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20 years ago Jackson Connolly signed away his soul. With 3 days left to break the bargain, will he succeed or face the hellhounds?
20 years ago Jackson Connolly signed away his soul. With 3 days left to break the bargain, will he succeed or face the hellhounds?
615 backers pledged $16,342 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jarrod Selsmark on

      11/3/2017 - Ok year 5 and still no sign of any anything I pledged for. Sigh.

    2. Logan Giannini

      Four months since the comment and no update. Any news for us, K.? We'd all really like to see the book.

    3. Meghann Jaquette on

      I sent yet another message. The last one was a year ago. Maybe I'll get the book one day....

    4. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Some shipments made it out, yes. However, there have been issues and there are still more to be sent. An update is coming.

    5. Bruno "Ceccherini" Mamolini on

      Hi, i'm still waiting for the book, never had any news about it, the shipment already happened?

      thank you very much

    6. Logan Giannini

      Hi. I am going through my old pledges and checking on stuff I never received, and this is among them. Did some shipments not make it out? I'm wondering if perhaps mine got lost in the mail or something. Feel free to message me or reply to this. Thanks.

    7. MinorEnigma on

      I never got my replacement copy.

    8. Missing avatar

      Patrick G on

      No book .. oh well

    9. Phillip Winn on

      Really beautiful book!

    10. Meghann Jaquette on

      Beginning to think I'll never see the book. I am moving next weekend, and have another address update. And she hasn't logged in since May 26th...Hmmmmm.

    11. Mark Pengryn

      Any idea when you will start shipping again?

    12. Jiří Fiedler on

      Another year nearly passed from last is still lost in the middle of nowhere...Am I wondering? Not really:)

    13. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Meghann, I have messaged you. Thanks.

    14. Meghann Jaquette on

      I haven't gotten the book yet. You told me on Oct 22 2015 that you would out me on the next small shipment. If I was, you didn't use the right address. It should have been the Irving one. Which I sent awhile back.

    15. Ben Wenger

      I just got my book! can't wait to read it!!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Justin Knight on

      Has shipping ended on these? I never received one.

    17. Graham Phillips on

      My copy arrived in Australia this week. Thanks! Well worth the wait!

    18. Christophe Audette on

      Hi, just wanted to update that I received my book this week. It looks gorgeous, and I plan on reading it this weekend. Thanks!

    19. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the nice comments about the book! I hope everyone enjoys it. If you have not received a copy yet, I am in the process of getting another bulk shipment together. Feel free to message me or use the email I have provided in my updates to reach me.

    20. Janos Geronimo on

      Have received my copy, not surprised by the quality, it is top notch (for me). Again, thank you very much for the book. Sequel please? :)

    21. Missing avatar

      alphasyndrome on

      Have just received my copy. Thank you very much for sticking to it and doing your best to make sure every backer receives their copy, amidst all the costs and delays and unforeseen circumstances.

      It shows a dedication and professionalism that is often missing (or discounted as loss, with no regards to the customer).

    22. The Moomin on

      Arrived an hour ago here in the UK and I really enjoyed it thankyou. What plans have you for any sequels? Would love to read them.

    23. Justin Phillips on

      So should the books be shipped out already because I still haven't received my copy.

    24. Missing avatar


      Wow, great, I actually got my book, too! I Had already written it off, but then had the package in the mail today. Thanks very much for still fulfilling your promises after all this time :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Sebion on

      Just for the record: my book arrived today (Germany).

    26. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Tom, messaged you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Hi K,

      I messaged you about changing the shipping address for my pledge but haven't heard back. Could you confirm that you will use my new address, please?


    28. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Ronan, your shipment is at the mail house. I have 70 packages waiting for international shipping from the $25 tier. These 70 packages will cost nearly a $1,000 to ship. However, I should have the funds to ship these very soon. Thank you for your continued patience. Smaller shipments are being made incrementally.

    29. Ronan Eales on

      So, how's it going? 3 years in, are we any closer to receiving our rewards?

    30. Janos Geronimo on

      Hi Kara, I still have not received my book. Thanks

    31. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Hi Christophe, I apologize. I am going to message you.

    32. Christophe Audette on

      Hi Kara, I sent you a message in December that went unanswered, but I see that you've been on and have replied to the public messages here. Back in October you told me that you would move me up the list for shipping. Can I get an update on that please? Thanks.

    33. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Oliver, more bulk shipping is planned for February. I will message you to see if I can get you a package sooner on one of the smaller shipments. Allison, yes, please feel free to email me or message me directly on Kickstarter with your new address.

    34. Allison Reding on

      Hi, I am still waiting for the book and I have moved. Can I give you the updated address?

    35. Missing avatar

      Olivier Vigneresse

      As some people seem to have received their copy, can we have a _clear_ update on the shipping process, incl. for international backers?

    36. Magnus Jacobsson on

      I have received my copy. Thanks!

    37. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Skor & Horizonfactory - Small shipments have been going out, but the last bulk shipments will more than likely go out in early February. International shipping has been unexpectedly expensive. I will put you both on the list for an upcoming small shipment. Feel free to message me privately if you have further questions. Thanks, Kara.

    38. Missing avatar

      skor on

      Same question, any updates..? Next week will be three years since the completion of the campaign!

    39. Echo Vents Books

      Any updates on shipping?
      Still looking forward to this.

    40. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Krzysiek, I am messaging you and Caitlin and Riley.

    41. Krzysiek Szenwald on

      It just occurred to me that while waiting for this book I managed to get married and have a daughter :) I wonder if I could get to another stretchgoal of having a second child before I have the book in my hands :)

    42. Krzysiek Szenwald on

      @K.Barrett Do you have a date in mind when you plan to do international shipment?

    43. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Riley

      Heya - I haven't received either a message from you or the book in the mail. Is there something you need from me? Please let me know.

    44. Daniel Campbell on

      My address has changed. How can I update this?

    45. Missing avatar

      Dave Rezak on

      I have received my copy! Looks good. Thanks.

    46. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Caitlin, I am messaging you. But I am adding you to my Monday shipment.

    47. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Riley

      Is anyone else still waiting for domestic replacement books?

    48. Robyn McGregor on

      Is there a way for everyone to get an update on shipping?

    49. K. Barrett 2-time creator on

      Matt - I sent you an email. Ryan - international is going in bulk and will go last, but if you message me I can try to get yours out in a small batch going tomorrow.

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