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I am raising money for a plane ticket to Iceland to complete my photographic thesis by May 2011 to receive my BFA in photography.
I am raising money for a plane ticket to Iceland to complete my photographic thesis by May 2011 to receive my BFA in photography.
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What needs to be done:
A plane ticket to Iceland needs to be purchased to spend a week in March to finish photographing for my thesis. Unfortunately, at this time the New England landscape is not at all the right location for shooting. I will photograph primarily in the geothermal pools and countryside. This landscape lends itself to the ideas of creation and mythology that I have been working with.

Some background info:
My thesis for my BFA in photography is scheduled to be completed in May 2011. It began in May 2010 as a black and white project about mythology and it's relationship to truth and how photography's relationship to truth has changed over the years. The images are ethereal and primal like the myths they are depicting. An excerpt from my artist statement is below:

"Removing their seal skins to assume human form, the selkie people move fluidly between earth and water, often wanting to be wherever they are not. According to Icelandic lore, if a selkie’s skin is stolen then they must remain in human form – longing for, but unable to return to the sea.
There is a correlation between photography, mythology, and truth. At one time both photography and mythology were considered to be a true record of a past event. Now legends are interpreted as stories meant to provide a clarification for something easily misunderstood. Female selkies often served as a social explanation for women who did not fit in with the rest of the community. I am interested in the camera’s ability to alter the viewer’s perception of what they have seen just as myths distorted the believer’s perception of what they have been told.
In this work the subjects are both human and non-human, metamorphosing from one to the other in a manner that is ambiguous in whether they belong in the water, sky, or on earth since they exist in each plane. I used this mythology as metaphor for my own reshaping and transformation where I become the selkie with a stolen skin: out of place in my community, and stuck somewhere between earth and water."

the work in progress can be viewed on my website

What the money is for:
This is not an expensive trip. With Iceland filing for bankruptcy travel has never been cheaper. I do not need to purchase any new equipment for this project or film as I'm shooting digitally which keeps costs down. The living expenses have for the most part been covered and this money is for the plane ticket (coach of course).

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