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Award-winning artists gather to cultivate dance and community, enlivening the cultural field in the beautiful town of Bethlehem, NH.
154 backers pledged $7,184 to help bring this project to life.

I feel a happy dance coming on...

Posted by Katherine Ferrier (Creator)

I'm already doing a happy dance, because I feel so sure we will make our goal in the next 14 hours. But nothing like a little dramatic tension to really inspire the masses, eh?

I want you all to know how much I appreciate what you've done, (and keep doing!!!! special big hugs to those of you who have gone back in and increased your pledge...!) to help Cultivate come to life.  Because of your help, I will be able to pay the 20 artists who are coming to Bethlehem, to feed them and give them a comfy place to sleep.  I'll be able to offer deep discounts to folks in my community to come take classes, perhaps trying a dance class for the first time in their life! 

You are near, you are far, you are busy with your own amazing and brilliant lives.  But you take the time to send your support, your energy, your faith, your pledges...

You all have a home in my heart, and a home in this community up here in North Country...

14 hours left to go. $1147.
Shimmy shimmy shake!

in gratitude,


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