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$2,006 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Kristen Baumlier
$2,006 pledged of $10,000 goal

Food Font - in the Press and in Carrboro, NC


It has been another busy week for Food Font!  I have been getting the word out about Food Font to social media, blogs, and the press.  

An article about Food Font was written by Cliff Bellamy and was printed in the Herald Sun newspaper on Friday August 3, 2012. The article is called Playing With Food- With a Purpose and talks about the inspiration behind Food Font, the project itself, and about past projects. . You can read it on the Herald Sun website.

The Food Font Event at the Weaver Street Market in Carrboro, NC went well yesterday. Lots of people stopped by and made letters out of peppers from Peregrine Farm. There were two types of peppers - purple bells and cubanelles.

We had a short break when a rainstorm came through, when everyone went under the overhang area of Carrboro to stay dry. Soon the rain stopped, the jazz band started up again, and we set up the alphabet area and continued making the Weaver Street – Peregrine Farm Pepper alphabet. Thanks to everyone that came out for the event.

Pictures from the event as well as the images of the alphabet can be seen on the Flickr site.  You also can view a Slideshow of pictures from the Event as well a Slideshow of the Alphabet that was made.

In the last few days, I have gotten a few questions about if Food Font is going to be in English only - or also in other languages.  The tool will be designed to work in other languages.  This week I am going to make a alphabet checkoff sheet for the Spanish alphabet and putting this on the resource page of the Food Font website.

This week the goal I will be putting out in social media is to get Food Font to the 30% mark.  Projects that reach 30% early - have a better chance of being funded.  Kickstarter works with momentum - so once people see that a project might have a chance of getting backed, more people will usually back it.  Stay tuned for some 30% Food Font images soon!

Thanks again for the support!

Kristen Baumlier


Playing With Food- With a Purpose - Article in the Herald Sun

Slideshow - Food Font at Weaver Street Market - Carrboro, NC

Slideshow - Weaver Street Market - Peregrine Farm Pepper Alphabet

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