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Plug into your home phone and those pesky telemarketing and robocalls just stop. The 1st crowd sourced spam blocker for the home.

Plug into your home phone and those pesky telemarketing and robocalls just stop. The 1st crowd sourced spam blocker for the home. Read More
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Interested in Call Control Home?  Visit for more information about how to get Call Control Home after Kickstarter has ended!

Tired of getting bombarded with unwanted spam calls from telemarketers, robocallers and fraudsters to your home or business?  Stop the calls once and for all with Call Control Home.

What is Call Control Home?

Call Control Home is a small device that plugs into your home telephone and  blocks unwanted telemarketing and robocalls by crowdsourcing spam callers and blocking the bad ones automatically.

Call Control Home is powered by the same technology that's trusted by over 6,000,000 people who've downloaded our mobile app.

Call Control leverages the power of the community to stop spam calls once and for all.

How does Call Control Home work?

Call Control works like your spam filter for email, when enough users report spam calls from a phone number, it is added to the Community Blacklist and automatically blocked.

Spam callers tend to use one number for a couple of days or weeks and then switch to a new number. Call Control keeps up with their activity by monitoring reports submitted by the Community and various Government agencies and blocking their calls no matter what number they call from.

Call Control is simple to install and can be running in minutes.

Video Demonstration of Call Control Home Blocking a Spam Call:

What is the Community Blacklist?

The Community Blacklist is the magic behind Call Control Home.  It is a massive database with over 5 million phone numbers amassed from tens of millions of user reports and Do Not Call complaints from Federal and State agencies.  This propriety database is only available to Call Control users.  

Not just any phone number can make it onto the Community Blacklist.  We have over 30 factors that we apply using our algorithm to determine the likelihood a reported number is indeed spam to ensure legitimate numbers are not incorrectly blocked.

We receive thousands of reports about potential spam numbers each and every day.  The icing on the cake is that you get to participate by submitting a spam report for any calls that might get through by simply clicking a button on Call Control Home (and it feels really good reporting spam calls).

Call Control Home Features:

Call Control is packed full of cool features including:

- Blocks thousands of spam calls tracked by our Community Blacklist.
- Automatically updated with new spam callers.
- Personal Blacklist  - Block your ex, debt collectors, ANYONE!
- Scheduling - Set up specific times when it is ok and not ok for your phone to ring.
- Blocked Call Handling - Choose whether to disconnect blocked calls or send them to voicemail.
- Web and App Management - Slick and easy web and app interface makes managing your personal lists and settings a snap.
- Easy to Install - Easy to install and one device can be used for your entire home or business.

A Brief History and Our Team

We're motivated by the stories of Grandparents wiring $3,000 to Nigeria falling victim to a scam, or the countless emails we get about stopping Rachel from Card Holder Services, or by people who literally can't use their phone because they receive so many spam calls and have been forced to change their number.  

We created Call Control for mobile phones back in 2008 and since then it's been downloaded over 6,000,000 times and is the #1 call blocking and privacy control app for Android and Blackberry phones.

We were an invited guest to the Federal Trade Commission's first annual RoboCall Summit in the Fall of 2012.  We're working with several Government agencies including the Federal Trade Commission and the Indiana Attorney General's office to share Do Not Call complaint data and help aide enforcement.

Kedlin is a small, innovative company based out of Bellevue, WA that's bootstrapped it's way to building several successful products.  No venture capital, no angel investments - just creativity and a ton of hard work.

The Kedlin Team

Our team is led by our CEO Ben Sharpe, a former sales engineer for Siemens with experience proposing and delivering multi-million dollar energy management systems to big name clients like Amazon and Microsoft. Ben has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. Ben built his first website at age 14 for the movie Independence Day (before movies had official websites) which received over 1M visits per day and  crashed his local ISP. He has been a "geek" ever since and to this day he continues to be a entrepreneur passionate about creating software to improve people's lives. 

David Stone is responsible for Business Development. David has 15 years experience in hardware/software sales and marketing and has an extensive background in electronic security. He holds a doctorate from Michigan State University and has also previously worked as a Clinical Psychologist for the United States Air Force. David has been taking care of and protecting people and property for over 25 years.

