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This project is meant to expose the work of a dear friend and writer, and use his talent to raise funds for a local educational charity Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 31, 2011.

This project is meant to expose the work of a dear friend and writer, and use his talent to raise funds for a local educational charity

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EDIT: We have anew goal of $2,500! Even though the reward of $25 says sold out, you can still donate any amount you'd like and pick any other reward.  Thank you for your support!

To honor the memory of a dear friend who passed away this year, we are releasing a zine and cassette tape of his writing and his bands' music. This project is a collaboration between Victimized Records and Hen House Zine Distro. All of the proceeds will be donated in Tripp's name to the Scrollworks Youth Music School, a nonprofit group that gives free or affordable music lessons to under privileged kids in Birmingham.

Tripp Norris has been a massive presence in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa punk, hardcore, experimental country scene since he was a freshman in highschool. Everyone knew him and everyone called him a friend. There is a memorial show in his honor in at the Springstreet Firehouse in Birmingham on June 18th. The show will feature local bands that he loved, readings of his work, and eulogies.

We are releasing a zine of his work and a cassette of several of his bands in conjuction with the memorial show. The purpose of the project is not only to eulogize Tripp, but to publish his work for the community to see. He was a vital part of the arts scene, and we believe that had he been published, he would have been a huge inspiration to young writers everywhere.

Tripp was a vocalist in several bands including No Price Paid, Everyman, Now I Have a Machine Gun, Exposures, and Sorry Y'all. He was an exceptional frontman with a completely unique energy. This video of EXPOSURES was filmed at the Firehouse, a Birmingham punk venue.

Sorry Y'all, an experimental, lo-fi country duo, was one his most interesting projects. Check out this short DOCUMENTARY about the band and its home base, The Grand Ole Sloppry.

We need funding for printing the zine, ordering casette tapes, shipping mail orders and distribution/review submissions of the project. We are hoping to make enough to press 100 copies of the tape and 250 copies of the 50 page zine.

100% of the money after costs of printing and shipping will be will be donated to SCROLLWORKS in Tripp's name. Scrollworks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group that offers free or affordable music lessons to underserved children in Birmingham. We sincerely thank you for any support you can give. This project is very close to our hearts; we want to share it with as many people as possible, and your funding will help us do that.

For any questions about your support, or if you would like to donate outside of Kickstarter, please get in touch at


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