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I want to document the economic and social effects of climate change on Ghana starting with the coastal people and moving a inland.

I want to document the economic and social effects of climate change on Ghana starting with the coastal people and moving a inland. Read More
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Keith Bratton
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Keith Bratton

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About this project

I am Keith and I’m here to ask for your help.  My project is to develop a photo essay telling the stories about the social, economic, and environmental impacts climate change is having on Ghana, West Africa.

I want to compile the stories and photos of the experience people in Ghana are having into a photo essay and then book.  These are few of  the many stories from around about climate change. It is important to show their story so we can begin to see the similarities and differences in the struggles and the resourcefulness of people.

Their story also needs to be shared because the debate about climate change often replaces people, their struggles, and their resourcefulness with numbers and graphs.

Once I complete the photo essay I will submit it to as many groups and organizations that work with this issue.  I will be able to reach a much wider audience if that happens.  And when thinking big I hope that I can have their stories and photographs displayed in a gallery.

To complete this project on the ground research i.e. interviews with the fishermen who as well as those that are involved in the supporting industries i.e.  fish processors, fish sellers and traders, people employed in transporting  fish to markets, canoe builders, net makers and menders is necessary so their story can be told.

This project is rooted in  summer of 2005.  I became interested in fishing and the boats that fishermen used.  I took some photos that summer, but I never really did anything with them other than using them when I teach my students about modern Africa.  Beyond that I just didn’t have to tell a story.  As I searched for a story I started to research the fishing industry in Ghana to see what story I could to tell with my photographs. 

During my research I discovered climate change has reduced fish landings in Ghana for more than a decade which had impacted fishermen and supporting industries.  Economically, fishermen are earning lower wages because they are catching fewer fish.  Also, the related industries are experiencing economic decline as demand for their services have been decreasing.

Ecosystems are being changed as more people begin to search for alternatives to fish protein.  One example is Bushmeat hunting, which has been increasing in order to meet the protein needs of the people.  Increased hunting, however, is altering the ecosystem which is creating a whole set of new challenges.

I want to share their stories because climate change in Ghana has a major impact on the livelihoods of fishermen and others.  I want to document what the effects are as well as the strategies that they use to cope with climate change. 

Please help me make this project a reality.  I cannot do it without your help.  If you cannot help funding it, please pass this link along in an email to your friends that you think may be interested.  Post links to it on your Facebook page, and finally tweet about it.

With your help I will be able to tell the story of these people visually documenting the impact of climate change and how they cope with the changes they experience.


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    A training module will be tool used to illustrate the complex challenges that climate change poses to the achievement goals.

    ---- The module can be used in a variety of ways such as a tool for development training, university level or secondary education classrooms, or website media as a tool for awareness.

    ----The basic version of the module will consist of 15-20 slides. The module can be custom tailored to fit individual needs i.e. powerpoint presentation with customized templates or flash slideshow. The presentation would also have the option to include audio clips from field interviews with the people who are experiencing the challenges that climate change create.

    ----The training module will be developed with the support of with Dr. Edward Carr. (Copy and paste link more info.)

    WEBSITE ---- ---- (Copy and paste link for blog)
    BLOG ----

    ----Dr. Carr is a tenured associate professor in Geography at South Carolina, a review editor for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a lead author of two global environmental assessments, and someone who has worked on the donor side of development

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