Yuriy Zisin is our engineering manager and has over 15 years experience writing software for just about every technical platform over that time frame.  Yuriy is currently responsible for all of the software/hardware for Call Control Home.  He manages a team of four in house engineers and directly manages our hardware partners.

Benefits of Call Control Home

Dinner uninterrupted and nap time restored.  Finally.

Peace of Mind.  Let's face it, telemarketing calls are annoying and disruptive, with Call Control Home only important calls come through.

Security.  Aside from driving you crazy, spam calls can often lead to fraud, scams, identity theft and have all kinds of other nasty side effects.  Call Control Home helps prevent annoying and potentially harmful unwanted calls quickly and easily.

Convenience.  You can add numbers to your blacklist, report spam calls and update settings from our mobile app or web interface.  Of course you can also quickly do this from the device itself.

Call Control Home is the only consumer oriented product that specifically addresses the epidemic of spam call activity and gives you back your phone!

Setup – It’s slick and easy yet oh so customizable

Designed to be super easy to use and ready to go right out of the box!We want everyone to be able to use and benefit from Call Control Home, from Grandparents to Techies.

Plug in Call Control Home to your home telephone, connect to your router (Wifi or Ethernet) and instantly block thousands of spam calls. No software to install.  Booyah!

Technically challenged? Call Control Home is set it and forget it!

Technically addicted?  Web interface, mobile apps, wildcard blocking, schedules… we’ve got your back.

What People Say about Call Control:

We've received over 50,000 positive reviews on the App Stores.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

"Awesome This app is by far the best call control app available. I have tried many of them and none of them come anywhere close to what you get from this app. Love it. Thank you guys" June 14, 2013

"Love it! Been using this a year or so now and love it. Bill collectors, telemarketers hate it, LOL. Works great never had an issue." July 5, 2013

"Best money I've ever spent I would get about 10 to 15 calls a day. Now after installing this program I get only one or 2 a month. Now I'm no longer bothered by private or unknown calls." June 12, 2013

Voted Best "Save Time" app by Verizon Wireless Customers Two Years Running!

As Seen On

How we got here...

Proof of Concept - January, 2013

We started this journey with our very first proof of concept running on the open source Raspberry Pi platform.  It wasn't pretty, but we were able to get a proof of concept of Call Control Home working using off the shelf parts and a 1990's era modem (we're lucky they're still sold).  The core components included the Raspberry Pi baseboard, a WIFI USB dongle to connect to the internet and a 33.6k modem to handle the incoming calls.

Our proof of concept (pictured above) was able to successfully connect to our Community Blacklist and block incoming spam calls on the fly!

Creating our Prototype - March, 2013

While it was fun watching spam calls getting blocked by our Raspberry Pi and 33.6k modem, we ultimately needed custom hardware for future production models of Call Control Home.  It was important for us that Call Control Home have a custom form factor with just the right hardware to balance the need for functionality / performance versus cost.  

We began our search for a partner to help us with the design and manufacturing of a production ready device.  We wanted a small, attractive easy to use piece of hardware that would connect easily to a home telephone.   It was important to us that Call Control Home be manufactured in the United States, and after interviewing several companies, we found a company in San Diego, CA that fit the bill.  

We hired them to work with us to design the hardware, including the internal electronics and the housing that it would all fit in.  To keep our costs down, we decided to use a combination of off the shelf electronics and a few custom boards that were designed specifically for Call Control Home.

Prototype Delivered - June, 2013

By the end of June, 2013 we had three prototypes delivered that were designed to our custom specifications, complete with an LCD display, internal logic board, modem, caller-id, internal WIFI, Ethernet and buttons for setup and operation.

Our Call Control Home prototype has successfully blocked hundreds of spam calls by communicating with our central Community Blacklist!  

Software Development - June, 2013 to Present

We have a bulk of the software development for the beta of Call Control Home complete.  We are working on updates to our mobile app and web interface so that Call Control Home can be easily accessed from a phone, tablet or computer.

Call Control Home is Blocking Calls Today!

Call Control Home is installed at Ben's house and is blocking spam calls as we speak!

