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Super comfortable, supportive, and eco-friendly bras, bralettes, panties, and slip dresses that are made in the USA by women for women.
Super comfortable, supportive, and eco-friendly bras, bralettes, panties, and slip dresses that are made in the USA by women for women.
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Collecting your order info and a new machine has been obtained!

Posted by Katina Gad (Creator)

Happy Wednesday everyone! I wanted to send along an update since I have gotten the ball rolling on production and am starting to work on our next steps.

So far almost everyone has responded to their survey, there are still 16 outstanding, so go ahead and fill those out and send them back asap please! I've already been able to estimate fabric, materials, and dye needs from what has come in so far (and I went ahead and placed those orders this week!) So responding gets your order in the que to be produced and sent out.

Since the campaign wrapped up and the website went live, I am so happy to report that we are making sales there daily. It's perfect to get these orders post-kickstarter since the goal of all start up companies is to have a sustainable business model with regular customers!

And more great news, on Monday I picked up my new (used) 3 step zig-zag machine! while it would be amazing to have a brand new machine, this 30 year old industrial singer is more than good enough for the time being. I got a great deal on it, and my seamstress has already started practicing and familiarizing herself with it.

I have put out an advertisement to hire an additional seamstress, so far I've received a few good applicants, though I'm finding that many of them do not yet have the skill level required to produce items that would pass a quality inspection. I do however want to stick to the plan of hiring single mothers (my advertisement is run through a local non-profit that helps women who are exiting situations of domestic abuse), so I am now thinking more about how to properly train these applicants so that they could produce the quality expected by customers. I will have to keep you updated on this progress next time, but rest assured, between my seamstress and myself, we will be able to produce your orders this year and more than likely in the time frame we initially projected.

One last note that might be of interest to you all: I am planning to do a 20% off sale during the weekend after thanksgiving. It will be 20% off all items on the website starting on Black Friday, running through Small Business Saturday, and then coming to an end on Cyber Monday. So if you do still have some shopping you want to do, that would be your next opportunity to shop with me for a discount.

That's it for now! I will update you all again once I get surveys back from everyone and production starts rolling.



p.s. If you want to get more regular updates you can follow @unityoutfitters on instagram to see posts and watch stories daily - this coming Sunday I will be back out at the T.S. Designs dye house starting to dye some of the fabric, and tommorrow I'm reviving my indigo vat and my seamstress will be doing some practice sewing on the new machines. Never a dull moment!

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    1. Carl Tyer on

      Congratulations on getting the new “used” machine. It’s great to see the progress.