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Award-winning artists gather to cultivate dance and community, enlivening the cultural field in the beautiful town of Bethlehem, NH.
154 backers pledged $7,184 to help bring this project to life.

4 days left... diggin in our heels!

Posted by Katherine Ferrier (Creator)

dearest Backers...

I apologize for the radio silence these past few days...many of you know that I just bought a house in Bethlehem, with my partner, Libby.  Very exciting days these are! (today is actually moving day!!!) All kinds of cultivating going on...

The new house is beautiful, vegetable gardens and perennial beds, a fire pit, a babbling brook, nestled in the woods yet in the heart of town...and, most exciting of all...our new home has a dance studio!  Truly, a dream come true.  A place to nest, put down some roots and a home base to gather the tribe!  I look forward to the pleasure of your company there one day soon. 

For now, the pressure is on to meet our Kickstarter goal.  4 days left and just over $4000 to go.  My gratitude to each of you is deep.  I am so moved by your generosity.  I'm especially touched by those of you who have kept a close watch on our progress and gone back to raise your pledge.  That is the kind of commitment and support that will make all things possible!  Thank you!!!

I believe so much in Cultivate, and what it means, not just to my community here in Northern New Hampshire, but to all the small, growing, dedicated art communities out there, gaining their momentum, nourishing the wide circles of all those who benefit from them. 

If you can take a moment today, and reach out to someone you know, someone in your own community who knows how important these kinds of grass root actions and endeavors are.  Ask them to join you in your support of Cultivate by matching your pledge. Send them the link to our Kickstarter page, let them know how grateful we all would be if they make their pledge today! I know we can pull this off!!!

And when we do, we can high five each other and say,

" I feel happy of myself!!"

lots of love and thanks to all of you!

xo, Katherine


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