Product Development Plan

Here's what we are going to use the proceeds from our Kickstarter campaign and the timeframes we are going to get it done in:

Final Design Complete - January, 2014

While we are quite happy with our existing prototype, we plan to make some revisions to the electronics so that we can reduce the size of the device by about 50-60% and improve the ergonomics to make it easier to use.  We plan to source components in large quantities to make Call Control Home affordable.

Beta Testing Phase Complete - February, 2014

We plan to roll out Call Control Home to a limited group of Beta testers who will use Call Control Home in their home or office and provide feedback and find bugs.  We anticipate to complete beta testing of software, web and mobile app interfaces to Call Control Home by the end of 2013.

Place our First Order! - March, 2014

We plan to place our first order for Call Control Home in January, 2014 so that we are ready to start shipping to our backers in February.

Backer Fulfillment! - April, 2014

Shipping the first round of Call Control Home units to our backers!  Our manufacturing partner will assist us with putting together all of the packaging and shipping Call Control Home to our backers!

Our manufacturing partner has tons of experience making electronics for massive companies like Siemens.  They can scale to fulfill just about any demand we throw at them!

We are ready to make Call Control Home!

Helping us fund this project via Kickstarter will get you one of the first Call Control Home devices at a significant discount over what it will retail for in the future!  Plus you get the benefit of putting a stop to those infuriating calls months before your friends :)

Thank you for your time and support.  Please feel free to drop us a line anytime with questions!

Risks and challenges

We’re a bunch of software geeks, so hardware is admittedly new territory for us. Thankfully we’ve found a great partner who has 20+ years of hardware design and production experience who have helped us create an amazing product. We know the technology works – Call Control has been available for mobile devices for over 5 years and literally have millions of happy customers Worldwide.

We have a fully functional prototype (several of them actually) plugged into our home phones, sync'ing with our web servers and blocking spam calls as we speak!

The primary risk for this project is delay, though we have an experienced team who are committed to delivering Call Control Home within the timeframes we've proposed. We are no strangers to overcoming challenges and have the experience and creativity to pull off this project.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Our first product will only be officially supported in the US and Canada, however we have plans to add support for other countries soon thereafter. Our mobile app Call Control for Android and Blackberry smartphones currently has near worldwide support, so we anticipate being able to add this support in the future.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, Call Control Home will be compatible with all Voice over IP providers including Magic Jack.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. So long as your phone service supports caller ID, Call Control Home will work with your phone provider including Vonage, MagicJack, Comcast and other voice over IP services.

    Last updated:
  • It's definitely just a prototype to demonstrate functionality. With a portion of the Kickstarter proceeds, we plan to invest into the design of the device so it's something that looks great in your home! Specifically we plan to shrink the size of the device by 50% or more and make the overall look and feel more sleek and modern and "Apple-esque".

    Last updated:
  • Yes. You can plug Call Control Home into any telephone and it will zap spam callers, even at your office!

    Last updated:
  • Yes. It will depend on your home phone is setup, but generally there are two ways to accomplish this:

    1. Connect Call Control Home 'in-line' where your phone service comes into your home; e.g. at your VoIP router or the DEMARC point in your house.

    2. If you have a phone system with a single base station and multiple handsets (like we do in our home), you can connect Call Control Home 'in-line' at your base station and it will protect all of the phones connected to the base station.

    By 'in-line' we mean that you connect the phone cable from your wall outlet into Call Control Home, and then another phone cable from Call Control Home to your telephone so that Call Control Home is wired in-line before your phone.

    Last updated:
  • Yes! That's one of the coolest features of Call Control Home!

    We've designed Call Control Home so that you can add numbers to the blacklist and manage your settings (e.g. schedules) easily from a web browser or from the Call Control mobile app!

    Last updated:
  • Yes. We plan to support firmware updates so we can add new features to Call Control Home!

    Last updated:
  • What the caller hears depends on the setting you've selected:

    1. Disconnect Blocked Calls - if this option is selected then the incoming caller is disconnected and doesn't hear anything.
    2. Send to Voicemail - if this option is selected, the incoming caller is sent to your voicemail and can leave a message.

    We also plan on adding a feature where you can record a message (or play a default message).

    Last updated:

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    Of course you'll get our sincerest thanks and gratitude!

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