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Official plush merch based on the comic/meme that is becoming all too relatable these days. Take the edge off and hug a boy.
Official plush merch based on the comic/meme that is becoming all too relatable these days. Take the edge off and hug a boy.
Official plush merch based on the comic/meme that is becoming all too relatable these days. Take the edge off and hug a boy.
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    1. Nick Turner on

      I never received my plush. Can I do anything to get it now?

    2. Missing avatar

      ifritcrisis on

      Hi! So I was not familiar with Kickstarter and did not send the survey... I have not received the plush yet. I sent an e-mail to sara @ What can I do?

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Redmond on

      My dog got returned to sender. Is there a contact e-mail where I can send you the details and try and get this sorted out.

    4. Linda L Smith on

      I love my dog, received it a few weeks ago, I should have thought to make a comment at that time. Thanks so much for creating it, I smile every time I see it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ulrich Petri on

      I just got a notification from my post office that the package was returned to sender (presumably due to a lost pick up notification). Can you re-send the dog please?

    6. Jorge Israel Figueroa F on

      Finally got mine down in Mexico, our postal service is terrible but the dog is in perfect conditions and they did not try to charge anything extra

    7. David Vu on

      Was wondering what ever happened to the Dog... Found tracking number and said it was delivered 2 months ago but I never received it. :'(

    8. Octavio Armenta Millan on

      Just got mine in Mexico.

      The Play Pak was a bit damaged but it's mostly fine.

      Plushie, stickers and magnet are amazing!

    9. Sam Bailey on

      I just want to thank you for making this dog. A few days after I received mine my pug lost the use of his back legs. I spent the past 4 days as much as I could with him before we had to put him down yesterday. Last night while I was feeling down I looked up and saw that "Everything is fine' Mug and I promptly grabbed the plush and cuddle with it though the night. and at least in this case it really is a plush to ease my pain.

    10. wzue on

      Received everything and now it sits in the corner next to the TV, pretending to be fine. It's perfect when the news are on, so I can look at it and also pretend.
      Also, the stickers and the magnet are great :)

    11. Jorge Israel Figueroa F on

      I feel my Dog is lost for good, it was too cheap an option for shipping, specially for places with lousy postal systems :(

    12. Uriel Hdz on

      I never received a guide or anything with information about shipping. When am I going to receive my reward? !!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ricardo on

      A package came today handled by a local mail officer and billed me for it... Dog and stickers are with me :D but cardboard and magent are missing... :(

    14. Simon Tan

      Just gotten it today. Cardboard is bent on all corners and stickers are missing... Most surprisingly is that it ended being delivered by local postage, the care shown for packages has always been miserable as they always claim that it is the sender's own responsibility to pack it properly/securely. Anyway the dog is decent nevertheless, thanks.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cesar on

      Hi, still no dog at the mail... do you guys have like a tracking number???

    16. Matt Zitron on

      Missing magnet and playpack arrived. Thank you!

    17. Shane Bryan on

      Mine arrived. Thank you! :-)

    18. Ailin Chin on

      My dog arrived in Singapore after a long sojourn in Germany over Christmas and New Year (according to DHL tracking). But thank you! It was everything we wanted and he will be much loved.

    19. Missing avatar

      Bill Standen on

      And my dog arrived yesterday in beautiful condition after his somewhat extended adventures in postage. Thanks guys.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lars Svingen on

      The dog, along with stickers mangnet and playpak arrived Friday 6. Jan at my local post-office here in Norway. Everything was in perfect condition. Great plush doll and kickstarter :)

    21. Christopher Phang on

      He just arrived safely and everything came thru the mail alright. The cardboard is slightly bent out of shape but it's fine.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kell on

      my doggo finally arrived! he's perfect and just what i need for the year ahead.

    23. Kym McInerney on

      Thanks, mine arrived in the middle of Obama's farewell speech. #peakirony

    24. Missing avatar

      Gonzalo Lara on

      Still waiting its arrival to Chile.

      Leaved New jersey on the 20th, then arrived to Frankfurt for some reason, and then tracking number stopped working there on the 27th.

    25. Axel Calvet on

      Ok the dog was sent the 19th DEC ans i received it in Paris France today. Perfecto condition looks création.

    26. Missing avatar

      NeonOrange on

      Little disappointed by the print-on-text on the cup. "THIS IS FINE" is going to fall of and become "THS S FNL" in like a week. The stickers are awesome, and the dog sits up on it's own, which is sweet. The play pack box though... ya really should have added some more stickers, said sorry, and 86'd it... It's made out of corrugated cardboard, with bad screen printing, stuck in a plastic bag, and shipped. Lets face it, that was never going to work out okay, and it's fairly obvious it wasn't packed with any regard for keeping the cardboard, well 'fine'. In fact it's folded in the most destructive way possible. Rather than folding back front back front, anywhere they could fold the cardboard over another bit of cardboard to make a BIG crease was done, like whoever was doing the work was sour about the whole thing.

