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$2,926 pledged of $52,000 goal
$2,926 pledged of $52,000 goal


Glyph is a dice-building, strategic combat game for two players, set in the fictional land Tundrus; where two tribes have vied for dominance over the region for generations. Your task is to form a team of 3 champions and defeat your opponent via the power of mysterious glyphs.

Glyph’s base mechanic is a dice building and manipulating game—inspired by games such as Roll for the Galaxy and Run, Fight, or Die! It also makes use of an inventory card drafting system, in which you will purchase everything from simple weapons, to powerful relics, in order to enhance your stats as well as give your champions unique abilities.



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Concept example of champion mats.

The strategizing in Glyph begins long before the first die is rolled. Each player chooses three champions to form his or her team. These champions are divided into three distinct classes: Strikers, Guardians, and Adherents. From these classes, each champion has its own strengths and weaknesses, which you will have to balance in order to emerge victorious.


Tundrus is a land of mysterious glyphs which can give immense power to the individuals able to wield them. The champions of Tundrus spend years studying and harnessing this power to lead their tribe to victory over their adversaries. There are 5 known glyphs in Tundrus:

Glyphs prove to be difficult for even the most skilled champion to control. Within the game, these glyphs are represented on various colored dice. And speaking of dice…


 Dice are a fundamental part of Glyph, and make for a very exciting mechanic within the game. Glyph is a dice-building game at its core, and as such, there are a lot of beautiful, custom dice in the game: 70 to be exact. There are six different colored dice in Glyph. Each color set is unique from the others in terms of the glyphs shown on the faces. Some dice are designed to be better at certain tasks than others.

Red dice favor War Glyphs, while Green Dice favor Defense Glyphs.

Your champions each start with their own set of dice, and, as the game progresses, will gain new dice of various colors to use in battle. These dice are used to perform various abilities via combos. Champions have their own unique abilities and can be further augmented with item cards.

Players roll dice to perform ability combos for their champions.


In Glyph, players not only build their pools of dice, but they also can acquire various items from a “shop” to equip on their champions to provide additional enhancements or even new abilities. This inventory system allows players to break traditional molds of their champions’ classes and try new and exciting strategies.

Items range from instant-use potions, to weapons of war, to simple tomes that increase a champion's dice pool.

A champion is able to purchase and use any item in the game—provided he or she can afford it. Many items require the champion to spend (read: trash) their own dice in order to equip; often using gold dice. In addition, some items are quite powerful, and may require a champion to trash 2 of a specific color dice in order to gain 4 in return. This mechanic is designed to prevent players from gaining the best equipment right away, as they may not have the prerequisite dice to equip.

Card breakdown example. Many items require players to trash specific dice in order to equip and possibly gain new dice. Some may even give unique abilities with their own combos to perform.

“But,” you may be asking, “what if an item I really want is available at the shop, and I can’t afford it yet?” Each champion has two stash slots on their board in which players can store items (face-down) until ready to equip on a future activation.

 Each champion board has two "stash" slots in which you can store cards face-down until you are ready to equip them.

Want to learn more? I’ve posted several short gameplay examples highlighting various mechanics to give a visual sense of the gameplay. Please be aware that the videos are using prototype components.




NEW Gameplay demo footage as explained in Update #2. Enjoy!

In addition, you can check out the Glyph rulebook (work-in-progress) below.


Shipping fulfillment is a concern for both backer and creator. Too often are these costs underestimated, or shipments handled poorly. I want shipping to be as simple as possible for our backers. So here it is:

Domestic (US) shipping is FREE--that is, it is included in your $59 pledge.

International backers: We will be shipping games in bulk to several fulfillment centers, to help minimize customs fees and VAT for many regions. See the chart below for rates:


Concept/Design: Justin Potter is the designer of Glyph and founder of Kazoodoo Games.

Art: Sergey Vasnev is the lead artist and visionary of bringing the world of Glyph to life.

Graphic Design: Kelsey Wright is the graphic designer for Glyph.

Video: Jared Moench produced the Kickstarter project video for Glyph.

Manufacturing: Glyph is being manufactured by Panda Game Manufacturing, with Stephen Selego as the project manager.


Risks and challenges

Glyph has been such a fun project to work on these past 18 months plus. One of the greatest challenges has been balancing quality with cost. Dice-building games are EXPENSIVE to manufacture. I was (still am) worried about putting such a high funding goal, but I want to use the best possible people and materials I can, and such quality isn’t cheap. I do not want to produce a game that cuts corners just to allow it to be sold and funded for less money. I want Glyph to be more than just a game people play once or twice then put on their shelf. I want Glyph to be an experience. Something that wows you when you look at the art and the components. Something that gets requests from your friends to play often. Something…special.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your support.

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