in mind. 

The Videre works without a lens, instead using a simple pinhole to take photographs onto medium format film. I have translated my original design into a beautiful and hardwearing do-it-yourself kit so that everyone can make their own Videre camera and learn about pinhole photography in style.

The kit will be printed and die-cut onto thick recycled card and supplied with easy to follow instructions and a spare medium format spool. I also plan to produce a short instructional video, which will be viewable online alongside a virtual gallery space where pinhole photographs that have been taken with the camera can be submitted. 

The estimated delivery of the camera is November, so I'll be trying my very best to get it ready just in time for Christmas!

Pssst - I’m keeping a diary for this project at so you can keep up with the progress of the campaign as well as look back over my past two years of work.

Some of you may be wondering what results you can expect from the Videre. During this project I've been taking portraits with the Videre of some of the people who have inspired me to create this project. The video below is some behind the scenes footage of the shoots and there are some sample shots below.

You can download the whole portrait series along with exclusive interviews from each sitter by simply tweeting about or posting on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Get it here!

I have the design, I have the quotes from the suppliers and the experience to launch the kit into production, however I don’t have the personal funds to kickstart the process.

Your support will ensure that the process goes ahead and that anyone that wants a pinhole kit can have one. If the funding campaign is successful I will be able to place orders for materials and get dies made which I would be unable to do without the support of the Kickstarter community. 

I hope to be able to make extra kits in this production run to be able to provide free educational workshops for kids in London, and possibly beyond. 

The camera will be entirely made in England, using recycled materials wherever possible.

I understand that November is a long time to wait for your kit to be delivered. 

So, I have designed a 35mm version of the Videre that can be printed at home and made using everyday household items. 

As an extra thank-you for your support it will be available as a download in PDF format for everyone who pledges to receive a camera kit on the 10th July 2013. 

Here is a sneak peak...

Risks and challenges

Over the past couple of years I have furthered my skills as an artist and designer by developing a medium format camera kit for a company in Japan (to be released mid-2013), developing my original camera into a 35mm version with great success and creating a double exposure pinhole camera from an exhibition at KK Outlet, London. These experiences have allowed me to develop my design skills and have resulted in strong working relationships with suppliers. All my proposed suppliers know about the project and alongside their skills, their excitement in the project makes me confident in my ability to fulfill my promises.

I'm aware that I am likely to face unexpected challenges during this project. Fortunately, I am able to rely upon a fantastic support network of skilled designers, artists and marketing and business professionals for help, if and when I need it. With one foot in the design world, and another in advertising I believe that I have most bases covered whatever challenges this project might throw up.

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    As a big thank-you for being one of the first 200 backers you will receive the 120 Videre Pinhole Kit for just £25. Signed, numbered, and shipped to your door. Woohoo!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    A 120 Videre Pinhole Kit, shipped to your door!

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    A 120 Videre Pinhole Kit pre-constructed by me and shipped ready to use! Medium format film included and hand written thank-you note included.

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    Pledge £500 or more

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    A 120 Videre Pinhole Kit and a place on a pinhole photography workshop (ran by me) to be held in London in January '14. Lunch, film and cost of development included.

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    Pledge £1,500 or more

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    A 120 Videre Pinhole Kit and portrait session.

    As well as receiving a kit you will come to London to have your portrait shot by me using the Videre pinhole camera in a London studio complete with a make-up artist.

    The cost of travel within the UK will be covered and lunch will be provided. You will receive two of the best shots hand printed, signed framed and numbered as well as the camera used to shoot them on.

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