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A portable acoustic stand for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Designed and manufactured by us in California.
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Sonastand: Better sound, better view. Portable and battery free.

The Sonastand is a machined aluminum acoustic stand for the iPhone 4 and 4S. It holds your iPhone in landscape, captures the sound from the speaker, and re-directs it towards you with enhanced clarity and volume, all without batteries. Its specially-designed sloped shape allows you to plug the charger into your phone while you use the Sonastand. It comes in various sizes to fit your naked, skinned, and cased iPhone. A sizing chart can be downloaded here: Sonastand Sizing Chart. And detailed instructions if you need them: Sonastand Sizing Chart Instructions

Sonastand Press.

MG Siegler: "I'll gladly donate."

TechCrunch: "Sonastand is a Stunning Aluminum iPhone 4 Amplifier Dock You'll Actually Want."

Selectism: "We would scurry out and pick one up."

Core77: Made in the USA: Kinetic Custom Machine, a CNC Speaker Factory and Beyond

Mocoloco: "One of those clever little gizmos you wouldn’t have imagined, but makes sense when you see it."

Gottabemobile: "The Acoustic iPhone Stand Apple Should Have Designed."

Engadget Español: "Un altavoz para el iPhone tan sencillo como efectivo"

Cool Material: "Until now there hasn’t been any one product that solved them both as elegantly as the Sonastand."

TUAW: Design matters with Sonastand, a tiny acoustic amplifier.

Oh Gizmo: Sonastand Is Practical, Portable iPhone Sound Amplifier.

Technabob: Sonastand Amplifies iPhone Sound Without Power, Looks Good Doing It.

Better sound.

Here is a little sound comparison with and without the Sonastand:

Below is a graph of the considerable decibel improvement when using the Sonastand.

Fig. 1. iPhone baseline audio spectrum

Fig. 2. iPhone with Sonastand audio spectrum

As you can see, it significantly boosts the mid and high end range, which helps with overall clarity and the ability to hear the details of music. 

Put it in your pocket. It's portable.

One of our favorite features is how portable the Sonastand is. You can take it anywhere. From listening to podcasts while getting ready for the day, to watching music videos at the beach, the Sonastand is perfect for situations on the go. 

It's solid.

We've machined the Sonastand out of a solid chunk of aluminum, so it has quality you can feel. It's virtually indestructible, and for those who care, it's 100% recyclable.

It fits your iPhone. Naked or cased, we've got you covered.

The Sonastand will be available in 4 sizes to accomodate your naked, skinned, or cased iPhone. We've tested a variety of cases, and we're compiling a sizing reference.

Right now we are offering the original machined finish (it's shiny!) or an anodized color finish, with more styles on the way. The original finish highlights the thousands of individual cuts made to shape the metal's surface. The anodized color finish is matte and highly durable. The anodized Sonastand will be offered in black, red, blue, green and yellow, although colors are subject to change.

It's in the details.

This surface finish is created by a razor sharp carbide blade which cuts tiny facets into the aluminum. There are approximately 20,000 of these individual facets on the top alone. The size, spacing, and orientation of these facets were carefully chosen by us to yield a brilliant glimmering finish that hides scratches and provides a great tactile feel. One of the benefits of owning and operating our own machine is that we can test hundreds of potential combinations to ensure that the end result is nothing less than spectacular.

This is a shot fresh out of the machine! The bottom of the Sonastand features a dished shape for added stability and added tactile feel. Also featured is the engraved Sonastand name and special micro surface texture along the outer edge.

Each Sonastand also comes with a little microfiber baggy to keep it safe.

The Special Edition.

We wanted to make our limited edition Sonastand something truly special for our backers who have pledged $200 or more. The special edition Sonastand features a multi-step hand polished cone for a mirror finish that even the T-1000 would be envious of. Each one will also be individually serial numbered making for an extremely unique and rare piece.

Who we are.

Here at Kinetic Custom Machine we enjoy simplicity, beauty, and blending form with function. We realize that the details matter. We know that there is value in putting in the hard work ourselves and not outsourcing to China. But above all, we believe in ourselves and our pursuit of quality. 

Kinetic Custom Machine consists of two friends, Bob Wimbrow and Colin Chu. We've been close friends for over 14 years now, and ever since we met, we've wanted to make cool, useful stuff. We've also had a lifelong dream of starting a business together, and last year we were in the position to make our dreams come true.

Last year we bought a CNC milling machine with hopes of creating high quality machined products, and the Sonastand is the first product from our long list of ideas.

You can read more about our adventure on our blog:

How you can help.

We've done extensive prototyping on the Sonastand, and our latest version is ready for production. We've already figured out the details on our machining process and prototype fixtures, and with your help we can move forward to make our production fixtures and tool up to mass produce the Sonastand. We've created the entire process, from design, to fixturing, to production; it's our hands doing the work.

So far the two of us have had our hands on everything, and we want to try to keep it that way. We're in it for the long run and the long nights, and we just want to make the Sonastand for you. That being said, if demand exceeds our production capacity (what an awesome problem to have!), we already have a local shop friend who's willing to run our process on his machines.

Thank you so much for your support, it's deeply appreciated. With your pledge, you're not only enabling us to bring a high quality product to market, but you're also helping jumpstart the beginning of two normal guys taking a shot at a lifetime dream. Awesome.

Thanks again!
Bob and Colin

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

SonastandPatent Pending

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