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Help us fight THE TUMORNATOR by helping us publish a 23 yr. old girl's epic comic book about her fight with a rare bone cancer.
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Circulatory Subway System Image

Hello.  I Just finished this illustration.  It depicts respiration within the heart as Oxygen and CO2 molecule men in suits get on and off red blood cell trains.  You can also see immune system cells in action, some down on their luck.  The creepy monster looking at the 'subway map' is a virus...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2012 will hopefully be an epic year for our project!!

Thanks again.


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    1. Creator Domini Dragoone on December 31, 2011

      the drawings keep getting better and better. so good! i can't wait to see the whole thing!!

    2. Creator mary j teraji on December 31, 2011

      and happy new year!

    3. Creator mary j teraji on December 31, 2011

      So I went to my parent's house for Christmas. Was a REALLY long day of family nonsense and stuff... and I get home, it's like 11:35 pm, and what do I see on my doorstep? My copy of Terminally Illin'! My last and most badass of presents! You inspire me! It's beautiful!