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My great uncle was a convivial soul who believed in the healing properties of glögg. I want to share his recipe with the world.
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Justin Kazmark

75 backers pledged $270 to help bring this project to life.

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It Heals What Ails Ya

Glögg Enthusiasts Worldwide!

We did it! My Great Uncle Harry's recipe is now open to everyone who wants a copy. I've dropped in a screenshot of the digital copy for everyone now and will be sending individual emails with the PDF to everyone as well. Next month I'll be printing and sending the hardcopy versions to those who backed at the $4 level. Please share it far and wide and get creative with new iterations of it to suit taste. 

The best part is cooking it. It makes the whole house smell like the holidays. I hope some of you give it shot this weekend :)

A couple notes: 
 - This recipe was intended for a huge family of viking-like Swedes and makes a gallon and a half, which is *a lot* of glögg. I halved the recipe a few years ago and was still able to retain quality. But if you make the full recipe, you can always bottle it for next year and it should age well. My uncle Mark occasionally breaks out a vintage bottle from years ago that is legit. 

 - When the recipe was passed down to me it did not come with specifics on the type of vodka or port wine that GUH used. (I was told he once used straight grain alcohol, too.) But I've used a few different brands for different directions and I think this year was my favorite. Because it's a fair amount of liquor to purchase if you're making the full recipe, it can add up. No shame in going with a less expensive brand.

 - When it comes to port wine, there are a few choices. I usually see two kinds: ruby or tawny. I've made it with both. Tawny is a bit nuttier. Ruby fruitier. I made this year's batch with tawny and it was delectable. 

 - If anyone decides to make it and wants pointers, feel free to reach out directly and ask away! Happy to help as much as I can!
 - Coincidentally, I *just* stumbled upon this link to a feature story on Slate about a time-honored Swedish tradition of watching Donald Duck cartoons around Christmastime. Feels about right. Think that would go well with a glass of GUH's glögg. 

It heals what ails ya. So drink up!


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There Will be Glögg!

With just two hours left and more than five times the small goal pledged to this project, I'm happy to report that there will be glögg for all! Once we hit the deadline later this afternoon, I'm shipping a PDF with the recipe to all of you lovely backers in hopes that you'll have a chance to brew your own batch while you're home for the holidays just like Great Uncle Harry would've liked!

For those of you who chose the hardcopy recipe, I'll also send a short survey to get your mailing details so I can print and send those out in January.

Thanks to everyone for joining in on this. Really hope you get a chance to share glögg with your families. I posted this project on a whim and thought only a handful of friends would back it. Of the 72 people that got behind this project, almost half I've never met before! So excited to share this family tradition with everyone :)

More soon!