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$2,006 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Kristen Baumlier
$2,006 pledged of $10,000 goal

Food Font @ Ingenuity Festival this past weekend in Cleveland, OH


This past weekend Food Font was at the Ingenuity festival in Cleveland, OH. This two day festival features technology, art, and creativity and had a theme of "feed" this year. One word to say how it went is "Wow." Lots of people stopped by the Food Font area to make a letter, and each day we worked to make two food alphabets.

On Saturday of the event we made a uppercase coff/ tea alphabet and also a corn alphabet. The coffee and tea was from Phoenix coffee, and the corn was from City Fresh.People really seemed to enjoy using the coffee and tea - and there were some interesting and even "fancy" letters that were made. People enjoyed smelling the coffee and working with the variety of teas and coffees that we had.

On Sunday we made a lowercase coffee/tea alphabet and an apple alphabet. The apples were from Bauman orchards. Lots of people stopped by to make a letter and it was fun to watch people work on making larger letters using apples.

Thanks to Phoenix coffee and City Fresh for donating the food for the event and to Edible Cleveland for partnering with us and sharing a booth with us!!

The pictures are now up on the Flickr site and a few pictures are posted below.

A couple of you asked me if you could still donate money to the project - even though the project did not reach the Kickstarter goal.  

I recently added a DONATION page to the Food Font website.  Individuals can donate directly to the site, purchase the custom prints, and some other things. Please email me if you want more information at Kristen [at]

Here is the link to the project donation page:


Below are some pictures from the Ingenuity festival event - and a special Ingenuity Festival image that I made with the coffee/tea alphabets.

Thanks again for the support!

Kristen Baumlier

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Thanks to everyone who has gotten the word out about the Food Font project and to all the backers for the Kickstarter campaign. 

As of today, the Food Font interactive tool is in the works, over 15 food alphabets have been made so far, and the Food Font site has resources and an active upload area so that you can make your own food alphabets and upload the pictures to the site.  

I have heard from a number of teachers who are excited to make food alphabets this Fall in the classroom, and work with the Food Font interactive tool once it is built. 

All future updates can be found on the Food Font project website:

You also can sign up for the Food Font newsletter and get updates about the project.

Thanks and please continue to spread the word about the project.  

"Why not play and write with your food?"

Kristen Baumlier

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Food Font - 51 backers and 5 days to go


Thanks to everyone who has backed the project and is helping to spread the word out about Food Font. I have been continuing to promote the project and have met some great people and made some interesting connections for the project.  

This past Saturday Food Font was at Gordon Square Farmer's Market in Cleveland, OH. The mood was relaxed and it was hot, but people had a great time making letters out of food from two local farms. We made the first alphabet that can be used for English as well as Spanish.  

We used the Spanish alphabet (alfabeto Espanol) - for the event - so there were more letters to make.  Some of the letters had accents on them, and there also was some extra punctuation marks to make.   I got a chance to eat a really good tamale, and meet the other farmers and vendors at the market.

The vegetables were from:
GGG (A guy, a girl, and a garden) – Tomatoes, kale, garlic, beans
Maggie’s Farm – Squash, cucumber, eggplant.

One exciting development for the project is that some student teachers will be doing the Food font activity in some Cleveland schools.  The student teachers are part of a class at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and I will be doing the first "Food Font Workshop for Teachers" of how to do the Food Font activity in the classroom.  It will be exciting to see the project being done with students and used in the classroom this Fall. 

Go Food Font!  

Thanks for the support, 

Kristen Baumlier

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An Event in Shaker Square, a New Tomato Alphabet, and an Article on Etsy!


This past weekend Food Font was at the Shaker Square North Union Farmer Market in Shaker Square, OH. (Cleveland area.)  It was a great event and lots of people stopped by to make letters out of tomatoes.  It was really amazing to see the variety of tomatoes that were at the market.

The tomatoes that were used to make the food alphabet were from:
Rainbow Farms
Middle Ridge Garden
Wooli Farms
Hamper Homestead Farms
Ridge Bridge Farm

I met a lot of interesting people including quite a few teachers who took the Food Font resource packet so they could do the Food Font activity in their classroom this Fall.

All the pictures from the event are on the Food Font Flickr site.

Last week Food Font was featured on the popular craft and diy Etsy blog.  The article was written by Chappell Ellison and is called A New Way to Eat Your Words.

Thanks to everyone who has backed the project so far! I have been continuing to add names to the special THANKYOU page on the Food Font site. If your name is not up yet, it will be added once it posts in the Backer report area of the project on Kickstarter. 

Some people have asked me about how they can help with the project.  The best way to help the project at this time is to spread the word about the project.  I just created a new image for backers of the project that can be posted on any social networking site - to help spread the word about the project and to let others know that you have backed the project.  Below is a jpeg that you can save and post or use as your avatar on a site.  You can also download the image.  
(Image is the "I'm a Backer" image surrounded in tomatoes below.)

If you use Twitter or Facebook - you can help spread the word by posting  this message:
" Want to play and write with Food?  Support creativity, community, and awareness of food by supporting Food Font!!"

Thanks again for being a brave backer of the project.  There are 13 days left to reach the project goal!

Kristen Baumlier

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Food Font - New video and an upcoming event in my hometown!


Thanks everyone for all the support and getting the word out about Food Font.  We just reached the 10% funding mark - with 20 days to go.

I just posted a video from the Food Font activity that was done at the Cleveland Institute of Art last Spring.  Students, faculty and staff worked to create 2 food alphabets: The CIA Vending machine food alphabet (made of food from the vending machines) and The CIA Packed Lunch alphabet (made of food from food from packed lunches.)

You can see the CIA Food Font event video on Vimeo online. 

I am excited to bring Food Font to the farmers market in Cleveland that I go to regularly this weekend.  Food Font will be at the Shaker Square Farmers Market this Saturday from 8am - 12 noon.  You can read more on the Facebook event page.  If you are in the area - come stop by and make a letter and say "hi!" 

Why not play and write with your food?


Kristen Baumlier

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