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Twenty personal essays from witchy femmes, queer conjurers, and magical rebels on summoning the power to resist.
Twenty personal essays from witchy femmes, queer conjurers, and magical rebels on summoning the power to resist.
Twenty personal essays from witchy femmes, queer conjurers, and magical rebels on summoning the power to resist.
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Thank you!


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping to make this Kickstarter a success. You're all the best.

ALL REWARDS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED. If you haven't received your rewards, please email me at

If you've received your reward and would like to continue to support independent publishing, post a photo of the book and let people know they can buy it at Seriously, word of mouth is the very best way to support me! Every time I ship out books, I get a little boost in sales when everyone posts them to their social media! You can also tag @fictionfeeling (Twitter) and @fictionandfeeling (IG). You can also follow me there to be kept informed of any upcoming projects!

The next book from Fiction & Feeling is going to be COMPLETELY different, but hopefully still of interest to some of you. I'll let you know. :D

One last time, thank you so so much for everything. 


Finally. The last of the shipments are going out.


It has been a long journey, friends. Longer than I anticipated. But here we are. The last of the shipments are due to go out this week and next. And then we're done!

If you are inside the EU, your rewards will be shipped Friday or Monday.

Hardcovers are also shipping this week! They look SO GOOD.

If you are outside the EU and are missing your rewards, now is the time to let me know! Send an email to and tell me what you're missing. (Only if you're OUTSIDE the EU. If you're inside the EU, your rewards are shipping this week and next.)

Also! The book launch party happened last Thursday and it was incredible. It was so great to meet so many of you and to dance our butts off together! I'm so grateful for Mina Baird and Ste the Tarot Cat for giving readings during the night. Ste emailed me after and said he'd never read for such an open and beautiful crowd. And it's true, the people who came to the Becoming Dangerous book launch were a bunch of amazing queer femmes and book nerds and it was really the very best night. Thank you for sharing it with me!

If you haven't received your book, read this:


If you haven't received your book/rewards, it will ship in mid-June when I return from Hawaii. Fulfilment for this Kickstarter was supposed to be done weeks ago, (hence the vacation), but due to damaged books from the printer, and having to reprint them, this isn't so. The new printing didn't arrive before I left the country, so I'll be shipping upon my return and after the book launch. I apologise for the delay.

You can read the details about this in past updates here:

Thanks for your understanding,


Books won't be shipped until early June


Hello everyone!

Heard from the new printer yesterday and unfortunately, the new batch of books won't be ready until May 29th. Which would be fine, except seven months ago I booked a trip to Hawaii for the last two weeks of May. I did this believing I would be done with this Kickstarter's fulfillment by now. And if the books hadn't been damaged when they arrived here in Edinburgh, I would be. Everything is ready to go. I just need books!

So the remaining books will be out to the remaining backers (and all pre-orders from the website) in early to mid-June. I get back from Hawaii on the 4th of June, and then I have the Edinburgh book launch on the 7th of June, and then I leave again until the 11th. So I will try to get all shipments out between the 4th and 7th. 

If you are located outside the EU and haven't received your book (or other rewards) please email me at to let me know!

I know that none of this is my fault, but I still feel guilty. And I'm trying really hard to just let it go because there's nothing I can do to print the books faster and have them out to backers faster. But the anxiety. It's real. What helps though, is that not a single backer from this campaign has emailed me to complain about this snag or other mix ups--HOW ARE YOU ALL SO NICE? I'm so grateful you're supporting this book. 


New books at the printer, refund on it's way


Hello everyone!

Good news! Today I received the refund from Marquis for the damaged books. I also received word from the new printers that the books are already under way and should be done in about 3 weeks. 

Also just wanted to let you know that the book is selling quite well despite me doing zero promotion for it. (I was thinking there's no point promoting a book I don't actually have on hand to sell. Turns out, people don't mind a pre-order!) These sales are 100% because of all of you who have posted photos of your books and talked about it to your friends. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Also, the book launch party is shaping up to be ONE HELL OF A NIGHT. Seriously. In Edinburgh, under the South Bridge in the historic 18th century vaults. You like owls perhaps? How about tarot readings? You like rituals? You like dancing? Drinking? I got you. Even thinking about hiring an oyster man who shucks Scottish oysters at the event because there used to be oyster bars in the vaults under the bridge. Probably do some book giveaways too (the book will also be available to purchase!). Maybe for best dressed? You read Gabriela's essay right? Bring that power and resistance to the launch! DJs for the night include Becoming Dangerous author Cara Ellison and her dj partner Alice aka GOOSExMAV, and world-famous Jamie McKelvie and his work husband, Kieron Gillen (huge fan of witches). Let me know if you're going to come so we can say hi!