    27. Ben Walker on

      Got my good boy here in the UK today, sticker, magnet, play pak and all. He's a very good boy, and bigger than I was expecting!

    28. Missing avatar

      Bill Standen on

      Still waiting on delivery here.

      Shipped notification on the 17th, appears to have actually shipped around a week or so later ~23rd-29th, last update has it departing NY for Australia on the 30th and nothing further.

      Assume he's still on his way.

    29. DeanP

      UK backer 12,218 all received fine

    30. Missing avatar

      Kevin C. Gordon

      I bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it

    31. julian on

      I mean, I guess it's sort of appropriate that the doggie delivery, isn't, in of itself, fine, but still ;).

    32. julian on

      Another UK backer without the play pak + magnets, no reply to my email yet either.

    33. Jake Romigh on

      It arrived, but the little piece of string that connects the coffee mug to his body was already broken when I unpacked it. It doesn't affect my personal enjoyment though, and I can probably fix it myself.

      You may want to pack those plushes differently for other people!

    34. Mel Mah on

      He arrived. I put him in my cubicle. Everything is fine.

    35. Adam Cox on

      I got my dog yesterday and I think it's my favourite Kickstarter yet. Thanks!

    36. Mel Mah on

      Question for other Canadian backers - my tracking info from USPS & DHL says the dog was delivered yesterday, but CanPost tracking doesn't show anything and I haven't received him yet.

      Just wondering if the same happened to anyone else.

    37. Missing avatar

      Sutislany on

      It just arrived and it is fantastic! Thank you very much! ^w^

    38. Missing avatar

      Fuzzydice555 on

      Best kickstarter ever!

    39. Missing avatar

      Kyla Hall on

      Yay! He arrived safe and sound, today (Australia). Australia Post are only just getting back to it from the holidays, it seems. Thanks for a great project and for keeping us well updated with shipping issues! Very happy with the end result. =)

    40. Maegz on

      Got mine yesterday in Germany. Looks exactly like I imagined and cheered the whole family :)
      Thank you KC Green for this smooth Kickstarter project. Good communication and a working timetable.

    41. Kelvin on

      got mine today. its awesome.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jay See on

      Got it today! Hooray. Nice and cuddly! Love it. Thank you. Best Kickstarter ever!

    43. Missing avatar

      Veera Rouvinen on

      We got our boy yesterday, and it's already giving us comfort at the office during these dark times!

      Thank you KC Green and others who made this happen! :)

    44. Missing avatar

      John McManus on

      My BOYS arrived this week (as well as a bunch of other parcels so I suspect AusPost was messing me around and My Boys could have feasibly arrived earlier) and they are just a couple of perfect boys. I think I expected something a little sleeker for the printed cardboard stand, and I would have even been okay with e.g. getting a bit DIY with the tape if it meant it looked a little less cardboard-y. As a resting place for My Boys though, this is fine.

      Stickers, bonus and advertised, as well as the magnet are great quality. I only wish there were variants for my car windows, which I'd never dreamed of tarnishing before but found myself thinking of a way to display some of this great art from the safety of the inside of my rear window.

      KC Green and the team that put the effort in to making this Kickstarter project come to life should be commended for the success of this project. Admittedly when comparing to other Kickstarters, these Boys lack the technical component (he says, eyeing the plush dog suspiciously for signs of life) that might delay other developers. That being said they have communicated well and met their projected timeframe, which cannot be said of many (many, many) other projects here. Kudos, KC & team!

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Wilson on

      Protip: Head to hobby lobby or Michaels and pick up a sheet of vinyl magnet stuff. Stick the stickers on them then cut it out. Stickers to magnets for strategic placement on cars :)

    46. Mel Mah on

      Good - my boy is somewhere in Canada.
      Bad - Canada Post is holding his hostage somewhere.

    47. Alan Plum on

      My boy arrived today in Germany. Bit disappointed about the cardboard stand as it doesn't look anything like the sketch and seems to have had a rough time in transit but otherwise very satisfied. I didn't expect the boy to be this big but he's very cuddly and worth the wait!

    48. Mark Beddow on

      Received my This is Fine dogs. Pretty disappointed in the play pack and especially how it was packaged. It's completely bent (both of them). Considering how much over the initial pledge gaol requirements (over $420k) that some more care could have been taken , I am a little sad, and everything is not fine :( , The $10 premium for a printed on bent piece of cardboard seems silly now.

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Wilson on

      Love it. I just put one of mine up on my desk in the office. My boss is a BIT nonplussed at the implication. But my coworkers are thrilled :)

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